Datamensional Business Intelligence and Data Services


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Basic Presentation of Datamensional's Business Intelligence Services

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Datamensional Business Intelligence and Data Services

  1. 1. Datamensional’s Business Intelligence and Data Services Streamlining Knowledge for the Small to Medium Business.
  2. 2. The Facts about Data • According to a survey done by Accenture: o 47% of managers don’t believe in their information. o 42% believe they have used the incorrect information once a week or more. o 59% overlook data they could have utilized to make an effective decision. (, 2009)
  3. 3. Technology & People Interface • Skilled Employees + Relevant data = Great Decisions o IT today offers more efficiency but more complex data o IT has helped automate many redundant tasks but . .  Disconnect exists today between people’s skills & data o Business Intelligence can help bridge that gap o Value in data exists only when people find insight in it o Great decisions help a company perform better
  4. 4. A.R.T. – Accurate, Relevant, Timely Data • Accurate meaning: o Trusted by employees and end users. • Relevant meaning: o Right amount of data. o Applies to Employee’s job role. o Employee understands it. • Timely meaning: o Can be accessed exactly when it’s needed. o Data reflects current situation as well as historical moments in time
  5. 5. Organizational Success through giving A.R.T. for employee decisions: Datamensional’s BI Solutions
  6. 6. Business Intelligence Solutions
  7. 7. End to End Business Intelligence Solutions Advanced Analytics DB (OLAP) Sales Data Accounting data Data Custom App Data Integration Data Process Warehouse Operations Data Web Tracking Data Description Data in your Moves data DB optimized for OLAP Engine used Dashboards, Advanced Analytics, Happy End User Company Reporting for quick and robust Reporting on the BI Server Analysis Example Product These are your Pentaho Data Integration Oracle Pentaho Analysis Pentaho User Console, Pentaho Report Effective Decision Maker data sources Designer, Pentaho Analyzer, Pentaho Dashboards
  8. 8. Dashboards • Self-service for your data needs is a highly effective way to get real-time data to your end-users • Get data from a variety of sources in one view • Instantly display details, charts, graphs or other material through your web browser • “Mash-up” several reports, analyses, charts or other web pages • Easily create controls and filters to manipulate your data instantly • Create dashboards for particular processes or commonly used analysis in your company
  9. 9. Ad- Hoc Dashboard using Pentaho Software
  10. 10. Reporting • Ad Hoc Reporting Sandbox for business users • Self-Service reports can reduce strain on IT for common requests • Users can slice and dice data with filters • Delivered in a variety of formats such as the web, email, PDF, or Excel
  11. 11. Reporting Example Example from Pentaho in Firefox Browser
  12. 12. Analysis Tools • For the business user that wants to identify trends quickly and easily • Create advanced analytical sandboxes for end users • You don’t need to be a technical guru to determine your own trends and drill down to information you need • Create powerful pivot tables within a matter of moments • Aggregate data or drill down to line detail data
  13. 13. Analysis Example Example from Pentaho in Firefox Browser
  14. 14. Build an Effective Datawarehouse with Data Integration
  15. 15. Data Integration Example from Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) • Develop a data warehouse easily • Streamline your data architecture • integration as well as others • Cut down on IT cost by reducing development time • Create integrated data with no coding • Drag and drop design for your IT staff instead of custom code
  16. 16. Let’s Get Started Today! • Contact us for a free analysis of your data and/or BI system. • Call us at 919-647-9202 • Email •