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This issue of Performance in Motion magazine features: Fuel Mileage Improvement advice, 2011 Drag Race Schedules, Texas Vanity Plates, 2011 Toronto International Auto Show Photos, Camaro & Firebird Photos, Ford - Modern Muscle, World’s Biggest Engine, Win a 555 Big Block, Surf Bike, Reluctant Passenger Glossary, Mustang and more!

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Spring 2011 - “Auto Show Issue” - Performance in Motion magazine

  1. 1. Auto The Show IssueVol.11 #2 • SPRING 2011
  2. 2. Performance in Motion1100 The Queensway Table of ContentsToronto, ON M8Z 1P7Phone: 416-259-3678 Reluctant Passenger Glossary ...................................4Fax: 416-259-6433 price of fuel getting you down? .................................6 2011 Drag Race Schedules ........................................8EDITOR/PUBLISHER Directory Ads .........................................................10Bob McJannett Texas Vanity Plates .................................................12bmcj@sympatico.ca Book Review ...........................................................14 2011 Autoshow .......................................................16PRODUCTION DESIGN Icons: Camaro & Firebird ......................................22Rob McJannett Ford - Modern Muscle ............................................28 Mailbag ..................................................................35CONTRIBUTORS World’s Biggest Engine? .........................................36Thomas Anderson Win a 555 Big Block ...............................................38Mark Ackert Conquistador Surf Bike ........................................40Jesper T. Andersen Mustang raises $200K ............................................44Steve Cole Editorial .................................................................47Greg FormanJim MadiganFrank MalfaraRobert MichaelsonPaul SonstropLeonard F. Slyewith Bonnie Staringas the Reluctant Passenger 8PROOFREADERSpike “The Machine” LaVigneAre you Moving? Let usknow, email us at: moving@performanceimprovements.comPUBLICATIONS MAIL AGREEMENTNO. 40609642 • PERFORMANCE INMOTION is published four times a year:Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Circula- 26tion is 30,000+ (ISSN 1703-8421)Copyright ©2011 All rights reserved by Perfor-mance In Motion Publishing. The fine print: Werespect your privacy, and do not sell our mailinglist. All opinions are those of the usual gang of idi-ots, most of whom sniff gas fumes. The informa-tion presented is via said gas sniffers, from whichthere can be no responsibility by the Publishersas to legality, completeness or accuracy. Recyclethis magazine - give it to your friends. If you enjoyour magazine, be sure to let us know! This maga-zine may not be reprinted without permissionof Performance In Motion Publishing. (We’renice guys, just ask) • Thanks for everything Russ! • 40 WINTER 2011 • PiM • 3
  3. 3. Reluctant Passenger Glossary A h, Spring! Just the thought of April showers rinsing away all the vehicle- eating salt and grit brings a smile to any car code—one that involves actually sitting in the passenger seat from time to time. So why not make the ride more enjoyable nut’s face. And that’s when it happens—the by expanding your knowledge of automo- twinkle in his eye turns into an idea, and the tive terms? I’ve taken the liberty to select idea turns into a road trip. some random words I’ve heard during cruise Sometimes there’s no avoiding it. Not when nights, auto shows and actually talking to he’s all giddy, rubbing his hands together drivers, and I’ve provided what I’m sure are like a kid on the last day of school, beaming the correct definitions.* because his ride is ready to go. As a reluctant passenger, you’ve agreed to abide by a certain A panel Differential Instrument cluster A group of judges used on The amount still owed on A group of awkward-shaped shows like American Idol a tab after everyone says instruments blocking a fire they’ve chipped in exit B panel The people who didn’t get Drive shaft Master cylinder picked for the A panel A miserable date who insists A geometric shape that takes you pay for dinner, parking itself way too seriously Bumper and gas Someone who rides your ass Lug nut Fan belt A hoarder who owns an RV Carson top What happens to fans that A toupee that makes the get too close to a celebrity Rad flush wearer look like Johnny A water-saving toilet Carson Fly wheel A toy for flies Rocker arms Crank shaft Muscles created by pumping A miserable date who insists Hood ornament your fists in the air while you pay for dinner A landmark specific to a listening to Aerosmith particular neighbourhood Cylinder head Rocker panel What you get when you Hub cap A group of people with keep rollers in too long Short length of time a rocker arms husband willingly shops 4 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  4. 4. Sump Torque It’s doing small things likeThe expression on a driver’s A type of hat worn by angry this that make drive seasonface when a vehicle won’t Frenchmen in the spring so much more interesting.start There you have it—now you Enjoy the ride. •Tire pressure can impress any automotivePushing yourself beyond enthusiast, or at least keepexhaustion them entertained between pit stops. * Please note that the words “correct” and “definition” may have been used incorrectly in this sentence. About the Author: Bonnie Staring is a comedian, advertising copywriter and one of those people who enters all kinds of contests. To see what else she’s been ranting about, visit her website: www.bonniestaring.com Photo Illustration created by Robert Michaels. WINTER 2011 • PiM • 5
  5. 5. price of fuel getting you down? I s the price of fuel getting you down? If so there are numerous relatively simple things you can do to get better mileage. Here are some that we use in our own cars. Replace your highly restrictive air filter with a K&N or Spectre free flowing lifetime air filter. Clean or replace your battery terminals. Your alternator has to work harder to charge the battery through the debris growing Replace your belt driven fan with a high on the terminals. quality Flex-a-Lite electric fan. This will reduce the effort your engine puts out to drive the belt driven fan. Be sure your tire pressures Install synthetic oils are correct. Carry a good and lubricants like quality pressure gauge in Royal Purple.These your glove compartment will reduce engine and check them weekly. friction and improve your fuel mileage. 6 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  6. 6. Install a vacuum gauge and use it to getthe best fuel mileage. When driving, keep Do a tune-up, replacing the spark plugs,your gauge reading as high and as steady oxygen sensor and fuel filter will ensureas possible. The highest reading will give your engine runs best, while using theyou the best fuel mileage. least amount of fuel.One of the functions a vehicle tuner can perform isto increase the fuel efficiency of your car or truck.By tuning your vehicle’s fuel injection, ignition andtransmission shift characteristics, the SuperchipsFlashpaq can deliver up to a 20-percent improvementin fuel economy for diesel pickups, and 10-percent forgasoline-powered cars and trucks. That’s money youcan put in the bank! If you own a pickup truck install an Extang Tonneau cover to reduce the turbulence created in the back of the truck. WINTER 2011 • PiM • 7
  7. 7. 2011 Drag Race Schedules Johnny O in his bad blown Chevy II - Photo by Mark Acker T he 2011 season for the Ontario Street Car Association (OSCA) looks to be one of the best ever since its inception back in May 28-29: “Let the Battle Begin” Toronto Motorsports Park 2000. The addition of the stock suspension June 18-19 : “The Heat is On!” X275 drag radial class and the heads up Pro Toronto Motorsports Park Street bike class will only add to the best heads up street legal style drag race action! July 9-10: “Summer Sizzler!” Giant wheel stands, 2,000 horsepower Toronto Motorsports Park street cars, big smoky burn outs and 200MPH motorcycles make the OSCA one of the most July 30-31: “Battle by the Beach!” exciting drag race series in Canada. Come see Grand Bend Motorplex your favourite early and late model muscle cars battle on the legendary quarter mile race August 13-14: “Hot Summer Brawl!” tracks in Cayuga and Grand Bend. Toronto Motorsports Park Check us out at www.raceosca.com or follow us on Facebook! Sept. 17-18: “Championship Finals!” Toronto Motorsports Park The home built hot rod of Danny Medeiros. With little exception Danny and his brother Joe did almost all the work on his EZ Street Camaro. Photo by Mark Acker 8 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  8. 8. T he Joe’s Transmission TNT Super Series (TNTSS) is very excited to announce its2011 event schedule. The 10.90 sportsmandrag racing series has new features for its fifthanniversary season. For 2011, the schedule will remain cen-tered around southern Ontario and westernNew York with twelve points races PLUS anon-points “open” and the first-ever TNTSSRace Of Champions. The season will open as always at DunnTire Raceway Park (DTRP) on Friday, May6. Then will return to Cayuga Dragway at To-ronto Motorsports Park for a double headerweekend May 21-22 along with the PMRA,Quick 32 series and the Can-Am Stock / Su-per Stock series. Steve McCarrick’s 1956 BB Chevy The TNTSS then heads to New Yorkstate for two double-headers. The first on May 6: Dunn Tire Raceway ParkJune 3-4, starting at DTRP on Friday, June 3and ending at Empire Dragway on Saturday, May 21-22: Cayuga DragwayJune 4. The second double will be at DTRPon July 1-2. June 3 : Dunn Tire Raceway Park Next stop is a non-points race tentativelyscheduled at Grand Bend Motorplex on Fri- June 4: Empire Dragwayday, July 15 at the IHRA Mopar Nitro JamNationals. July 1-2: Dunn Tire Raceway Park St. Thomas Raceway Park will then hostits first-ever TNTSS double-header weekend July 15: TNTSS OPEN Grand Bendon August 20-21 joined again by the Can-Am Motorplex (tentative)Stock/Super Stock series. Labour Day weekend sees the TNTSS re- August 20-21: St. Thomasturn to Cayuga Dragway for another double- Raceway Parkheader with the Can-Am Stock / Super Stockseries AND for the first-ever TNTSS Race of September 3: TNTSS Race ofChampions on Saturday night. The TNTSS Champions Cayuga Dragwaywill then return to DTRP to close out the2011 season on Friday, September 9. September 4: Cayuga Dragway TNTSS Director Ted Barnes is excited tohave some unique events in this year’s sched- September 9 : Dunn Tireule. “To have the dates set for 2011 will allow Raceway Parkour competitors and fans to plan their season.Stay tuned for more news about enhanced Schedule - Subject to Changepayouts at select events!” • WINTER 2011 • PiM • 9
  9. 9. Directory Ads www.lawrencetransmission.com PIM_AD_final.pdf 14/12/2008 8:23:26 PM C M Y CM MY CY CMY K
  10. 10. Texas Vanity Plates Is this plate worth $15,000? And you thought Vanity plates were expensive in Ontario! Written by: Thomas Anderson • Photos: Courtesy of myplates.com Texas recently held auction for 33 specialty an can be sold legally to some- one else, so there’s the chance winners could take the plate since November 2009, put- ting more than $2.6M in the state general revenue fund. plates. You bid on a person- they won at auction and sell This money comes to the alized licence plate that is it for a profit. State as it faces roughly an fully transferable. The plate FERRARI set the record $18B (yes, billion) deficit. is good for 25 years, howev- for most expensive plate ever Texas has come up with er, you must pay the annual sold in Texas at a whopping a creative way to raise mon- vehicle registration fee over $15,000. COWBOYS was ey that is not a tax or a fee. and above. the second highest-priced Buying a specialty plate is a About a thousand Tex- plate at $11,500. GO- choice, not only do they get ans witnessed state history at HORNS went for $10,500. fun, cool, colourful plates, Cowboys Stadium the night RANGERS brought in but that a portion of the sale of the auction. The first-ever $10,000. goes to help pay for services auction of licence plates in Auction winners are not to all Texans. Texas set records. My Plates bound to a certain back- If you are moving to Tex- estimates that the 33 plates ground design. They are pur- as or are simply interested in went for a grand total of chasing the message, exam- learning more, further infor- $138,650 or an average of ple COWBOYS, that they mation is available at www. $4,200 per plate. may then put on any of the myplates.com • Unlike other Texas li- designs. Texans have bought cence plates, Auction plates more than 34,000 My Plates 12 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  11. 11. Q: Which of the plates above were not authorized by Texas, but came from a list of outlawed licence plates? See below for answers. Here are the 33 auction plates and what they sold for • Lot 1: GIDDY UP ......$2,500 • Lot 2: T BIGTEX ........$2,500 • Lot 18: TEX4NS ........$1,000 • Lot 3: FISHING .........$1,400 • Lot 19: MY TEXAS ...$3,500 • Lot 4: MILLION ........$1,500 • Lot 20: COWBOYS ..$11,500 • Lot 5: RAIDERS ........$2,000 • Lot 21: 2FAST 4U .....$3,000 • Lot 6: DIAMOND .....$2,000 • Lot 22: NASC4R .......$2,500 • Lot 7: RANGERS ......$10,000 • Lot 23: FERRARI ......$15,000 • Lot 8: FREEDOM .....$2,500 • Lot 24: HUNTING ....$1,500 • Lot 9: SOONERS ......$4,500 • Lot 25: T STARS .......$1,000 • Lot 10: FORD4U .......$2,000 • Lot 26: MICHAEL .....$800 • Lot 11: MUSTANG ...$7,000 • Lot 27: AMERICA .....$3,000 • Lot 12: RANCHER ....$1,500 • Lot 28: T DALLAS ....$1,500 • Lot 13: GO HORNS ..$10,500 • Lot 29: MAVS FAN ..$1,200 • Lot 14: COOL DAD ..$4,500 • Lot 30: FT WORTH ..$5,000 • Lot 15: AGGIES 1 .....$2,750 • Lot 31: PORSCHE ....$7,500 • Lot 16: BELIEVE .......$6,250 • Lot 32: BEST MOM .$3,750 • Lot 17: DRAGONS ...$7,750 • Lot 33: Bidders Choice $6,000A: 6Q-2Q, ESTICL, REDNEK, FL8ME, 3MTA3, MOMLUV, UZI4U & 3M3TIB WINTER 2011 • PiM • 13
  12. 12. Book Review Book Review: Automotive Sheet Metal Forming and Fabrication If you enjoy building your own automotive projects, this is the book for you. Matt Joseph shows you how to design and fabricate things from metal. How to create fenders, hoods, and other auto parts made from sheet metal. Metal forming tools from low cost to expen- sive are covered in the text of this book. You will learn the basics of using dollies, hammers, shot bags etc. You will also get instruction on the English wheel and other more exotic tools. There are also tips on material choices, “what to use when.” However, the emphasis is on the basics, things you can do yourself with a little instruction and a lot of patience. Author: Matt Joseph It doesn’t matter if you want to take this book SA196 • 144 pages softcover out to the shop or simply to read about techniques Suggested Retail $24.95 you may never use, Automotive Sheet Metal will provide insights into a group of skill sets often considered as an occult science. • Are you getting our News? Visit www.performanceimprovements.com and sign up to get our performance newsletter featuring new products, rebate programs, event listings, exclusive promotions and more! • We value your privacy and hate spam as much as you. We never sell our mailing or e-mail list. • 14 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  13. 13. Performance EngineGaskets for DragRacing, Oval Track andHigh-Performance StreetMULTI-LAYERED STAINLESS STEEL(MLS) CYLINDER HEAD GASKETS• Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) head gaskets are designed for extreme cylinder pressures produced by high horsepower – high compression, turbo-charged, supercharged and nitrous oxide engines• Manufactured from Viton rubber coated stainless steel layers to resist corrosion and positively seal engine fluids Embossed Stainless Steel• Stress formed inner and outer layer Middle Spacer embossments act like springs that rebound under cylinder head clamp load, creating force to seal excessive combustion pressure in cylinder bore• Used by numerous top-name NHRA Drag Race Champions including Duane Embossed Shields - Top Alcohol Dragster, Brian Stainless Steel Hough - Top Alcohol Funny Outer Layers Car, Kyle Seipel -Super Comp, Jimmy DeFrank & Dan Fletcher - Super Stockwww.mr-gasket.com 216-688-8300 WINTER 2011 • PiM • 15
  14. 14. 2011 Autoshow 2011 Canadian International Auto Show Autoshow Stories & Photos by Bob McJannett & CIAS T oronto’s Metro Convention Centre was the venue for the 38th annual Canadian International Autoshow. With Many firsts are displayed during the shows ten-day period, and if you are in the market for a new vehicle, it is a great place to start. over 600,000 square feet covered all of the We are not, so instead, we chose to auto manufacturers’ latest offerings, plus focus on the cars we thought our readers dazzling displays of “the unobtainables,” you may be interested in. Two of the “Big know the cars we all lust after, but would have Three” domestic manufacturers were truly to sell all our children into slavery to afford, promoting performance, while the third was there was lots to see. a little more low key about it. (Oh, I know, This year’s show was extremely upbeat; they are no longer the big three, but they after the effects of the recession, it appears still are to me.) Here are some of the cars and the consumers were coming out with an displays that caught our eye. • interest to buy. The Camaro section had a lot of cool cars. Here is a legendary Don Yenko-built 427-powered Camaro. See more F-Bodies page 26. 16 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  15. 15. Hidden underneath that fancy tablecloth was the all-New BMW 6 Series Cabriolet, due toarrive in Canada this spring. The 4.4-litre V-8 engine develops a maximum 400 hp between5,500 and 6,400 rpm, generating peak torque of 450 lb-ft between 1,750 and 4,500 rpm.Ford is hoping to makebig waves in 2011 with itsfirst EV passenger car, theFocus Electric. Visually,the Focus Electric has animproved aerodynamicspackage, incorporating anew front fascia that looksa little Aston Martin-like.See more Fords page 32. For creativity, you have to give the folks at Mini an A+. Mounted on the wall above their exhibit was this full-sized Mini. WINTER 2011 • PiM • 17
  16. 16. You have to admit Mercedes has come a long way since this was their top of the line vehicle. Carl Benz patented his horseless vehicle on January 29, 1886.Looking for a luxurytwo-passenger sportsconvertible? ThisBMW Z4s couldcertainly fill thebill. Powered by atwin turbo inline 6engine, it will run0 – 100 km in 5.0seconds. This Honda Indy car was on display in the Honda stand promoting the Toronto Indy Race July 8-10 2011.Honda has come along way from theplain-Jane box itonce was. This CR-Zfeatures a 1.8LVTEC 4-cylinderengine, 15”aluminum wheelsand a 4-speaker 160watt sound system.18 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  17. 17. Today’s top of the Mercedes line is this magnificent SLS AMG Gullwing coupe. Described byMercedes as “a cockpit, an engine and two wings.” What can you say, classic styling with alltoday’s creature comforts, plus a 563 hp engine that will get you up to 100 km for that banzaioff-ramp pass in 3.8 seconds. Looking to spend six figures for a premium luxury sedan? The Mercedes CLS 63 AMG is worth a look. Featuring AMG sport suspension, exhaust and wheels, with a 507 hp engine to take you from 0 – 100 km in 4.5 seconds, no slouch for a sedan. WINTER 2011 • PiM • 19
  18. 18. Central Driving Position The cockpit of the Pléthore has plenty of space to comfortably accommodate Its central driving provides exhilarating a driver and two tall passengers. The experience similar to driving a single- possibility of integrating a passenger seater competition car. This important on each side of the driver makes the advantage gives a lot more stability and Pléthore the unique Supercar with three driveability. passengers.20 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  19. 19. HTT Pléthore The Pléthore LC-750, the first and only Canadian supercar, manufactured by HTT Automotive, powered by a 750hp engine and built entirely in carbon fibre, was unveiled in its latest version at the CIAS 2011.Plethore, French for Plethora or Maximizing last horse out of the 7-litreoverabundance. super-charged V8 engine is the 100 per cent carbon-fibre body and frame,With 750 horses under the hood, a top which allows the car to weigh onlyspeed of 388 km/h and a 0-to-100 km/h 1,250 kilograms (about the same as atime of 2.8 seconds, it certainly offers an Volkswagen Golf).overabundance of power. WINTER 2011 • PiM • 21
  20. 20. Icons: Camaro & Firebird ICONS CAMARO & FIREBIRD 2011 Canadian International Autoshow had a section celebrating “The Legend of the Camaro & Firebird.” There were numerous examples of these great cars on display, in both original condition and modified. In addition, there were a couple of Camaro race cars out on • the show floor. Here are the ones that caught our eye. Now that the Camaro is back, there is a new version of the Indianapolis 500 pace car. Check out the cool fender badge they are using now. 22 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  21. 21. Richard Pickering’s “Z Skunk” street legal 1968 Camaro Z28 race car features a 420HP-301CI small-block cross ram equipped engine.David and ZoeParr had their 1967Camaro RS/SS pacecar convertible ondisplay. This carhas had a frame offrestoration. Moving to 1969, John Quindamo’s Camaro pace car features both a big block engine and four-speed transmission. WINTER 2011 • PiM • 23
  22. 22. 2010 Lingenfelter T/A • LPE455 The engineers and designers at Lingenfelter managed to transform a new Camaro into a fire- breathing (655HP, 610 TQ ) tribute to the 1971 Firebird Trans Am cars.Jason Ramsay’s1968 Big Blockpowered RS/SSfour-speed car wasfully restored in2005. This certainly brought back great memories of the time when Mark Donohue and Roger Penske ruled Trans Am racing.24 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  23. 23. P.I. TORONTO P.I. BRAMPTON P.I. HAMILTON P.I. PIERREFONDS1100 The Queensway 12 Rutherford Rd. S. 891 Upper James 4909 Boul. St. CharlesToronto, Ontario Brampton, Ontario Hamilton, Ontario Pierrefonds, Quebec416-259-9656 905-453-9901 905-574-6940 (514) 626-1866P.I. BARRIE P.I. GUELPH P.I. OSHAWA422 Dunlop St. W. 567 Silvercreek Pkwy 1487 Simcoe St. North Call Toll-Free:Barrie, Ontario Guelph, ON N1H 6J2 Oshawa, Ontario 1-877-471-6700705-735-1274 519-821-6740 905-725-3533 WINTER 2011 • PiM • 25
  24. 24. General Motors also featured a number of skunk works vehicles modified by others. Additionally they did have a nice representation of the modern muscle cars currently offered directly from the dealer’s floor. Camaro and Corvette were the big guns at this booth.• SLP is building these ZL585 Super Camaros. Starting with the factory 426 HP engine and 6-speed manual transmission, they add a supercharger, low restriction cold air package, free flow exhaust and more to reach 585 HP. Add in many styling changes and upgraded suspension and you end up with a truly impressive car.Even on the GM web site, they call this “the fastest production car they have everbuilt” The supercharged LS9 engine produces 638 HP. The car comes with morecarbon fibre than the ZO6. The parts list is amazing, things like titanium valves andtitanium rods are hidden in these engines.26 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  25. 25. The Corvette ZO6 features a 7.0L LS7 engine, aluminum frame, and selected carbon fibrebody panels. There are pages of special feature that come on this car. Perfect for the owner who wants a daily driver and a weekend warrior in one unit.This 2011 Cruze Check the size ofcompetes in the FIA the intake valvesWorld Touring Car on these angleChampionship. plug aluminumThere is a series in heads. TheyCanada and another should flow likeinternational series crazy.that runs primarilyin Europe. Part of the GM display was this dream shop with high performance parts out on the benches for all to see.Check out this 2011Camaro SS Coupe,a great looking carthat you won’t haveto sell the houseto own. Poweredby their 6.2L V8engine with a6-speed manualtransmission.
  26. 26. Ford - Modern Muscle W ith their “Legendary Looks Modern Muscle” graphics emblazoned on the wall of their display area, Ford were definitely trying to appeal to the enthusiast. They had a number of vehicles on display that had been built outside the factory walls to show what could be done with their products. • This 2.0L Ecoboost-powered 2012 Ford Focus STR was a co-operative project of Ford and Ford Racers building a club racer base that would meet race rules in many series. Included is an FIA regulation roll bar, a racing 6-speed transmission, big brakes etc. Here is a 2012 Focus titanium Hatchback without all the race parts. A very nicely optioned grocery-getter. 28 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  27. 27. 2011 Ford Taurus SHOx is loaded withaftermarket upgrades transforming it intoa remarkable high-powered great handlinglong-haul cruiser. 465 horsepower and a The Razzi body kit, Baer Brakepaddle shifted 6-speed automatic combine to upgrade, H&R springs and redonesend our Taurus swiftly down the highway. interior make this a pleasure to drive.Looking for an upscale crowd carrier, this Ford Edge SEL featured custom paint, a sunroof,a custom grille, 22” wheels, lowered suspension, huge sound system, with a leather and suedeinterior. Brand names like K&N, Magnaflow, Dupont, H&R, and Katzkin were all used byK Daddyz Customz to create this head turner. WINTER 2011 • PiM • 29
  28. 28. Ford is bringing back the Boss 302 Mustang, all the muscle of the 69 version with thecreature comforts of today’s automobile. 444 horsepower, upgraded suspension andbrakes, plus Boss 302 spoilers combine to make this Mustang unique.30 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  29. 29. WINTER 2011 • PiM • 31
  30. 30. Chrysler took a more low-key approach to high performance, choosing not to have anyoutside-built specialty cars on display, they did, however, fill the floor with a number oftheir high performance Hemi-powered models. •2011 Challenger SRT 392 Hemi. Add all the features of the Charger RT, tighten up thesuspension, add some unique body accents and then enlarge the Hemi engine to 6.4L (392)that produces 470 hp and you have the Challenger SRT8 392 edition.Beneath the hood of this rather conventional looking whiteDodge Charger RT AWD lurks the 370 hp 5.7L hemiengine. To appease the gas mileage gods, it is equippedwith Chryslers 4-cylinder mode fuel-saver technology. TheCharger rides on 19” aluminum wheels and comes withmore than 60 safety and security features.32 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  31. 31. If you need a larger more sedate looking sedan, the Chrysler 300C should fill the bill. Featuring most of the high performance options available, these come with a slightly detuned 360 hp 5.7L engine.The Chrysler 200Convertible willfill the bill for thosewho like the windin their hair. If youorder the Touringtrim, you will get the3.6L Pentastar V6engine with a 6 speedautomatic. WINTER 2011 • PiM • 33
  32. 32. Call Toll-Free: 1-877-471-6700 performanceimprovements.com34 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  33. 33. Mailbag Mailbag Seeing you have been a long time, recently Performance in Motion around since 1964, found it in Michigan magazine. The article brings back some great and have made the about “OLD COOTS” memories during the deal to purchase it and –and I do qualify, plus 60s in London, Ont. return it to Ontario. the pictures of nostalgia I have attached a Canadian Hot Rods Hot Rods. couple of pictures. The has a great five-page Congratulations to We love to get your letters & feedback – and if you send us a high- quality photo, (bigger is better) we might even print it! letters@performanceimprovements.com first one is me at 22 spread by my friend you for being in business years old with my ‘32 Mike Lowden on the and in supporting the roadster. The second is search for the roadster. hobby for all these years. our drag race car during The follow-up article the mid 60s. I sold the about finding the car Cheers, roadster to pour money will be in the next issue. John Willoughby into the drag car. The The reason I am Walkerton Ont. third picture is my old sending this to you is ‘32 roadster as it looks that it just seemed to today. I have been fit when I received your looking for this car for Vol. 11, #1 issue of WINTER 2011 • PiM • 35
  34. 34. World’s Biggest Engine? Is this the World’s BIGGEST Engine? Story by Len Sly • Photos courtesy of Wartsila-Sulzer and Jesper T. Andersen F or those who have to have the biggest, I think this is it. Imagine the size of displacement comes out to 1,556,002 cubic inches (25,480 liters) for the most automotive and small aircraft engines have BSFC figures in the 0.40-0.60 lbs/ the car that Jay Leno would fourteen-cylinder version. hp/hr range and 25-30% have to build to use this one! Fuel consumption at thermal efficiency range. The Wartsila-Sulzer maximum power is 0.278 Even at its most efficient RTA96-C turbocharged lbs/hp/hour (Brake Specific power setting, the big 14 two-stroke diesel engine is Fuel Consumption). Fuel consumes 1,660 gallons of the most powerful and most consumption at maximum heavy fuel oil per hour. No efficient prime-mover in the economy is 0.260 lbs/hp/ matter what the cost of fuel world today. It is available in hour. At maximum economy, is, this baby is expensive to 6-through 14-cylinder inline the engine exceeds 50% run. We don’t even want to versions, designed primarily thermal efficiency. That is, • talk about air pollution. for very large container ships. more than 50% of the energy The new generation of in the fuel in converted to larger container ships needed motion. For comparison, a bigger engine to propel them. The cylinder bore is just under 38” and the stroke is just over 98”. Each cylinder displaces 111,143 cubic inches (1820 liters) and produces 7780 horsepower. Total 36 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  35. 35. Wartsila-SulzerRTA96-C:Engine weight: 2,300 tons(Crankshaft alone weighs 300 tons!)Length: 89 feetHeight: 44 feetMaximum power:108,920 hp at 102 rpmMaximum torque:5,608,312 lb/ft at 102rpmTotal displacement:1,556,002 cubic inchesFuel Economy: 1,660gallons of heavy fuel oilper hour The ‘EMMA MAERSK’ entered service in 2006, and is propelled by the world’s first 14-cylinder in-line engine, the RTA96-C. WINTER 2011 • PiM • 37
  36. 36. Win a 555 Big Block Support a Good Cause WIN A• 555 Story by Steve Cole • Photos courtesy of World Products, Inc. • • • PROJECT 1320 is going to raffle one of JOE T he Quarter Mile Foundation, a not- industry should have done this job many for-profit foundation dedicated to years ago, and I want to provide whatever saving the pioneering history of support and encouragement I can to this drag racing, is producing PROJECT 1320, endeavor.” said Mondello. a documentary film series about the growth Bill Mitchell, Jr. of World Products said, and history of drag racing from its inception “I have grown up in this sport and industry, thru till the end of the 80s. The intention and although I was not fortunate enough to is to create 25 filmed episodes detailing the watch from the very beginning, I have seen sports growth from the people who lived it. many milestones over the years. Racers and First-person oral histories from the men and fads come and go. Whether it be running women who made it happen. around the shop at Motion Performance, Now you can help them reach their goals. while Dad was building some of the coolest Joe Mondello Engines and World Products muscle cars, or being at the race track during are building a 555-cubic-inch Chevrolet the days when he competed in Competition Mk IV engine to raffle off in support of Eliminator, the education was invaluable! PROJECT 1320. “When Joe came to me with his proposal “This will be the first of a series of ‘Save for support and hearing the passion in his Our Heritage’ engine raffles in conjunction voice that has obviously helped drive the with leading engine builders.” Noted Traci sport to where it is today, we had to be part of Hrudka’ Foundation Chairman it and felt it would be an honour. “As I talked to Traci and some of the The engine, dubbed “Mondello’s Vintage Foundation’s board members, I was struck Rat,” is designed to run on pump gas and by their dogged determination to make this will be complete (including ignition) from documentary a reality, Our sport and the carburetor to the oil pan, from the nose 38 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  37. 37. MONDELLO’s 555 Cubic Inch BIG BLOCK Enginespulley/harmonic damper to the flexplate. It Foundation’s website www.PROJECT1320.will be a 555-cubic-inch Chevrolet (Mk IV com, according to Ms. Hrudka. Tickets willversion), with a single four-barrel carburetor be priced at $10 (US) each or 6 for $50. Theand designed for use with an automatic raffle tickets will be available beginning attransmission. the Race & Performance Show, February 26 World Products is supplying the core & 27 at St. Charles, Ill. The winner will beof the engine: a Merlin engine block, heads drawn at the Performance Racing Industryand the intake manifold. It will deliver an Show on December 3, 2011.estimated 700-plus horsepower and 650 ft-lb Believe us, your chances to win are farof torque. The valve covers will be engraved greater than if you buy a lottery ticket, pluswith the Mondello Engine and World the money will go to support PROJECTProducts names. Once completed, it will be 1320. These films will not only save ourdynoed, and the dyno sheet will accompany history, but be wonderful tools to explain thethe engine to the raffle winner. sport to those who do not understand it and According to Joe Mondello, the engine to politicians who might want to force us offwill be vintage in name only. Using the very the roads.latest cutting-edge parts, from the industry’s Canadians are eligible to win, however,leading manufacturers, we will build an Canadians will not be able to declare a tax-engine to die for. “I am pleased to say all of the deduction for their donation Buy your ticketsmanufacturers are supplying the components now. Let’s bring that massive engine home towithout charge.” Canada. • Raffle tickets will be available at eventswhere the Quarter Mile Foundationwill have a presence, as well as thru the WINTER 2011 • PiM • 39
  38. 38. Conquistador Surf Bike Written by: Jim McBurney • Photos: Courtesy of Paul Sonstrop Jim McBurney has been around the car scene for more years than he will readily admit to. He has built numerous hot rods and customs plus he use to put on the Wheel World car shows in Niagara Falls. Here is his story about the Conquistador Surf Bike. T he first thing people no front end, handle bars, young to remember, was think when they meet wheels, brakes, any kind of about the coolest show back me is, where is your functional levers, seat, ex- in the early sixties, many cool bike parked? Well, I used to haust , and no cables, chain, hot rods and great looking ride but that was about 30 engine side cover, (did come girls had all the young guys years ago; I guess I looked with two sets of wheels that watching). This bike was in the part, although all the didn’t belong to it) taillights, a few magazines and the Bik- bikers I remember, looked wiring or battery, but lots of ers from Hell movie. like Fonzie. potential. The paint on it was the About two years ago, I Well, never one to turn first thing to catch my eye, happened to end up at an down a challenge, I came not to mention the great auction of very rare Hol- home with it. The bike was design of the surf board, lywood movie “stuff,” I saw originally built in 1975, the front and rear fenders, this bike, well sort of a bike, by Bad Boys in California. headlight, and gas tank. The more like a pile of parts. I Commissioned and owned builders were instructed to tend to see things very clear- by Edd “Kookie” Byrnes of break the molds after cast- ly in my mind in a finished 77 Sunset Strip fame. (77 ing the glass fenders, genuine state. This was a bike with Sunset Strip, for those too one-offs. 40 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  39. 39. The motor andtransmission had beencompletely rebuilt witha slight over bore toabout 1100 cc, so noth-ing needed there. Someone had tohave dropped this bikeat one time in its life, ithad a few scars. I began by mak-ing templates of all theart work, kept track ofall the colours used,stripped everythingdown, repairing anydamage and base-coat-ed all parts. Clear coat-ed, then sanded downthe clear coat, redidthe art work with thehelp of a good friendMike Vandervoet of MJ Signcraft, then clearedagain. I hand-built theforward controls, allbrake brackets, changedthe brakes to disc frontand rear, purchased allbrake components andnew wheels in Florida.I wanted to keep it oldschool so I went withwire spoke wheels, Zhandlebars on top of 10over Big Dog front end.The side panel ventsare from a 1936 Gra-ham (come on, it hadto have some car parts,on it, Ha!). Hand-builtside panels, found a seatto suit it, new rubber,matching handle grips, WINTER 2011 • PiM • 41
  40. 40. Conquistador forward control ped- als in a diamond format, Jack Dan- iels risers, drag style exhaust pipes, hand built wiring, skull tail lights, added an S&S carb to finish it off. Because there is no kickstand avail- able, I had to build a custom kickstand for this surf bike. This bike is over ten feet long and is very well balanced trail wise, it rides well . All photo cred- its go to Paul Son- strop. Special thanks to Gary Holland, Chuck Nagy and my wife Gayle for the foresight to let me build this machine (she is the owner and tells me it is up for sale). I called this bike Conquistador (Spanish for con- queror) and also after the Procol Harem tune. • Conquistador 1972 Harley Davidson Sportster Restored by W. James McBurney, Cardude Vehicle Restorations & Creations Niagara Falls42 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  41. 41. P.I. TORONTO P.I. BRAMPTON P.I. HAMILTON P.I. PIERREFONDS416-259-9656 905-453-9901 905-574-6940 514-626-1866P.I. BARRIE P.I. GUELPH P.I. OSHAWA Call Toll-Free:705-735-1274 519-821-6740 905-725-3533 1-877-471-6700 WINTER 2011 • PiM • 43
  42. 42. Mustang raises $200K MODIFIED MUSTANG RAISES MORE THAN $200K FOR CHILDREN CHARITIES Written by: Thomas Anderson • Photo: Courtesy of SEMA A one-of-a-kind customized vehicle, Sold at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in known as the WD-40/SEMA Cares January, the ’11 Ford Mustang GT received Mustang, helped raise more than an online bid of $100,000 and generated $200,000 for two children’s charities, Child- another $125,000 in donations from others help and Victory Junction Gang Camp. who wanted to support the effort. WHEEL PLAN TM Antique, Classic and Special Interest Modified, Street Rod and Custom Automobile Insurance Automobile Insurance Sold Exclusively by . . . LANT INSURANCE BROKERS (A Division of Wayfarer Insurance Brokers Limited) 37 Sandiford Dr., Ste. 100, Stouffville, ON L4A 7X5 Tel: (905) 640-4111 • Fax: (905) 640-4450 • www.lant-ins.ca 44 • PiM • WINTER 2011
  43. 43. “We’re pleased that WD-40 chose with the auction, as well as the managementto sell the WD-40/SEMA Cares 2011 staff at WD-40.”Ford Mustang custom coupe at our 40th The car, rebuilt with high-performanceAnniversary Scottsdale auction,” noted aftermarket parts and a 5.0-liter V8 engine,Craig Jackson, chairman/CEO of Barrett- produces nearly 600 horsepower, features aJackson custom body kit and interior, entertainment SEMA Cares represents the automotive system, and paint that emulates the WD-40specialty equipment industry and has been brand. Build partners included Street Sceneraising money for Childhelp and Victory Equipment, Paxton Superchargers, Stillen /Junction Gang Camp for more than three AP Racing Brakes, MagnaFlow, Forgeline,years. The sale of the Mustang represents the Advanced Clutch Technology, Katzkinsingle biggest contribution to SEMA Cares Leather, Hotchkis, Polk Audio, Californiato date. Pony Car, Nitto Tire, PPG, Grant and GTR. “We are overwhelmed and completely Childhelp® is an organization thatsurprised with the results of the WD-40/ provides services to abused and neglectedSEMA Cares Mustang that was auctioned children, and the Victory Junction Gang®at Barrett Jackson,” said Mike Spagnola, Camp provides life-changing campingpresident of Street Scene Equipment and experiences to special needs and chronically-SEMA Board member. “I am eternally • ill children.grateful to Barrett-Jackson for their help WINTER 2011 • PiM • 45
  44. 44. RAISING the BAR ! Mor e Powerter i v lim Rotar y dial re y a l circuitr All digit MSD is raising the performance bar for CD multiple sparking ignition controls! See more on the all new Digital 6AL at www.msdignition.com. SINGLE CONNECTOR ROTARY DIAL REV LIMIT *CARB Approval pending 46 • PiM • WINTER 2011 MSDIGNITION.com For a free catalog call 888-882-8340
  45. 45. Editorial Editor’s Note I pride myself on being a careful now seems to be working fine, and to car owner, preferring to look my wife that is all that matters. after simple maintenance items I have owned many cars for over 50 before they become more serious. Re- years, and this is the first time I ever had cently, my wife came home complain- to do more than put fluid in the reser- ing about the power steering on her voir. Even after running them so dry car. It was stiff and hard to steer, and they complained, a little fluid solved seemed as if it had become manual. the problem. Searching the Internet Knowing that I had just checked at the for “problems with GM electric power fluid levels in both our cars, I went out steering” turned up over 700,000 hits. to take a look. I stared down into the It became obvious that this was not engine compartment unable to locate just a one-off problem, it seems we have the power steering fluid reservoir. joined a fairly large club. After ten minutes of looking, I re- Two things bother me about this sorted to the owner’s manual. I could situation. When I looked at the part find nothing on power steering; now taken out of the car it was clearly I was really curious. I came upon the marked Delphi “made in Taiwan.” page with the fuse diagram and found Second, they are building cars with a 15 amp fuse marked EPS. The light drive by wire technology, no throttle came on, this car came with electronic cable, acceleration is controlled elec- power steering. I located the fuse, but tronically from the pedal to the fuel it was OK. That was all that the owner injection. What will happen when that could do, so it was off to our friendly malfunctions? I shudder to think. mechanic who looks after the problems I still wish for the good old days, that surmount me. something like a 1965 Chevelle with We laughed about my inability to the rare Z16 package. All you had to find the power steering reservoir, but do was lower it 2” to 3”, install a disk he assured me I wasn’t the first. He said brake upgrade kit and you had a truly there have been problems with these memorable car. A car where you could units and sometimes “reflashing” the find everything you might want to fix. computer fixed them. If not, we would Get every sparkplug out with nothing have to replace the unit, “Not cheap,” in the way. Change alternators, starters he noted. The car went off to the com- etc. easily. Try any of these projects on puter expert and came back working today’s vehicles. OK. Unfortunately that didn’t last, af- But we call it progress and, of ter a week the problem came back. course, I realize we can never go back, When it quit as my wife was going it’s simply wishful thinking. But man, to one of her regular projects, she arm those were good times for car guys! • wrestled it back to our mechanic with instructions to get the part and get it fixed. He ordered an OE replacement EPS unit and installed it; as he had said, it was not cheap! However, the car WINTER 2011 • PiM • 47
  46. 46. 0-415 MPH in 11 MonthsAt Spectre Performance, racing is in our blood. We have been chasingspeed records for nearly three decades, from open road racing to drylakes, salt flats and more. In 2009 we took our gasoline fueled, Caddypowered streamliner to Bonneville and went 330mph. Fast enough toset a world record, but not fast enough. We went back to the drawingboard. More power, more R&D.In August 2010 we went back, the car went 366mph. Still not fastenough. A month later at the FIA Shootout we hurt a piston, ate a fewturbos, spent all night on the salt and eventually went 415mph. Ongasoline. With an iron block Cadillac. Sucking air through twin SpectrehpR filters. Thats right - we run air filters on every run, pulling air fromthe dirty high-pressure zone a few inches above the salt - and we dontneed to change em, just knock the salt off and keep running.If youre going to buy air filters for your street car, race car or towvehicle, shouldnt you buy the brand tested at 415mph? www.SpeedBySpectre.com