Presenting... Your Audience


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Slide desk for Laura Fitton's PodCamp Boston2 session "Presenting... Your Audience"

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Presenting... Your Audience

  1. The People Formerly Known as Presenting… ^ Your Audience @Pist achio Laura Fitton Pistachio Consulting Inc. 800-747-1941
  2. Audience + Results = Content.
  3. What is Your Podcast About?
  4. Happy Audience “It’s not about you.”
  5. Podcasts are Shows
  6. + Conversations Podcasts are Shows ^
  7. Ask.
  8. Listen.
  9. Why are you Following Me? • We met at [___] • Someone I knew was following you • You inspire me • You followed me • Social sense & learning. • Interesting tweets give • Guy gave you whuffie me new, random insight • Because you told me to • Honestly, I’ve been • I like your ideas on how thinking of un-following to hold an audience • You have genuinely • You engage in interesting things to say conversation and share • Your tweets met my what you know threshold for interesting • I’m discovering America • A gem once a week is • The voices told me to worth it • Haven’t you just always • CC told me to been there?
  10. Love Your Audience Production values Talk to them Distribution Entertain them Tight editing Make them think Get feedback Inform/educate Listen Help them Ask Give them something
  11. Content =
  12. Content?
  13. = Content?
  14. Audience + Results = Content.
  15. Defining Communication SENT message message RECEIVED message ACTED UPON
  16. Content Development “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” – E.M. Forster
  17. Try This at Home You will need: •Business card •Cell phone •Your neighbor
  18. Be Brutal… Why should I care? What’s in it for me? How does it make my life better?
  19. What problem do you solve? • Who do you help? • How?
  20. The “Ah-ha” Moment • Get to it • Show, don’t tell • WIIFM Aka, What’s the Point?
  21. Develop your Content • WHO is it for • WHY do they care? • WHAT do you want them to do? • HOW can show what you mean • WHICH examples, stories or illustrations are most convincing or interesting or helpful?
  22. What to Include? • What you know: • What they need to: – – – – – – – – – – –
  23. Your Next… Important email • Audience. (Who is reading this?) • Results. (What response do you want?) • Contents. (Short, direct, audience/result specific.)
  24. Your next… PodCast • Audience. (Who are they?) • Results. (What needs to happen?) • Content. (Makes a direct connection from audience to result.)
  25. Note to Self • I will seek more information on… • 3 valuable things I learned today… • 1 thing I will DO…
  26. Successful Communicators are Successful People • Audience + results = content • CODE: Concise, Organized, Direct, Effective • SIMPLIFY
  27. Laura Fitton, Pistachio Consulting, Inc. Laura Fitton (aka @Pistachio) is a superhero. The full extent of her powers is not yet known. To get some idea of how she thinks, what she knows, and the problems she can solve, read her blog ( and her twitterstream ( She loves to talk. She's good enough, she's smart enough, and doggone it, people like her.