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Customer Engagement - Social Media and the Rise of the Brand Experience Movement?


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Social media has given customers a voice, and, in the case of American Apparel, as well as many others who tried similar tactics following Hurricane Sandy, they found that voice can be very negative. Thousands of people tweeted and retweeted that they would boycott the brand over its insensitivity. I personally have to wonder aloud that if American Apparel had fully considered the impact that social media can have these days if they would have done things differently.

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Customer Engagement - Social Media and the Rise of the Brand Experience Movement?

  1. 1. CUSTOMERENGAGEMENTSocial Media and theRise of the Brand ExperienceMovement Author: David Newberry, Group Marketing Officer
  2. 2. BRAND VALUEANDPERCEPTIONHurricane Sandy American Apparel The cries of Fairly devastatingstruck New York and issued an email blast outrage were for the company’sNew Jersey causing offering 20% online immediate, marketing andmassive destruction shopping discounts voluminous executive teams, to anyone affected as well as to their by the storm. brand value and perception.
  3. 3. BRAND VALUEANDPERCEPTION ? Such transparent and immediate reaction would simply not have been possible without social media. Social media has quickly become probably the most visceral, transparent, and honest form of communication – especially between brands and customers.
  4. 4. BRAND VALUEANDPERCEPTION Today 10 years 5 Years Future Brands could simply talk at their customers Social media has A brand has to show they are about what they thought was important, and the turned that situation on understanding of how customer, although they didn’t necessarily like it, its ear. Brands can no customers want to interact with tolerated it, and to a degree probably even longer just make them, and that they are accepted what they were being told. statements and expect genuinely willing to let those customers to take them preferences drive certain at their word. aspects of what the business does 2002 2007 2012 2017 2022
  5. 5. BRAND VALUEANDPERCEPTION Social media is changing the customer communications Social media dynamic has given customers a voice Thousands of people tweeted and re-tweeted that they would boycott the brand over its insensitivity
  6. 6. BRAND VALUEANDPERCEPTION Social media gives the consumer a place to honestly voice their opinions, and in return they expect the same from brands. Brands should use social media to share those earned media experiences, so that customers can know a brand offers what they want because others have already gotten it from them.
  7. 7. BRAND VALUEANDPERCEPTION Social media can directly influence the zero moment of truth (ZMOT) for a customer because social media makes it so much easier for a consumer to learn about a company’s reputation. After all, Twitter is searchable. So is Facebook. So is LinkedIN.
  8. 8. BRAND VALUEANDPERCEPTION Ultimately, the rise of social media means that brands have a lot less control over what is said about their company, which in turn means they MUST be more honest and credible.
  9. 9. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT NEXT You can read more about these trends and other upcoming topics for this series in our whitepaper, Customer Communications in the Digital Era, available for download hereVisit us at 9