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E-agriculture Solution: Thailand experiences


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E-agriculture solution: Thailand experiences

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E-agriculture Solution: Thailand experiences

  1. 1. E-agriculture Solutions Forum 2016 E-agriculture challenges, opportunities and solution- Thailand experiences Pisuth paiboonrat National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, National Science and Technology Development Agency
  2. 2. Look Back! Changing World… • Aging society • Lack of skill farm labors • Labors shortage • Young generation is out of farm • Higher cost of production • Climate variabilities • Globalization markets • New Normal • Disruptive Technology
  3. 3. New Approach? Technologies and learning for better quality of life Is it time to changes?
  4. 4. Components for success ICDT + Agriculturists + Human Sensing
  5. 5. Technological approach depends on target groups Smart OfficersSmart Farmers Smart Farm Appropriated Technologies Born to be farmers New generation farmers Agricultural clustering Investors- New coming
  6. 6. New design for smarter tropical greenhouse New farm and orchard management New approaches for Rice and field crops production Appropriated Technologies for each Agriculture Topology
  7. 7. Technologies Perspective production quality Reduction of risks Knowledge engineering
  8. 8. Policy level-planning and strategies
  9. 9. Policy level-planning and strategies
  10. 10. Policy level-planning and strategies
  11. 11. Policy level-planning and strategies
  12. 12. Policy level-planning and strategies
  13. 13. Policy level-planning and strategies
  14. 14. Farm and Farmers registration system
  15. 15. Water optimization model-reduction of production costs
  16. 16. Understanding micro-climate variability
  17. 17. Early warning system-Image Processing
  18. 18. Technologies and knowledge approaches Agricultural Information Services Field trials: UAV for agriculture
  19. 19. Agricultural clusters Area based story Technologies and innovation Mindset And paradigm shift Networking between farmers and consumers/ markets
  20. 20. ICDT and Agriculture Services Agriculture application Sensors and embedded technology Farm mechanics Communi cation providers Technology aspects
  21. 21. Step of learning approaches •Co-creation •Problems Based/Area Based •Learning by Doing •Value Proposition •Scalability
  22. 22. Learning together for……. Better Quality of Life farmers researchers Private sectors Sustainable social business