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Pirate kings game


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Pirate Kings Game #pirate_kings #pirate_king #pirate_kings_hack

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Pirate kings game

  1. 1. Pirate Kings Game There’s somethingsoothingly addictive about spinning a Pirate Kings wheel. That might be why this casual game, where your progress is pretty much dependent on your luck, has become a top grossing adventure game in 12 countries, and an overall top grossing app in two. Download now to battle your friends around the globe, discover beautiful and exotic islands, and sit on top of the worldwide leaderboard! Come, join us from all over the world… we’re building our empires! Win mountains of gold, battle against the empires of your Facebook friends, and build custom-themedislands. Come, join the millions of pirates from all over the world already building their empires! Players each control 1 ship, with which their aim is to gain control over the seas and other players, to win the game. To do so, they will have to capture islands, improve them, and find buried treasure. Made for 2 to 4 players, this Monopoly-like strategy game is finishedin 3 hours, for an average play. Spin The Wheel To Win Cash: Spin the wheel each day to win cash and bonuses! Unlock amazing new islands and interact with your friends! Select from hundreds of unique items to build dozens of new islands.
  2. 2. Then continue to discover the next, new exciting island on the map! Compete in battle against your Facebook friends in our Mingle Player experience. Defend, plunder, and conquer the seas. But be sure to keep your island protected so they don’t seek revenge! Pirate Kings is free-to-play, however you may find additional items which can be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Tags: Pirate Kings,pirate king,pirate kings hack,pirate kings game,pirate kings download Source: