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Life insurance


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Life insurance

  1. 1. Gifting a lifetime gift:Share the moment ofhappiness throughoutyou lifetime.
  2. 2. Idea…  Educating people that insurance should not be purchased out of threat. It should be considered as a gift of lifetime. A gift that can be passed on to the generations to come. An insurance policy should bring in joy to the family.
  3. 3. ON SHELF…An empty shelf at the billing counter of allthe malls, grocery shop and at places withhigh footfall carrying the below message. Is Your purchase complete? Have you bought happiness !!! Drop in your card/ Fill in the form and we will Send you joy and happiness
  4. 4. Is Your purchase complete? Drop in your card/ Fill in the form and we will Send you joy and happiness The tagline should become the medium of communication Between people. Effective use of this tagline by different mediums like •Look Walkers •Billboards •Post-it in news papers •Radio
  5. 5. 360° DefinitionWhat’s included OOH Radio Press TV Direct Cinema Transport Digital/Online Mobile Events/ Telecoms Experiential Branding Marketing Associate LIFE INSURANCE Floor Graphics/Stickers Marketing Sponsorships CRM Programming/ Merchandising Placement PR, Word of Promotional Mouth Ambassadors Stands Ambient
  6. 6. Effective use of 360° mediumThe campaign is designed in a format that one after anotherPeople see Life Insurance selling happiness be it in the form of• A father buying happiness for his son when he growing up (e.g.Education policy).• A son buying happiness for his father when he is growing old. (e.g.Health policy)• A mother buying happiness for her daughter at the time of her marriage. (A policy instead of dowry.)
  7. 7. Thank you