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Brief elearning

  1. 1.
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  3. 3. Growing Tomato: From Seed to FruitVanda ProductionGrowing Banana in the Tropics: CulturalManagement for Banana ProductionVermicomposting: Turning Trash to CashIncreasing Corn Farm Productivity through theUse of Mechnization TechnologiesRubber: The Flowing “White Gold”Straw Mushroom Growing: A viableAgri-EnterpriseTreasure in Threads: Pina Fiber Processing
  4. 4. Organic Fertilizer for SustainableAgricultureAbaca Production (3 courses)Citrus Growing: A Promising EnterpriseFrom Seed to Seed: Online Course onCorn ProductionGrowing Bamboo for Profit and A HealthyEnvironmentGrowing Durian the Better WayJackfruit Production
  5. 5. Managing Common Diseases inBananaIntegrated Pest Management forBananaProduction of High Value Crops inGreenhouseSavoring the Green Brew: ArabicaCoffee ProductionYummy Yam: Ubi Production
  6. 6. Essentials of PigProductionGrow Pigs, be anEntrepreneur! ProfitabilityAnalysis of a PigEntrepriseBuild Assets ThroughGoats ( 6 courses )
  7. 7. To Fish or Not toFish: TilapiaFingerlingsProductionSeaweed Farming
  8. 8. Be a Change Agent, Learnthe Art of TrainingManagementChanging People’s Livesthrough Effective ExtensionDeliveryLika! Usap Tayo: EffectiveHuman Communication andHuman Relations
  9. 9. Working Together Works! AnOn-line Course onCommunity OrganizingBasic Agricultural MarketingExtension
  10. 10. “Ang inyong kaagapay sa usaping agrkultura”Tawag: 1-800-10-982-2474 (provincial toll-free) 0920-946-2474 ( for mobile calls)Text: 391-32 ( Smart and TnT subscribers) 0920-946-2474 (Globe, TM and Sun)E-mail:
  11. 11. “embrace change”