Twitter for Bands and Public Relations


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Twitter Presentation given by Dr. J. Pisano at the TI:ME/JEN 2012 Conference in Louisville, KY

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Twitter for Bands and Public Relations

  2. 2. All of my session materials and links will be available on/after Monday January the 9th THIS PAGE (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  3. 3. DON’T KNOW WHAT TWITTER “REALLY” IS?• Twitter has been around for over five years already!• It’s an online social networking service• It’s a microblog… what is a blog?• Twitter generates over 300 million tweets per day and nearly 1,600,000,000 searches per day!When used effectively, Twitter can provide an incredible amount ofcontent information to millions of people and effectively serve as apublic relations (PR) distribution outlet for your band or group. (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  4. 4. WHAT CAN I USE TWITTER FOR?Twitter allows for rapid communication using the latest technologies,especially when used in conjunction with smartphones like the iPhone orAndroid… • Communicating with subscribers/friends/potential-customers/buyers • Sharing of events, photos, gigs, and “subscription” options • Use it as a “post to everything” center for integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz/Plus+, and other Social Media Networks Use it to market yourself, your group, and your product! (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  5. 5. GETTING STARTED –ROOKIE MISTAKES!Getting a Twitter account is easy:1. Go to – http://twitter.com2. Click on the “Sign-up”:3. Click “Create my Account”…
  6. 6. WHAT THE QR CODE IS GOING ON HERE? Scan this with a QR-Reader to go DIRECTLY to TWITTER! – So… What’s a QR Code you ask? (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  7. 7. INTERLUDE… QR CODES“Quick Response” Codes = QR CodeThese “QR Codes” are here to stay, at least for awhile… and they are another great way to publicize your band, your group, your Twitter account, or yourself on printed materials…• Every newer smartphone/device with a camera has the ability to read these• Direct potential customers/buyers to an exact URL or various types of recordable information instantly… AND most QR readers will automatically archive what you scan so that you may come back to it later. ..Generate QR codes for FREE and print them or save them via these easy-to-use-sites:•• Plug QRC EXAMPLE: A.P.S. MusicMaster for iPhone: (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  8. 8. ROOKIE MISTAKES (CONTINUED) As soon as you sign up for a Twitter Account there are a few MUST DOs: 1. Upload a profile picture before you Tweet anything! Click on the “mystery person” icon and then choose settings 2. Then fill out your profile… Be sure to include your website information and an informed bio and your location if applicable. 3. Also, if you have a band/group/user Facebook account you can post directly to your Facebook stream by choosing to “Post your Tweets to Facebook” and linking the two accountsDo not Tweet anything until you have your profile information completely filled-out… –else you may be thought of as a false account or spammer! DON’T BE AN EGG-HEAD! (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  9. 9. YOUR TWITTER NAME AND PAGE Your Name and your Twitter “USER NAME” are two different things… Your Name can be your real name and/or the name of your group/band. Your “Username” needs to be something that is easily remembered and reflective of your group –this will become your “Twitter Name”… for instance, my public Twitter name is “@pisanojm”. The “@” signifies that you are specifying a Twitter user and is very significant in “Twitter lingo” and understanding this is the first step to becoming Twitter savvy. Set a related/cool background for your Twitter page: Settings  Design – Choose a built-in background or upload your own…Check out or aswell! (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  10. 10. CONNECTING TO FACEBOOKAs stated earlier, one of the most “fabulous” integrations built-in to Twitter is the direct connection with Facebook accounts. To access this feature, open  Settings  Profile. Then click on the “Post your Tweets to Facebook” button.I, however, like more control over what I post to Facebook from Twitter so I use the “Selective Tweets” Facebook App. This App allows me to choose which Twitter updates go to Facebook by entering the Twitter hashtag #fb in any Tweet I send out (more about hashtags in the next slide) . - Login to Facebook to get this App! (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  11. 11. TWITTER LINGOTwitter Lingo 101:• Twitter Name: @pisanojm or @”anything”• #”anything”: Hashtag –used to focus topic discussion example #musicedchat, #ff, #fb, #mpln, #musiced, #timejen12, etc.• “d” or “D” @anybody: Used to send a DIRECT, non-public, message - potential recipients must be following you in order to send a Direct Message (DM) to them… Note: you do not need the “@” sign: “d pisanojm” will work fine…• RT: Re-Tweet – commonly used to when you are re-tweeting somebody else’s message – Example: “RT @pisanojm Twitter is very cool!”• Follow, Follower, Following: All used to describe the association between Twitter users• 140 – The amount of characters you get to type in an update (one-forty) Twitter Help Center: (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  12. 12. ANATOMY OF TWITTER.COM (HOME) Home Button @ Discussions Button Discover Button Search Compose MessageCool TwitbacksCustom b-ground! Follower/Twitter Info Current Trends Tweets from those you are Settings/Profile following (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  13. 13. ANATOMY OF TWITTER.COM (@ CONNECT) Home Button @ Connect Button Discover Button Search Compose MessageCool TwitbacksCustom b-ground! Interactions (everything) @mentions only Tweets to you or Interactions about you Settings/Profile (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  14. 14. ANATOMY OF TWITTER (# DISCOVER) Home Button @Connect Button Discover Button Search Compose MessageCool TwitbacksCustom b-ground! Find People/Stories, etc. Find people/via Instantly find Twitter Users via Settings/Profile category your e-mail contacts… (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  15. 15. CREATING A TWEET/UPDATE–WHAT’S HAPPENING @mention ~ To send a direct Hashtags message use this format: d jamesfrankelType Update Here Close/Cancel Add Photo Add Location Character Limit (140) Tweet your Update (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  16. 16. VIEWING & INTERACTING WITH A TWEET Who From? Reply to User Re-Tweet this Tweet Favorite this TweetAvatar/Pictof Tweeter View View the Tweet as a Threaded Single Page with Conversation Information (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  17. 17. NOTIFICATIONS VIA TWITTERTwitter makes it easy to get notifications when different events happen to your account for tracking purposes (these are sent to you default twitter e-mail and you may change this e-mail address in the settings).1. When sent a Direct message2. When sent a reply or mentioned3. When followed by someone4. When Tweets are marked as favorites5. Various updates from Twitter  Settings Notifications (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  18. 18. CONNECTING TO LINKEDINIt is easy to get connected to your Linkedin account. Login in to Linkedin ( , then go to settings  profile choose “Manage your Twitter settings”: From here, connect your Twitter account and choose the various options  you may want to choose to specify which Tweets are integrated into your Linkedin updates by checking the “#li” option… (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  19. 19. USING GOOGLE PLUS (G+) WITH TWITTERWhile it’s not possible to send Tweets into G+ YET via Twitter, it is possible to use G+ to send updates out to Twitter (as well as other Social Media Outlets). One such source that I use is a Google Chrome/Firefox extension named SG Plus: Output to Output to Output to Facebook Twitter Linkedin (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  20. 20. GETTING JIGGY WITH TWIGGY (ERR. TWITTER) The Power of Hashtags: While you typically have to build your “followership” in order for anybody to “hear” you on Twitter; however, the strategic use of hashtags allows you to immediately get your message out and join in on relevant conversations. Using hashtags like #jazz, #newrelease, or #music will allow you to interface with people “watching” those tags. For instance #thingsIcantlivewithout was trending for the last four days… if you wanted to let people know about your latest or best album, you might try this as a tweet: My favorite #jazz #music albumDon’t be afraid to@mention someone you -follow with something that #thingsIcantlivewithoutmay be of interest to them(especially if they have a lotof followers) – they may justre-tweet you! (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  21. 21. ANALYTICS – HOW FAR IS YOUR REACH? Great Analytic Sites: | | (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  22. 22. TRACKING YOUR TWEETED makes it easy to track your tweeted links if you sign up for an account and shorten your tweeted links (or any other ones that want to track and post somewhere).BTW, URL-shorteners like have become widely popular because of the 140 character limit in Twitter.This also works great for QR code print materials… rather than put the direct link in a QR code, put a link and find out how many people are scanning your codes!Very cool indeed. (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  23. 23. POWER TWITTER MANAGINGFor incredible “power management” of yourTwitter “enterprise” there are a number ofexcellent clients to use that give you incrediblecommand and power over your Twitterexperience…I recommend (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  24. 24. MOBILE TWEETING - THE REAL POWER The ability to easily use Twitter with your mobile phone and/or smartphone is what really makes Twitter powerful and fast to use as a distribution network. OLD-SCHOOL PHONE INTEGRATION – OUT OF THE BOX:Set up your mobile (text)phone directly via yourTwitter account, then simplytext your message to 40404to post it directly to Twitter!  Settings  Mobile (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  25. 25. SMARTPHONE TWITTER APPS – WOW! These apps are “where it is at” as far as starting your mobile public relations deluge of information via your Twitter account. iPhone, Android, etc. There is simply no faster way get text, photos, and even video links to the world any faster...Droid: BlackBerry: iPhone/iPad:1. Seesmic 1. Seesmic 1. Echofon2. Tweetcaster 2. Tweetcaster 2. Tweetbot3. Twidroid 3. UberTwitter 3. Twitterrific4. Twitter (official) 4. Twitter (official) 4. Twitter (official) (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  27. 27. AARON LEE –TOP TEN REASONS FOR TWITTERAaron Lee’s Top 10 Reasons why your Business/Brand (BAND) Should Use Twitter ( Connecting with customers2. Branding3. Feedback4. Marketing5. News6. Promotions7. Viral Nature of Distribution8. Increase Sales9. Viewing Competition10. Loyalty …and it’s FREE to use!!! (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET
  28. 28. FIND ME EVERYWHERE ON THE WEBJoseph M. Pisano, Ph.D. (@pisanojm)•••••• … Just Google me! ;) …find this presentation! (C) 2012 JOSEPH M. PISANO/MUSTECH.NET