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Make Yourself Useful: The ONLY thing you need to know about social


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To serve your company well, your marketing must be USEFUL to your target audience. It must be inbound, drawing people to your site and genuinely serving them. Most companies have useful products and even useful companies, but far too few create useful, inbound, marketing.

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Make Yourself Useful: The ONLY thing you need to know about social

  1. MakeYourselfUsefulThe ONLY thing you need to know aboutsocialLaura Fitton
  2. Laura @Pistachio Fitton“Excited & geeky aboutwhere all this leads!" Twitter for Dummies Inbound Marketing Evangelist 85,000 Twitter @pistachio Founder Readers (acq. By HubSpot)
  3. Humans Are Changing ???
  4. Humans Are Changing
  5. The balance of power shifted mere mortal
  6. Influence (WAS)Attract attention toyourself
  7. Influence (IS)Provide attention & value to others
  8. “ If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing. GUY KAWASAKI FORMER CHIEF EVANGELIST, APPLE CO-FOUNDER, ALLTOP.COMImage Credit: RangerRick!
  9. Marketing wasaboutpushingmessages out.
  10. Today it’s aboutpullingpeople in.
  11. Social  Media  Marke-ng  in  2  Words…  
  12. Be Useful!
  13. Image:
  14. The Message is the Influencer. by @JKrums
  15. Any to Many
  16. When I grow upI don’t want to be a lead! 19
  17. Website Blog SEO Social Blog Media PPC CreationLanding Lead Lead Press Nuturing Email Mgmt Webinars Pages ReleasesAnalytics A/B Test Mobile Sales CRM Your Idea Intel
  18. Steps: 1 2 3 MeasureGet Found Convert What Matters
  19. 1 Get Found
  20. “Either write something worth reading ordo something worth writing about.BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Image Credit:! lhalstead!
  21. Have more fun!Try more things.
  22. Don’t be afraid to polarize
  23. 2 Convert
  24. CarePassionatelyAbout Things.(*Other than yourself)
  25. CarePassionatelyAbout People.Photo: Twilk background by @Mulka
  26. Do good.Photo: Esther Havens for @charitywater
  27. Have fun.
  28. Be a (more authentic)version of yourprofessional self.
  29. 3 Measure What Matters
  30. You don’t just want a following. 33
  31. You wantscreaming,raving fans
  32. Social  Media  Marke-ng  in  4  Words…  
  33.  Listen.   Learn.   Care.   Serve.  
  34. Less of this. 37
  35. More of this. 38
  36. Laura’s Rules Renee Blodgett
  37. Laura Fitton @pistachiopistachio@HubSpot.comMore:
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