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Quick Silverstripe Sites


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Make your Silverstripe sites faster in less than 1 hour.

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Quick Silverstripe Sites

  1. 1. Quick Silverstripe sitesJohn rambling about performance
  2. 2. Survey responsesInteresting very interesting...
  3. 3. Why?Increase conversionsReduce exitsReduce loadReduce traffic
  4. 4. My client is a cheap arse... <1 hour = 33% saving 80% the same
  5. 5. Areas for improvementMeat and 3 veg (files)Been there, done that (SS)Set and forget (Apache)
  6. 6. Meat and 3 veg (files) Less Smaller
  7. 7. Less files Combine folder = original directory All CSS up front Not necessarily all javascript
  8. 8. Smaller files Minification Compression
  9. 9. Easy freakin peasy (ss) Static Partial
  10. 10. Static CachingHTML fileFastNot dynamic No Random No Member specific No FormsRules can become complex
  11. 11. Partial Caching HTML snippet Key regeneration Slower Powerful Dynamic
  12. 12. Partial Caching Menu’s (lists of pages) are slow Caching makes it slower (??) Less is more Only around variables
  13. 13. Set and forget (apache) Expires and Gzip Pagespeed
  14. 14. ExtrasDon’t use .typographyUninstall GoogleSitemaps “Submit a Sitemap ... about pages ... we might not otherwise discover.”Uninstall any other modules you are not usingUpgrade to latest version