The glee club


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The glee club

  1. 1. The Glee Club Marta González-Velasco Prados
  2. 2. What is Glee?• Glee is about be yourself no matter what.• Is about the teenagers life in the high school.• Glee is a musical choir where students can express their feelings.• The TV show has so much audience in EE.UU ‘cause is about all kinds of persons.
  3. 3. Characters: • Will Schuester• He is the spanish theacher.• He also is the director of the Glee Club• Is a very kind peson.• He can sing and dance very well.• He care about his students.
  4. 4. Charactes • The cheerleaders.• They are:• Santana López.• Brittany.• Quinn Fabray.• In the beginning they want to destroy the glee club but then they enjoy the glee club.
  5. 5. Characteres • Rachel Berry• Rachel is one of the most important characters.• She usually thinks she is the best, but in a good way.• She is in love with Finn.• She takes singing very seriously, like in a professional way.• This character is play by Leah Michell, a famous singer in Broadway shows.
  6. 6. Characters • Finn Hudson• He is the captain of the football team.• He’s other of the main characters too.• In the beginning he is dating Queen but later he dates Rachel.• He sings very well, but he can’t dance at all.
  7. 7. Characters • Puck Puckerman• He’s the bad guy.• He always is in trouble.• But deep inside hes a good guy.• In the second season he has a baby with Queen.• The baby finally is give into adoption.
  8. 8. Characters • Mercedes Jones.• Mercedes is a diva.• She says she is like Beyonce.• I think Mercedes has one of the best voices in the glee club.• She’s fat, but she doesnt care, she’s authentic.
  9. 9. Characters • Artie Abrams and Tina Cohen-Chang• They are a couple in the first season.• Tina is an Asian-American student with serious shy issues.• Artie is a guitarist who is in a wheelchair.• They sings very well.• Artie and Tina are in the Glee Club since the beggining of the Club.
  10. 10. Characters • Kurt Hummel• Kurt is other of the most important characters.• He’s gay, and in the show he represents the life all the teenagers gays• He likes fashionist.• Kurt suffered bullying at school for been gay.• He has a very special soprano voice.
  11. 11. Other Characters