Maximize Cash Flow and Improve Responses with Reply Mail


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Maximize Cash Flow & Improve Responses with Reply Mail! with Pitney Bowes Elizabeth Lombard, Certified Mailstream Consultant

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Maximize Cash Flow and Improve Responses with Reply Mail

  1. 1. Maximize Cash Flow and Improve Responses with Reply Mail Elizabeth Lombard CMDSM, CMDSS, MQC, EMCM Certified Mailstream Consultant (CMC) – Gold Level National Postal-Carrier Manager MSM Learning & Performance, Pitney Bowes Inc. Karen Tucker Manager Correspondence and Transactions (a) Mailing Services United States Postal Service® May 18, 2009
  2. 2. Agenda Reply Mail Types and Usage Business Reply Mail Options and Comparison Designing Reply Mail Origin CONFIRM® Intelligent Mail® Barcode on Reply Mail Two-Way Indicia on Reusable Envelopes Forever Personalized Stamped Envelope 2
  3. 3. Reply Mail Types Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) Meter Reply Mail (MRM) ABC CO Permit Reply Mail (PRM) 123 MAIN ST ANYTOWN WI 12345 Business Reply Mail® (BRM™) ABC CO 123 MAIN ST ANYTOWN WI 12345 USA CANCER SOCIETY 3
  4. 4. Maximize Donations - Minimize Expenses Expedite Returns - Improve Cash Flow Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) Requires the respondent to affix postage Ideal for billings, invoices and/or to ‘encourage’ a response Improves turn-around time and cash flow ABC CO 123 MAIN ST ANYTOWN WI 12345 USA CANCER SOCIETY 4
  5. 5. Expedite Returns Meter Reply Mail (MRM) Postage is pre-paid by the mailer Ideal in small volumes when anticipated rate of return is very high Improves turn-around time $0.42 Date must be omitted ABC CO 123 MAIN ST ANYTOWN WI 12345 5
  6. 6. Enhance Customer Experience Expedite Returns Permit Reply Mail Postage is pre-paid by the mailer on the outbound Ideal when anticipated rate of return is very high Encourages turn-around time 6
  7. 7. Encourage Responses Increase Sales Business Reply Mail® (BRM™) Postage is paid by the sender when the mailpiece is mailed back Ideal when recipient needs “encouragement” to reply Improves opportunity for a response and return time ABC CO ABC CO 123 MAIN ST 123 MAIN ST ANYTOWN WI ANYTOWN WI 54942 54942 ABC CO 123 MAIN ST ANYTOWN WI 54942 7
  8. 8. 4 Business Reply Mail Options Basic Business Reply Mail Qualified BRM™ – Basic First-Class Mail® postage Postcard, 1oz and 2oz envelopes Per piece charge $0.74 First-Class Mail® postage reduced* 1. Determine anticipated number of returns charge $0.052 Per piece $185 Annual Permit Fee 2. Add the First-Class Mail® postage$185 Annual Permit Fee No Accounting Fee plus the per piece charge $585 Annual Accounting Fee < 891 responses / yearby the # of returns 3. Multiply that sum > 823 responses / year 4. Add the Annual Permit Fee * Postcard $.257 1-ounce letter $.417 5. Add the Accounting Fee (if applicable) BRM™ – High Volume QBRM – High Volume 6. Add the Quarterly Accounting Fee (if applicable) 2oz envelopes First-Class Mail® postage Postcards, 1oz and ® 7. This will be the projected cost forFirst-Class Mail postage-reduced* Per piece charge $0.083 that BRM option; do this for Per piece charge $0.007 $185 Annualthe 4 options to determine which is the most cost- each of Permit Fee $585 Annual Accounting Fee effective $185 Annual Permit Fee > 891 responses / year $585 Annual + $1925 Qtr Fee > 43,750 / quarter 8
  9. 9. Business Reply Mail® Comparison Assumptions 100,000 outgoing 4% anticipated return = 4,000 1 oz letter Basic High Volume Qualified BRM BRM BRM Basic Annual Permit $185 $185 $185 Accounting Fee $0 $585 $585 $0.44 + 0.74 = $0.44 + 0.083 = $0.417 + 0.052 = Per Piece $1.18 x 4000 = $0.523 x 4000 = $0.469 x 4000 = Postage + Fee $4,720 $2,092 $1,876 Total $4,905 $2,862 $2,646 9
  10. 10. Business Reply Mail® Format Illustration Source: 10
  11. 11. Envelope Design and Facing Identification Marks (FIM) A FIM is a pattern of vertical bars FIM A - CRM and MRM with barcode FIM A FIM B - BRM™ without a barcode* ABC CO FIM C - BRM™ with BRM ZIP+4® 123 MAIN ST ANYTOWN WI barcode 54942 FIM D - used only with IBI postage FIM C *Barcoding BRM is optional except for letter-size BRM enclosed in automation rate discounted mailings. FIM A ABC CO 123 MAIN ST ANYTOWN WI 54942 11
  12. 12. Design Resources Mailpiece Design Analyst Illustration Source: USPS® 12
  13. 13. Selecting a Reply Mail Method Parcel Return Service Merchandise Return Service Bulk Parcel Return Service Illustration Source: USPS® 13
  14. 14. Origin Confirm® Service Subscription based service Uses barcodes to help identify and generate tracking data for Reply Mail Know when “the check is in the mail” Anticipate cash flow Manage supply chain Avoid service disruption Suppress unneeded collection activities 14
  15. 15. Intelligent Mail Barcode (IM™ BC) May 2010 - IM™BC NO POSTAGE with MID required for NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE QBRM and PRM UNITED STATES BUSINESS REPLY MAIL May 2011 - IM™BC FIRST-CLASS PERMIT #49 CITY STATE required for all POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADRESSEE BRM™, and CRM YOUR COMPANY contained in a ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP CODE discount mailing Cards, letters and flats 15
  16. 16. Populating IM™BC Fields for Reply Mail Without Origin Confirm Barcode Service Mailer Serial Routing ID Type Code ID Number Code 9-Digit Unique # ZIP + 4 Code BRM™ 708 Optional Assigned to 00 6 or 9 6 or 9 BRM Digit Zeros 11-Digit CRM™ Default 700 Delivery Point PRM Code 16
  17. 17. Populating IM™BC Fields for Reply Mail With Origin Confirm Barcode Service Mailer Digit 15 Serial Routing ID Type Code ID Number Mailer Defined Code 9-Digit Open digits to ZIP + 4 Code BRM™ 052 uniquely ID each Assigned to 00 mailpiece BRM Mailer ID is not required with 11-Digit CRM™ 050 Origin CONFIRM* Delivery Point PRM Code *(Subscriber identified via Routing Code) 17
  18. 18. Two-Way Indicia Reusable Envelopes Effective February 2, 2009 First-Class Mail and Standard Expands design options for reusable envelopes Eliminates the need for a separate reply mail envelope Helps control mailpiece weight and postage cost Helps conserve precious resources Endorsement required to prohibit forwarding DMM 507.9.8.3 and 601.6.5 Illustration Source: ecoenvelopes 18
  19. 19. Forever Personalized Stamped Envelope BUSINESS NAME STREET ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP+4 CODE BUSINESS NAME STREET ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP+4 CODE Reply Mail option when a high response rate is expected Customize size, colors, fonts, logos etc. Pressure sensitive seal Available 1-800-Stamp24 ( in June) 19
  20. 20. True / False Validation Questions 1. Two-Way Indicia Reusable Envelopes are available for all classes of mail. 2. A mailer interested in tracking the return of reply mail would use Origin Confirm service as opposed to Destination Confirm service. 3. Postage for Permit Reply Mail is pre-paid by the mailer on the outbound. 20
  21. 21. Elizabeth Lombard Pitney Bowes Inc. Cell: 920-251-0408 Office: 920-757-1751 Karen Tucker United States Postal Service Cell: 202-657-9462 Office: 202-268-6537 21