Open Drug Discovery Teams


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Sean Ekins (Collaborative Drug Discovery) provides an overview of this potential Pistoia Alliance project during the "Dragons' Den" session at the Pistoia Alliance Conference in Boston, MA, on April 24, 2012.

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Open Drug Discovery Teams

  1. 1. Open DrugDiscovery Teams (ODDT)
  2. 2. A New Challenge Mid January Pistoia Alliance ask for volunteers to present in a Dragon’s Den scenario Feb 8th at the RSC Ideas that will transform Pharma R&D in 2014 So my natural response was :“If I am going to take part I want to create something real”
  3. 3. Could an app transform R&D ? Tuberculosis Kills 1.6-1.7m/yr (~1 every 8 seconds) equivalent to malaria No new drugs in over 40 yrs Pipeline is thin and weak BMGF & NIH do not coordinate TB efforts, not mandating open data. > 7000 rare diseases e.g. Jill Wood started a foundation, raises money, awareness, funds ground breaking research happening globally. She is in a race against time – what can we do to translate ideas from bench to patient faster? How can we help parents and families ?
  4. 4. Inspiration There are many 1000s of diseases and few with cures Science Online 2012 on open notebooks and data overload Flipboard Could we create an appfor science like Flipboard?
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Within about 10 days Alex Clark Created ODDT to present at the Pistoia meetingFocused on Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Huntington’s Disease,Sanfilippo Syndrome, and Green Chemistry as topics in version 1We did not win the competition but had useful feedback – the need toarticulate the value proposition
  7. 7. The Value Proposition The project is intended to bring together open data in a single aggregated collection, and then facilitate forming open research teams around this data Disseminate important information to a highly relevant target audience Network and discover other researchers with complementary interests, and opportunities to collaborate Team members will be able to borrow and reuse a growing collection of existing Open data. The community as a whole can debate, contest or endorse data based on its quality. The app could also be used as a type of “lab notebook” whereby individual researchers share links (URLs) to content and the app aggregates these.
  8. 8. Latest Layout9 Panels includes oneon ODDT informationCan use multipleTwitter accountsHere is my icon Stats summary About App
  9. 9. Tap on a panel and look at Incoming contents Click here to endorse or disapprove Click here to follow hyperlink Incoming is sorted by time of creation
  10. 10. Browse through multiple pages of tweets
  11. 11. Endorse, Disapprove and Comment
  12. 12. Recent contents Click on image to open it Recent is factoids with a vote count of +1 or better
  13. 13. Content Click on image to open it Ranked content Content is currently anything with a vote count of +1 or better, sorted by most popular first
  14. 14. Tap on a link or image
  15. 15. Be able to download content
  16. 16. Look at your own statistics
  17. 17. Exposing rare diseases – creatingcommunities of researchers and sparking discussion My tweets on recent analyses and ideas My Retweets
  18. 18. Coming Soon From idea to appstore in ~2 months Available on appstore since April 12 Future versions will allow user to specify topics Presented at ACS Submitted business plan to ACS GCI  Rewards – badges  Beta version  More ideas that may need funding to cover server etc  - Would you fund us if we posted ODDT on Kickstarter or or IndieGoGo??  Are there sponsors for specific pages or content?
  19. 19. Thank you Alpha testers  Antony J. Williams  Hans De Winter  Chris Swain  Andrew Lang  Carlo Yuvienco  Paul Reinheimer  Michael S. Lajiness  Nancy Connell  Greta Beekhuis  Joe Hupcey III  Freundlich, Joel  Tanya Parrish  Peter Olinga ODDT  Peter CaduffPhoto for San Fillipo Syndrome courtesyof Jill Wood
  20. 20. More Information Please contact us for further details or suggestions at: and You can learn more about the ODDT app at: title=Open_Drug_Discovery_TeamsAnd frequent blogs at and guide now available at SlideShare FigShare