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Summer 2011 - Performance in Motion automotive magazine


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This issue features: Want to convert your car to fuel injection, but don’t know where to start? EFI Conversion Has Never been “EZer” - convert your carb to EFI the easiest way possible, Gord Forman Manitoba Car Guy, 1937 Pontiac, Art Deco Icons: Mullin Automotive Museum, London Speed & Custom Car Show, Grumpy’s Toys and more!

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Summer 2011 - Performance in Motion automotive magazine

  1. 1. Vol.11 #3 • SUMMER 2011 Inside: Art Deco Icons E-Z EFI Conversion London Car Show
  2. 2. More Power! Rotary dial rev limiter All digital circuitry RAISINGtheBAR MSD is raising the performance bar for CD multiple sparking ignition controls! See more on the all new Digital 6AL at *CARB Approval pending SINGLECONNECTOR ROTARYDIALREVLIMIT For a free catalog call 888-882-8340
  3. 3. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 3 10 24 32 Table of Contents Editorial....................................................................5 EFI Conversion Has Never been “EZer”....................6 Gord Forman: Car Guy...........................................14 Gord Forman’s 1937 Pontiac...................................22 Mullin Museum: Art Deco Icons.............................24 London Car Show 2011...........................................32 Product Showcase....................................................38 Book Review............................................................42 Directory Ads..........................................................44 Reluctant Passenger: Honour Thy Forefathers........46 Performance in Motion 1100 The Queensway Toronto, ON M8Z 1P7 Phone: 416-259-3678 Fax: 416-259-6433 EDITOR/PUBLISHER Bob McJannett PRODUCTION DESIGN Rob McJannett CONTRIBUTORS Thomas Anderson Mark Ackert Jesper T. Andersen Steve Cole Gord Forman Jim Madigan Frank Malfara Robert Michaelson Paul Sonstrop Leonard F. Slye with Bonnie Staring as the Reluctant Passenger PROOFREADER Spike “The Machine” LaVigne Are you Moving? Let us know, email us at: moving@ PUBLICATIONS MAIL AGREEMENT NO. 40609642 • PERFORMANCE IN MOTION is published four times a year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Circula- tion is 30,000+ (ISSN 1703-8421) Copyright ©2011 All rights reserved by Perfor- mance In Motion Publishing. The fine print: We respect your privacy, and do not sell our mailing list. Allopinionsarethoseoftheusualgangofidi- ots, most of whom sniff gas fumes. The informa- tion presented is via said gas sniffers, from which there can be no responsibility by the Publishers as to legality, completeness or accuracy. Recycle this magazine - give it to your friends. If you enjoy our magazine, be sure to let us know! This maga- zine may not be reprinted without permission of Performance In Motion Publishing. (We’re nice guys, just ask) • Thanks for everything Russ! •
  4. 4. 4 • PiM • SUMMER 2011
  5. 5. Editorial SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 5 Y esterday, gas was selling at the corner for $1.41 a litre. Everyone is upset. How can these prices be so volatile? Well, there are numerous theories, most of which don’t seem to make much sense to me. However, the radio stations are suggesting that we should all get rid of our “gas guzzlers” and buy flex fuel or high mileage vehicles. An opinion the car manufacturers heartily endorse. I find that hard to swallow. My wife owns a late ‘02 GM Malibu that, according to a US comparison site, will get 18 mpg city and 26 mpg highway. Yes I know, those are numbers using US gallons, but the percentages still work. In fact, we get slightly better mileage than what is listed. She paid about $5,000 for it and we maintain it very well, If we were to sell it, we might get $2,000. Since a 2011 Malibu, has the same mileage listing, there is no hope there. To make any significant improvements, we would have to move to a 2011 four-cylinder Cruze. It is listed at 23 mpg city and 36 mpg highway. So to get a 38.5% improvement in fuel mileage, we will have to spend somewhere between $14,000 and $20,000. For that amount we will have a smaller, slower, nine-year newer vehicle. I don’t think I can sell this; she really likes her Malibu. Instead, we can do everything possible to squeeze the best mileage out of the existing car. Keep maintenance and tune-ups up to date and try all of the mileage suggestions we had in last month’s issue. Life will go on. Do I like high gas prices, NO! Will I jump out of a building if they don’t drop, NO! As all Canadians know, we deal with adversity in the best way for each of us. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep on smiling. Editor’sNote
  6. 6. EFI Conversion Has Never been “EZer” 6 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 Written by: Bob McJannett • Photos: Courtesy of Comp Cams Not that long ago, if you wanted to run fuel injection for your project car, you only had a couple of choices. Purchase a late model fuel-injected engine complete with computer and wiring harness, or take the OE fuel injection from a late model engine and adapt it to your own engine. Both were costly and complicated. Painless Wiring helped make installation easier and simpler with their top qual- ity wiring harnesses. If you had the components adding one of their harness simpli- fied adapting EFI to your car. Today, there are a large number of manufacturers building complete, add-on fuel injection systems, names like Hilborn, Accel DFI, Weber, Fast, Edelbrock and many others. Some are hard- FAST and Easy, The Time For EFI Conversion Has Arrived EZ-EFI Wiring Harness: It only looks complex! All wires are clearly marked making it extremely easy to hook up.
  7. 7. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 7 core race applications, while others are aimed at the street freak. In the past, you need- ed an excellent knowledge about tuning and familiarity with a laptop computer to set these units up. Prices range from reasonable to the sky is the limit. We want to talk about the EZ-EFI units from Fast. These are true street perfor- mance parts, capable of sup- porting engines producing up to 600 horsepower. These units appear to be the easi- est to install with the least amount of voodoo knowl- edge required. In other words, they are simple to set up without the need for a laptop. The basic EZ-EFI can be installed on any carbureted engine with a standard Hol- Wideband Oxygen Sensor: Includes a threaded weld-in fitting and a block off plug. You have to drill a ¾” mounting hole then have the fitting welded into the exhaust. EZ-EFI ECU: Meet the brains of the system. When connected to the wiring harness, the ECU is watertight and can be mounted just about anywhere. FAST recommends that the ECU be mounted at least a couple of feet away from any “noisy” components such as ignition boxes, coils or distributors. There’s also a red LED near the logo that will flash if the ECU detects a problem.
  8. 8. 8 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 ley 4150 carb base. The kit includes the throttle body with four injectors, an ECU, a complete wiring harness with all wires clearly labeled to tell you where they will go, an RPM module, coolant temperature sensor, wide- band oxygen sensor and all necessary fittings and hard- ware. With proper pre-plan- ning, you can complete this project in a day. Why would you spend money for electronic fuel injection when you already have your car set up with a carb? Improved perfor- mance, that’s why. EFI simply works bet- ter. Computer-controlled engines are more carefully monitored than their carb- fitted brothers. The com- puter makes minute tuning adjustments on the fly. It will be easier to start, more drivable, smoother with less hesitation. Not only that, an EFI engine will respond more quickly and precisely to the changing boost levels of a turbo or supercharger. If you like off-roading, you will love EZ-EFI too, for its consistent fuel delivery, even on steep inclines and bumpy terrain. No floats to adjust, no air fuel mixture screws to mess with. The electronic computer unit (ECU) does all the work. With all the attention be- ing paid to the environment today, plus the high cost of fuel, your EFI unit will im- prove horsepower, while re- ducing emissions and giving you increased fuel efficiency. Coolant Temperature Sensor: Simply install in the existing intake manifold mounting hole. Throttle Body: The Fast throttle body fits anything with a traditional four barrel intake, and works with your original carb-style throttle linkages. It includes four fuel injectors installed at the factory. It bolts on to any engine under 600 hp, regardless of brand or size; the perfect choice for street rods and muscle cars.
  9. 9. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 9 In fact, in 2009, Hot Rod magazine did a test on a built 327 installing the EZ-EFI and doing both dyno pulls and 100-mile mileage drive before and after the install. Horsepower increased by 10, while fuel mileage improved from 13.2 mpg to 18.5 mpg (on a U.S. gallon) that is a whopping 28.6% increase! See their September 2009 is- sue for full details. The EZ EFI is a self-tun- ing unit; no laptop required. Just answer a few simple questions about your engine with the easy to use hand- held setup Wizard. Fire the engine while the controller starts from zero with the in- formation you provided and the system begins building the tune-up as you run the engine and drive the car. The handheld setup tool also functions as a diagnostic tool. The Fast throttle body fits intake that accept Holley 4150 style carb bases, works with original carb-style throttle linkage and accepts all OEM sensors. It includes four fuel injectors installed No Laptop Needed: Set up and tuning of the EZ-EFI is done through this handheld interface. It has a straightforward menu that we found very easy to navigate. In addition to setting up the system, it also serves as a scan tool that displays live data and diagnostic information. Fuel system modifications: You can buy the EZ-EFI systems with or without an EFI fuel pump kit. You must modify your existing fuel system to accommodate the needs of EFI, higher fuel pressures, a return line back to the tank, etc. Some buyers prefer to build their own, while others simply buy the complete fuel pump kit from Fast. The Fast kit includes a high pressure fuel pump, FI rated fuel hose, hardware fittings etc. Fuel injection systems require a return line as well as an input line. Fuel lines must be capable of withstanding the higher fuel pressures EFI require. For the EZ-EFI pressure should be set at 43psi.
  10. 10. 10 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 FAST really worked hard to make the unit as compact and unobtrusive as possible. The base of the throttle body also houses three manifold vacuum ports, and there’s one ported vacuum port on the body near the air temperature sensor. The EZ-EFI can be hidden with an OE style air filter or if you want it noticed, mount one of the neat finned aluminum Hilborn- style aluminum scoops on your engine. at the factory. It bolts on to any engine under 600 hp, re- gardless of brand or size; the perfect choice for street rods and muscle cars, anything with a traditional four-barrel based intake. The mini ECU is small enough to mount nearly anywhere. Four tabs accept screws or bolts as needed. Mount the ECU with the connector facing down and away from other electric components that might cause interference. EZ-EFI features “adap- tive learning.” This lets the system tune itself and any- one who has messed with a more complicated EFI sys- tem can certainly see the benefits. The system also has a “pre-squirt” feature that helps starting by injecting a small amount of fuel into the manifold at key-on firing up at the push of a button. All in all these are very simple to install. The most difficult operations are the return line to the fuel tank and installation of the oxy- gen sensor fitting. Reading the detailed instructions carefully before beginning and carefully planning for the installation will go a long way to making your EFI in- stall trouble free. •
  11. 11. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 11 P.I. TORONTO 1100 The Queensway Toronto, Ontario 416-259-9656 P.I. BARRIE 422 Dunlop St. W.  Barrie, Ontario 705-735-1274 P.I. BRAMPTON 12 Rutherford Rd. S. Brampton, Ontario 905-453-9901 P.I. GUELPH 567 Silvercreek Pkwy Guelph, ON N1H 6J2 519-821-6740 P.I. HAMILTON 891 Upper James Hamilton, Ontario 905-574-6940 P.I. OSHAWA 1487 Simcoe St. North Oshawa, Ontario 905-725-3533 P.I. PIERREFONDS 4909 Boul. St. Charles Pierrefonds, Quebec (514) 626-1866 Call Toll-Free: 1-877-471-6700 K&N High Performance Intake Kits • Replaces restrictive factory air filter and intake system • Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration by up to 10% • Works with original equipment K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kits are available at all locations of Performance Improvements
  12. 12. 12 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 In addition, to all the benefits previously mentioned the handheld device will also: Measure RPM, indicate the closed loop correction percentage, compare air/fuel ratio with target air/fuel ratio, display coolant temp, indicate idle air control and indicate the throttle position in percentages. EZ-EFI - No Laptop Needed:
  13. 13. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 13 Indicate air/fuel ratio, battery voltage, Manifold absolute pressure, and display the air temperature as it enters the throttle body. It also compares length of time the injectors are open versus total time available. Shows the pounds per hour fuel flow rate and RPM. There are other additional advanced options available through the handheld device, all thoroughly explained in the detailed instruction sheets.
  14. 14. Gord Forman: Car Guy 14 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 Written by: Bob McJannett • Photos: Courtesy of Gord Forman B ack in 1963, after starting to build a Model A sedan with a small block Chevy, Gord joined the Timers Car Club, but was disappointed to find there was no room in the clubhouse (rented barn) to work on his car. He wanted the club to be more active, so he cajoled some friends to elect him president of the Club, a position he held for seven years straight. During his tenure, Gord negotiated the purchase of a warehouse from the Mayor of Winni- peg at the time. Room for his car and fourteen more, plus an upstairs meeting room big enough for a pool ta- ble, couches and a TV! Gord finished his Model A Tudor street rod and took it drag racing. Soon drag rac- ing became more important, so Gord teamed up with a couple of his buddies to build and race a dragster. If you are a hot rod enthusiast in the province of Manitoba, you will certainly be aware of Gord Forman. You see Gord Forman has been a car bug for a long time. Two Car Gord “My first car was this Fiat 600. I soon bought my Dad’s ‘58 Chevy, owning two cars for several days! This is where it all started.” Gord Forman: Car Guy
  15. 15. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 15 First time out, the en- gine blew leaving Gord in the weeds, shortening his dragster career. Meanwhile, he customized a few ’58 Chevys, and convinced the club to produce their own car shows. Gord guided the club through many years of ‘Rodarama’ custom car shows held in the Winnipeg Arena. At the same time, Gord, because of his concern for the longevity of our hobby, became involved with pro- vincial vehicle legislation. He consulted for the Mani- toba Street Rod Association, a project he continues today. In 1975 when the province was establishing Specialty Vehicle Regulations, Gord was there. Subsequently, he has been instrumental in helping shape the regula- tions This longevity is help- ful during provincial negotiations. You see Gord has outlasted all the DMV Manag- ers since the first Spe- cialty Vehicle Regu- lations were written. Timers “As President of the Timers, I partnered up with a local speed shop to put on car shows at the Winnipeg Arena. It was very expensive and we had only 25 cars, but we made money enough to outfit our clubhouse over the years with jacks, stands, welder, grinders and assorted hand tools.” Deliverance “Wood and Hanson - Do you hear banjos?”
  16. 16. 16 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 Soon Gord opened his own performance automo- tive business Drag Mart. Over the ensuing years, he sponsored many local racers and was always quick to as- sist clubs with merchandise for awards at their events. A large number of his friends helped Gord grow Drag Mart very quickly. In 1977, a second Drag Mart was opened in Brandon; in ‘78 Gord bought out a competi- tor, in ‘79 they opened Off Road Mart. The high wa- ter mark for employees was eleven. By 1981, things were changing; an attempted merger with a competitor was thwarted by the bank who wanted 21% usury to help with the financing. Thanks to the bank the deal fell through and Gord walked away from the speed shop never looking back. Pacemaker “Mike Lycar, from Rennie, Manitoba, briefly owned the Pacemaker fuel funnycar.” “I was after the guys in the club to move to bigger facilities. (I wanted a space to work on my car!) This building, owned by Winnipeg Mayor Stephen Juba, was for sale. After I explained who we were, Juba offered to sell the building to us – at ZERO interest. I convinced the members it was a good deal (tricky getting 25 members to come up with $1,000 each) but it did happen, and we moved in.”
  17. 17. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 17 Bronco Airborne “In the early Drag Mart days, I built up a Bronco for off-roading. It would really fly.” During Drag Mart’s time, Gord purchased the well-known Edmonton- based Pacemaker Automo- tive funny car. Considered by some to be Canada’s most famous and successful Fun- ny car. For Pacemaker was the runner-up at the India- napolis NHRA Nationals, in 1972, driven by the leg- endary Gordie (240-Gordie) Bonin. Drag Mart converted the car to BB/FC, and with Gord at the wheel, it was campaigned in Manitoba. At the same time, running as a C/Altered, Gord’s Model A sedan became the Modi- fied Points Winner at Bison Dragway in what turned out to be the last year of that dragstrip’s operation, 1975. For the rest of his working career, Gord became an automotive Buyer for MacLeods Stores (255 stores), ran a body shop at a Chevrolet Dealership, ran an automotive store for a friend, then went on his own as an IT Consultant before returning to Air Canada (first job out of school) in their IT department till it Rodarama “DragMart display featuring my own sometimes street driven Model A altered Raspberry Racer, along with fellow Timers Car Club members Bob Sterner and Ron Vincent’s dragster.”
  18. 18. 18 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 was time to retire. In addition, Gord did vehicle appraisals during the 70s when the provincial insurance corporation re- quired them. Today, Gord is still in- volved with car shows, sell- ing booth space for MSRA’s ‘Rodarama’, a name he in- fluenced as a carry-over of the original Timers name from the 70s. Over the years, Gord has worked tirelessly for the MSRA, has acted as committee chair for Safety/ Legislation and in 2007 was voted their Member of the Year. As well, in 2000, Gord became the Safety/Legisla- tion Chairperson for the Manitoba Association of Automobile Clubs (MAAC) (a position which he still holds).He also joined the National Association of Automobile Clubs Canada (NAACC) in 2003 as the Manitoba Director. Gord “Preparing for our first (and last) pass with the new dragster. L to R: Gord Forman, Bob Sterner and Ron Vincent.” “Bought the Bonin/Jenner/Hodgson ‘Pacemaker’ Funny Car in 1977– claimed by “Hot Rods & Classics” magazine to be ‘Canada’s most succesful Funny Car’ – as it was runner-up at Indy, 1972. ”
  19. 19. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 19 was editor of the MSRA’s newsletter for many years and is presently the editor of ‘Canadian Cruising’ for the NAACC. Gord’s involve- ment with NAACC has grown over the years from being the Manitoba Director to Legislative Data Master, writing the Vehicle Safety Inspection Guideline manual, assist- ing the Webmaster, being the Chairperson for the committee establishing guidelines for appraisals across Canada to being the “Here I am in the weeds ending my dragster driving career. Bob Sterner helps extricate me after impromptu off-track excursion.” current Vice President, all in addition to his newsletter duties. Being a “busy-body”, he gets involved in all sorts of odd jobs within NAACC, from assisting the Treasurer with accounting software and a change of bank- ing, to ordering shirts for the Directors and designing the membership cards and purchas- ing them, to name a few. Talk about giving back to the sport, Gord Forman is the ultimate volunteer. Gord’s cur- rent car toy is the 1937 Pontiac street rod he has owned since his Drag Mart days. The car was voted by MSRA members to be the ‘MSRA Street Rod of the Year’ for 2003, the year it finally got a paint job to serve in his daughter’s wedding. (See sidebar) When Gord isn’t windsurfing or golfing ,he is driving around in his Pontiac looking for more car guys to talk to. • “Suited up, in my office, I await the call to commence proceedings. Ran on alcohol (the car, I just drove), locally only, as BB/FC, 7.71 and 179 MPH.”
  20. 20. 20 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 “Looking for an even more impressive wheelstand to dazzle a filming CBC camera crew, I begin a somewhat more aggressive than normal burnout.” “The Raspberry Racer reaches for the sky.” “Unfortunately, #1 piston was in no mood for such antics, and showed its displeasure by exiting the block. A rather expensive method of viewing the internals of a Jack Wheeler race motor.” (No word on whether the film crew was impressed.)
  21. 21. P.I. TORONTO 416-259-9656 P.I. BARRIE 705-735-1274 P.I. BRAMPTON 905-453-9901 P.I. GUELPH 519-821-6740 P.I. HAMILTON 905-574-6940 P.I. OSHAWA 905-725-3533 P.I. PIERREFONDS 514-626-1866 Call Toll-Free: 1-877-471-6700
  22. 22. Gord Forman’s 1937 Pontiac 22 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 Gord’s 1937 Pontiac 4-door Touring sedan has been owned by him since the mid 70s. Originally upgraded with a 350/350 power train combination, it had been driven regularly till 2002. At that time, Gord’s daughter Niki announced her desire to arrive at the church for her wedding in Dad’s 37. Gord decided to “do it right” and a complete redo was started. Front and rear suspension systems were upgraded with Fatman and Air Lift components. The transmission was changed to a GM200R4 unit. The interior features Classic Gauges, a Pioneer CD stereo system, Vintage Air air-conditioning and a completely redone interior by John Scheels. The body was smoothed and massaged by Lester’s Automotive who removed the door and trunk handles, hid the trunk hinges and recessed a pair of 50 Pontiac taillights. The rear licence plate was recessed as well. Paint is a Mercedes Amethyst/Silver combination accentuated with a candy-painted flamed beltline stripe. Needless to say, Niki was pleased with her chariot and the Manitoba Street Rod Association named Gord’s ride their “Car of the Year” for 2003. So all the effort was worth it! • Gord’s 1937 Pontiac
  23. 23. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 23 Gord Forman, well known Winnipeg, Manitoba car guy.
  24. 24. Mullin Museum: Art Deco Icons 24 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 Art Deco ICONS
  25. 25. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 25
  26. 26. 26 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 O xnard, California, north of Los Angeles, is home to the Mullin Automotive Museum. Opened in the spring of 2010, the museum houses Peter Mullin’s collection of beautiful examples of the coachbuilders art built during the 20s, 30s and 40s. The quote below explains just how Mr. Mullin got involved: “Peter Mullin’s great love of 1930s French cars with their curvaceous, custom built bodies started as a grand passion. After his first sighting of a Delahaye, he was smitten. He began to collect, restore, show and even race some of these great French “beauties.” His passion soon gave way to a cause – the preservation of the classic French automobile. Story & Photos by Bob McJannett MULLIN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM This 1938 Hispano Suiza Dubonnet Xenia was a concept car created for Andre Dubonnet heir to the Dubonnet liquor fortune.
  27. 27. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 27 The Mullin Automotive Museum will serve as a legacy – one that captures and preserves a historic movement embodying both sublime style and superb engineering.” The Mullin museum will display more than 100 of the voluptuous cars of the day. However, Peter Mullin’s favourites are the cars built by the Bugatti family. One particular vehicle in his collection is Jean Bugatti’s unfinished 1939 Type 64 Coupe. Jean was Ettore’s oldest son, who died while test driving the Le Mans-winning Type 57 C. His Type 64 Coupe chassis never got the body that Bugatti hoped to have built for it... but Mr. Mullin is going to change all that. Master metal man Mike Kleeves of This priceless unfinished 1939 Bugatti Type 64 chassis is scheduled to have a body built similar to the sketches seen in the background.
  28. 28. 28 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 This is a barn-find 1946 Delahaye Type 135 MS Coupe before restoration had spent twelve years stored in the back of a body shop. In 1927, this brand new Cooper Miller Indy racer came 17th in the Indianapolis 500. It went on to compete 19 more times between 1927 and 1950. Automobile Metal Shaping has accepted the responsibility of creating the body using Jean Bugattis original sketches. Even visiting the museum is exclusive, it is open to the public two Saturdays a month, and you must call for a reservation. They do not want large crowds who may damage these priceless vehicles. While we were there, the curator Andrew Reilly offered a tour detailing many of the things you might not notice unless they were pointed out. This was a great way to spend a Saturday, if you are in the area you should take a trip to The Mullin. •
  29. 29. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 29 This is one of only two 1948 Talbot Lago T26 Grand Sport Coupes built in this style. Talbot- Lagos have become a top-prized car at various auctions, fetching as much as $3.685 million at the 2005 Pebble Beach Auction for a 1938 T150-C Lago Speciale Teardrop Coupe. The crown jewel of the Mullin Museum, the 1939 Delahaye Type 165 Cabriolet was built for the 1939 New York World’s Fair. This masterpiece is considered one of the most elegant of its type. Its condition today is the result of an eight-year restoration.
  30. 30. This 1937 Delahaye Type 145 V12 Grand Prix Racer was built to win the million franc prize offered by the French Government to encourage French manufacturers to develop a car to beat the Germans who at the time dominated racing. This car won the prize. Magnificent 1937 Delahaye Type 135M roadster. Emile Delahaye began building rear- engined, belt-driven cars in 1894. Introduced at the 1935 Paris Salon, the Type 135 was a delight with its spirited and lively chassis, independent front suspension, light steering, and buttery-smooth Cotal electromagnetic gearbox.
  31. 31. MULTI-LAYERED STAINLESS STEEL (MLS) CYLINDER HEAD GASKETS • Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) head gaskets are designed for extreme cylinder pressures produced by high horsepower – high compression, turbo-charged, supercharged and nitrous oxide engines • Manufactured from Viton rubber coated stainless steel layers to resist corrosion and positively seal engine fluids • Stress formed inner and outer layer embossments act like springs that rebound under cylinder head clamp load, creating force to seal excessive combustion pressure in cylinder bore • Used by numerous top-name NHRA Drag Race Champions including Duane Shields - Top Alcohol Dragster, Brian Hough - Top Alcohol Funny Car, Kyle Seipel -Super Comp, Jimmy DeFrank & Dan Fletcher - Super Stock 216-688-8300 Performance Engine Gaskets for Drag Racing, Oval Track and High-Performance Street Embossed Stainless Steel Middle Spacer Embossed Stainless Steel Outer Layers 216-688-8300
  32. 32. London Car Show 2011 32 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 On March 25 thru 27, London’s Western Fairgrounds were the site of the annual Speed and Custom Car Show. The only indoor show of its kind in Southwestern Ontario. According to the promoters, CPT Entertainment, there were “Three days of race vehicles, hot rods, customs, classics, new cars, industry experts, parts, pieces, collectibles, fun and games all under one roof!” This years show was well supported by all different sides of the automotive hobby, no matter what your interest, there was probably something to peak your curiosity. The show is well supported by local business, car clubs and service clubs. Here are a few of the cars that caught our eye. • Disher Motorsports had their Monte Carlo SS on hand to promote Ohsweken Speedway. Written by: Bob McJannett • Photos: Courtesy of Gord Forman LONDON Speed & Custom Car Show
  33. 33. Jim Prouse’s “work in Progress” 1932 Ford three window coupe certainly looks completed to us.
  34. 34. 34 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 Tony Novotny’s Fiberglass Products displayed this custom-built Superlite Coupe powered with a 1000 h.p. 400 LS engine. “Best In Show” was Terry Levair’s 1971 GTX, based in Granum, Alberta. Terry has been touring his immaculate pride and joy. Pulling tractors were well represented on the show floor. You have to admit the driver is well protected by the roll cage built into this great looking Case tractor.
  35. 35. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 35 After 30 years in service, Strathroys first La France built pumper engine was retired. Now completely restored and owned by Langs Bus Lines. This 572” Big Block powered rear-engined, dragster with matching golf cart is the pride of Otis and Kristy Symon. Various stock car classes and tracks were well represented. The London area is a hot bed of oval tracks, both dirt and asphalt.
  36. 36. 36 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 Ken Cook’s 1927 Ford Roadster is a great example of the homebuilt style of the 1950s. Ron Box’s 1932 Ford Roadster is another top quality south western Ontario car. Attention to detail is impressive.
  37. 37. Product Showcase 38 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 Product Showcase HOLLEY LS Coil Covers are designed to fit GM LS engines that use LS3-style coils, brackets, and valve covers, but may be adapted to other LS engines. With styling evocative of the legendary Big Block, Holley’s LS Coil Covers conceal factory coil packs and provide a much smoother under-hood appearance. Equally at home on your LS-swapped vintage ride or your modern muscle car or truck, Holley’s LS Coil Covers are made of an ultra-lightweight glass-filled nylon composite material, feature OEM-style snap-on mounting, and can even be painted to match your colour scheme. Simple to install with all hardware included. REMFLEX EXHAUST GASKETS Remflex exhaust gaskets come in a standard 1/8-inch thickness and are designed to crush 50%. This allows them to fill gaps in the flange surface up to 1/16-inch! Built from 100% flexible graphite materials means Remflex gaskets are good for up to 3,000 degrees far exceeding that of any vehicle’s exhaust system tempera- ture! Remflex exhaust gaskets rebound 30%, creating an optimum seal that eliminates the need to re-torque! If you have been having problems with exhaust leakage, you should try Remflex. Holley announces their LS Retro-Fit Oil Pan. GM’s popular LS engines make great power, plus they’re very durable and reliable. Unfortunately, the factory LS pans don’t always fit or they hang too low for today’s hot rods. Holley’s new LS Retro-fit Engine Oil Pan is designed to help. It provides maximum clearance to the chassis and ground. The rear-sump design fits most GM muscle cars from 1955-1987, as well as providing an option for less common swaps. These 6-quart capacity (including oil filter) oil pans are cast aluminum, just as from the factory to ensure a perfect seal. The complete kit includes sump baffle, pick-up tube, sump plug, oil filter stud & oil passage cover. HO302-1
  38. 38. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 39 LIBERTY ENGINES This Dodge Challenger Engine is an exact replica of the 6.1L V8 that was fitted to the resurrected Dodge Challenger announced at the 2007 Detroit Motor Show. This engine displays extreme detail made to original specifications. Die cast engine block with plastic injected and wire accessories. Movable flywheel turns belts, hoses and pulleys on the front of the engine. Customized Dodge Packaging.  LI84033 E3 DiamondFire spark plugs, with advanced patented electrode design, burn fuel more efficiently, for increased power and economy and reduced emissions in virtually all automotive and small engine applications. Get the dependability of E3 where you need it most. No matter what it is, if it has a spark plug, you need E3. BULLYDOG GT TUNERS GT (Gauge & Tuner) monitors and displays over fifteen different vehicle parameters, and includes a Driving Coach feature which teaches you to maximize your vehicles fuel economy. The GT performs vehicle diagnostics by reading and erasing diagnostic trouble codes. Also included is a performance testing feature designed to test a vehicles performance on the drag strip; couple this with free PC analysis software and users can also determine vehicle horsepower. The GT does it all and it works on the largest range of gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles; in fact the GT works on eight different vehicle makes and over 50 different models. Simple 10 to 20 minute install, no tools required. No matter if you want tire-smoking performance or real fuel economy, The Bullydog GT tuner will fill that need. Drop by your nearest retailer to look these over!
  39. 39. 40 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 WHEELPLAN TM Modified, Street Rod and Custom Automobile Insurance Sold Exclusively by . . . LANT INSURANCE BROKERS (A Division of Wayfarer Insurance Brokers Limited) 37 Sandiford Dr., Ste. 100, Stouffville, ON L4A 7X5 Tel: (905) 640-4111 • Fax: (905) 640-4450 • Antique, Classic and Special Interest Automobile Insurance RUKUS RODS Hot rods spring to life with these metal embossed signs. Full of detail and attitude, this “GarageArt” will add humour and style to your garage, den, office or family room. Embossed to add dimension and designed with car enthusiasts in mind, GarageArt is sure to “improve your atmosphere!” Oversized, durable and colourfast.  RK134 MAGNAFLOW If you have one of today’s modern muscle cars, check out Magnaflow’s line of 100% stainless steel high-performance dual exhaust kits. All kits include fully polished mufflers and all mounting hardware. Kits are available for Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, Dodge Charger etc. and they are dyno proven with a lifetime warranty. Great sound with improved performance. Check these out today.
  40. 40. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 41 HUSHMAT ULTRA is the only OEM Spec approved damping material available to the automotive do-it-yourself market. HUSHMAT manufactures acoustic and thermal insulation accessory products for automotive audio, hot rod, muscle car and home theater applications. Results include sound deadening, vibration dampening, and heat insulation. The Hushmat product is a lightweight thermo rubber material that provides optimum thermal insulation and sound deadening. Hushmat is easy to install cut and form panels. All you need is simple tools. You will be pleased with the resulting quiet in your vehicle once you get the Hushmat in place.
  41. 41. Book Review 42 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 Book Review: GRUMPY’S TOYS The authorized history of Bill Jenkins’ cars If you were there in the early years of drag racing, you were certainly aware of Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins. Bill started drag racing in 1953, soon opened Jenkins Compe- tition Tune Up Service and his journey began. He and a partner ran an early Hemi-powered altered until Chevro- let brought out the 55 Chev with a 265 inch V8. Working with a number of Chev owners, Bill honed his knowledge of the engine that would help him earn drag racing fame. By the 60s, Bill teamed up with Dave Strickler in a series of “Old Reliable” racers. Running in a broad number of classes A/S, A/FX, S/S A/MP and others, they became masters of the GM 409 engine. In ‘64, GM withdrew facto- ry sponsorship programs. Dave Strickler went to Chrysler and “The Dodge Boys” were born; for a couple of years the team of Jenkins and Strickler laid waste to the competition with their hemi-powered cars. Bill soon returned to Chevrolet where he dominated the classes he chose to race in for decades. If you want to relive those early days, document the growth of drag racing or simply learn the history of one of the most creative, rules twisting, engine masters and racers ever, this is the book for you. Author Doug Boyce has followed Bill’s career since he was 12. In 175 pages loaded with colour photos, Doug tells the stories behind all of “Grumpy’s Toys.” Tales are told and rumours either confirmed or denied throughout the pages. Well worth a read! • Grumpy’s Toys Author Doug Boyce SACT489 175 pages Suggested retail $34.95 • We value your privacy and hate spam as much as you. We never sell our mailing or e-mail list. • News? Are you getting our Visit and sign up to get our performance newsletter featuring new products, rebate programs, event listings, exclusive promotions and more!
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  43. 43. Call Toll-Free: 1-877-471-6700
  44. 44. Reluctant Passenger: Honour Thy Forefathers 46 • PiM • SUMMER 2011 W hen a driver gets behind the wheel, how often does he or she think of good old Henry Ford, Mr. Mass Production himself? Now don’t get all twitchy on me; this isn’t an ad for a car manufacturer. But Ford wasn’t the one who first looked at the horse-drawn carriages and buggies of his day and thought he could do better. Oh no, the “thinking outside the horse” belongs to a long list of innovators, dating back to Nicolas Joseph Cugnot, the inventor of the 1770’s deliriously speedy 2.3-m.p.h. steam-powered Fardier, right on up to Germany’s Karl Benz and America’s Ransom E. Olds in the late 18th century. What does this have to do with the price of gas? A lot. Without the daring and determination of these pioneers, we might still be staring at the wrong end of a horse, caught in a carriage jam. Instead of cursing the oil companies, we’d be shaking our fists at the sky over the cost of hay. Of course, there’s not much we can do to personally thank our transportation forefathers unless you happen to know a ghost whisperer. What we can do, however, is honour the drivers immediately before us and prepare ourselves (and the drivers who follow in our treads) for the road ahead. Here are a few ways to do that: Teacher’s pet Is there someone you need to thank for teaching, or at least trying to teach, you to drive? Perhaps that teacher (or brilliant person who passed the buck to someone else) could use a personal driver for a day or two. Ticket to ride Everyone has a dream machine, and if money’s no object, you can probably rent one for the day. Imagine the look on his face when you pull it into the driveway – or when he sees it parked in his regular spot. Throw the book at ‘em Two words: Hayne’s manual. Honour Thy Forefathers
  45. 45. SUMMER 2011 • PiM • 47 About the Author: Bonnie Staring is a comedian, advertising copywriter and one of those people who enters all kinds of contests. To see what else she’s been ranting about, visit her website: Photo Illustration created by Robert Michaels. Spare some change
 Give all the drivers in your home the knowledge of the fundamentals: checking the oil, changing a tire, calling CAA when fluids or parts are pooling under the vehicle, etc. Important bits This magazine is in your home and in your possession for a reason: fate. If there’s something on your automotive enthusiast’s must-have list, the gang at PI will help you find it (and figure out what the heck it is). Share the joy Even reluctant passengers can’t help but get swept up in the thrill of an engine finally roaring to life or the triumphant cry of “It fits!” coming from the driveway. So let your driver stand tall and proud. Well, at least when he’s not behind the wheel. Happy Father’s Day to all the drivers out there. Keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the ride.
  46. 46. 0-415 MPH in 11 Months At Spectre Performance, racing is in our blood. We have been chasing speed records for nearly three decades, from open road racing to dry lakes, salt flats and more. In 2009 we took our gasoline fueled, Caddy powered streamliner to Bonneville and went 330mph. Fast enough to set a world record, but not fast enough. We went back to the drawing board. More power, more R&D. InIn August 2010 we went back, the car went 366mph. Still not fast enough. A month later at the FIA Shootout we hurt a piston, ate a few turbos, spent all night on the salt and eventually went 415mph. On gasoline. With an iron block Cadillac. Sucking air through twin Spectre hpR filters. That's right - we run air filters on every run, pulling air from the dirty high-pressure zone a few inches above the salt - and we don't need to change 'em, just knock the salt off and keep running. IfIf you're going to buy air filters for your street car, race car or tow vehicle, shouldn't you buy the brand tested at 415mph? w w w . S p e e d B y S p e c t r e . c o m