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Seminole Solutions Plan Presentation


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This presentation was done for my Management Information Systems class in my MBA program. My goal was to present IT solutions to a failing company in the supply chain and manufacturing industry in order to enable it to achieve greater data reporting and operations efficiency and to improve profitability.

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Seminole Solutions Plan Presentation

  1. 1. The Future of Seminole  Solutions for Competitive Advantage Prepared by Michael BrigginGolden Gate UniversityITM 225: SF1Term: Fall 2012
  2. 2. AGENDA Seminole Background Current Issues and Departments Affected › Most critical Issues › Addressing Minor Issues › Assessment of the Situation at Hand IT Solutions to Improve Seminole Recommendations › Hardware/Software Roll Out Plan & Next Step After Implementation › The planning process and applicable software training › What happens after roll out plan is completed. What next? Outcomes Sources
  3. 3. Background of SeminoleCompany: Respected producer of complex fittings forconstruction machinesIndustry: Supply Chain & ManufacturingHeadquarters: Silver Spring, MDHead Count: 1,000 employees (North America, SouthAmerica, Asia, and Europe)Advanced data center facilities
  4. 4. Current Issues and Departments AffectedMost Critical Issues:-->Operations Sluggish-->Outdated, older IBM System/370-168 series mainframe with a networkinfrastructure in place needs to be replaced and modified-->Data reporting methods are not streamlined and accommodating in order toassist management in meeting deadlines-->Company has fallen behind in competition compared to other players in thesupply chain & manufacturing industry-->Costs across operations within company have risen and are currently notsustainableAddressing Minor Issues:-->Cannot be done until most critical issued are addressed.Departments Affected:-->IT, Software Development, Sales, Administrative, Marketing, ManagementMajor Stakeholders: CEO, CFO, VP of Marketing, VP of Operations, Director ofInternational Development, Director of Domestic Development, Chairwoman of theBoardProposed Solution (according to stakeholders): To shake-up Seminole’soperations
  5. 5. IT Solutions to Improve Seminole*Updating Overall IT *Website and Web Infrastructure Outreach for Business and*Customer Marketing Purposes Relationship Management *Business Intelligence System for Data for Strengthening Reporting and Competitive Business Advantage in Development Deeper Understanding of*Security and Clients and
  6. 6. Updating Overall IT Infrastructure Using Cloud TechnologySolutions: Implement IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise IaaSAffects: Data Center(s), network, Internet connection, All DepartmentsReasons:o Less bulky IT infrastructureo Saves on energy costso Greater flexibility in storing data and expanding data storageo Significant upgrade in connection flexibility with DSL and Wi-Fi networkPoints of Emphasis:o Cloud storageo Virtual Desktopo Backup and Recoveryo Managed Cloud Securityo All give a greater deal of control over data and structure in Seminole operations.Companies/Organizations Which Technology is Adopted:o Sonus Networkso Bumbu Desa (Indonesian restaurant chain)o Newly Feds Foodso Ricoh Company Ltd. (global technology company)
  7. 7. Security and ProtectionSolutions: IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise IaaS, Norton Anti-Virus, SpybotAffects: Data Center(s), network, Internet connection, All DepartmentsReasons:IBM Smart Cloud o Recovery time for data is fast and painless. o Keeps data secure and stored in the event of power outages and backups , whether you chose to store data, internally or externally External data storage recommended in safe location in U.S., in the event of power outage, unusual data overflow or natural disaster. o Security coverage is intensive, ranging across the network, servers, virtual servers, mainframes, and endpoints.Norton Anti-Virus o Proactively monitors viruses, malware and other unnecessary computer or security bugs that are often overlooked and fixes the errors. o Real-time monitoring of activity within the network and within the U.S. domestically and internationally. o Automatic updates to software program without downloading manually. o Able to monitor computer CPU performance level in same anti-virus program.Spybot o Able to scan malware o Root Kits o iPhone data and other important computerized data for any risks o Fixes the problems promptly.Points of Emphasis o Greater flexibility to protect data in worst case scenarios o Less worry about computers and networks being affected by bugs o Greater protection for users in the long run as business increases in Seminole. o Cost reduction possible as much as 40%.Companies/Organizations Which Technology is Adopted:IBM Smart Cloud – Sonus NetworksNorton Anti-Virus – McVey & Hurricane (Mail Security Solution)Spyboy – Freeware program that’s been used by many users, personal and businesses
  8. 8. Customer Relationship Management System for Business Development and Data ReportingSolutions: o Salesforce Cloud applications (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Chatter) o Plug-in Rootstock Manufacturing & Supply Chain Applications for SalesforceAffects: Departments in Business Development & Sales, Marketing, Administrative, Executive Management, ITReasons:Salesforce Cloud applications o Cloud technology for data management and reporting is fast o Can contain unlimited amounts of data o Reports can be pulled up within seconds o Less infrastructure is required to support such applications.Rootstock Manufacturing & Supply Chain Application o Data via dashboards and reports is pulled up quickly as far as sales order management o Inventory control o Purchase order tracking o Standard cost accounting o All are addressed on a ERP platform that enhances the process using Salesforce.Points of Emphasis: o Data reporting is more efficient and managed in a timely manner. o Energy costs are also reduced significantly. o Whereas before data reporting was more sluggish, now it’s faster and quicker when you need it. o All departments applied to the license can utilize Salesforce. o Salesforce also is able to work on long-term supply chain and manufacturing solutions that can help data reporting o become more efficient in any medium for decision makers.Companies/Organizations Which Technology is Adopted:LivingSocial, Wells Fargo, GE, NBC Universal, Bayer, Fireclay Tile
  9. 9. Website and Web Outreach for Business and Marketing PurposesSolutions: New website, Contract web designers and developers using Rivera Partners services, Web hosting via Rackspace Cloud, Web conferencing using Lync Web Conferencing, Online and Social Media Outreach using Salesforce ChatterAffects: All departments at large, clients and customersReasons:New website: o Can contain unlimited amounts of data. o At least 65% of a company’s success is done by a client or customer viewing it’s website. o It needs to be present, searchable on the search engines. Yellow Pages alone are not enough.Rackspace Cloud o For the website of Seminole, the idea is to have the web host support it in a cloud technology environment. o Data from the website will also be preserved and protected proactively.Contract Web Designers & Developers o Initially there will be web designers and developers coming in on a contract basis o Outsourcing the recruiting efforts to Riviera Partners, a reputable technical recruiting agency that specializes in o finding top talent in the tech industry.Lync Web Conferencing o Web conferencing is enabled but is made more efficient through the process of e-mailing and instant messaging, in addition to regular phone lines. o Communication via web conferencing can be done inside or outside Seminole no matter the location (domestically or internationally).Salesforce Chatter o It’s important that while the website is a vital tool for Seminole’s survival, it alone cannot solve all the problems. o Proactive outreach to new and existing customers through Salesforce Chatter is a good way to go. o This applies to any kind of technology utilized, whether via cloud, social media, iPad or mobile technology.Points of Emphasis: o Website and Web Technology will help Seminole maintain and increase its presence in the manufacturing and supply chain industry. o Such technology has potential in furthering Seminole’s growth in the long run, not just the short run.Companies/Organizations Which Technology is Adopted:Backspace Cloud - Digital Reactor, Freshbooks, iBox SecurityRiviera Partners – Airbnb, Dropbox, Groupon, LinkedIn, PInterest, Twitter, ZendeskLync Web Conferencing – 013 Netvision (based in Israel), A.T. Kearney, Boeing, Dell Canada, Dow CorningSalesforce Chatter – BMC Software, Concur, Blackboard Inc.
  10. 10. Business Intelligence for Strengthening Competitive Advantage in Deeper Understanding of Clients and CustomersSolution: Implement Microstrategy’s Business Intelligence, Mobile Intelligence and Cloud Intelligence productsAffects: IT, Marketing and Business Development & Sales Departments, Executive ManagementReasons: Business Intelligence o Enables greater insight and depth into data, trends, and business forecasting opportunities. o This enables a perfect opportunity for Seminole to understand the client and customer base on a deeper level while enabling the business development and marketing departments greater leverage in developing ways of outreach to new and existing clients. Mobile Intelligence o Same process here as with the Business Intelligence product except there’s a a greater emphasis on business and communication being done in the mobile technology area. o Mobile campaigning and outreach is highly recommended for Seminole because more companies in industries across the board are using mobile technology as a key driver for business. Cloud Intelligence o Same process here as in the Business Intelligence and Mobile Intelligence products except there’s more focus on the cloud technology medium. o Considering most companies nowadays use Salesforce (and that more are using it by the week), a key driver for success is the cloud technology medium. o Reaching out to customers via the cloud computing technology is the next generation for many companies, especially sales organizations. o Understanding data at a deeper level with cloud intelligence gives more insight into how to conduct business development and marketing initiatives in the cloud computing medium. Points of Emphasis o Analytical intelligence products, as developed by Microstrategy, are an important tool for companies that want to remain competitive in the ever-changing, global economy. o Understanding the client and customer at all levels is important. Being proactive on this front is ideal.Companies/Organizations Which Technology is Adopted:Business Intelligence: GT Nexus, Lowe’s Companies, Hallmark Cards, Inc., eBayMobile Intelligence: eHarmony, Guess U.S.A., Sonic Automotive, Whole Foods MarketCloud Intelligence: Amgen, DeRoyal, Johnson & Johnson, Wintrust
  11. 11. •Secure backup of all data, confidential and vital information. •Replace old Mainframe and implement IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise IaaS. Upgrade Seminole data centers.PHASE I •Link up all servers and network wiring necessary •Set up workstations and notebook computers (no desktops) in cubicles •Train IT personnel on new IT implementations •Put server online, power up network infrastructure, connect computers •Restore data and information to Seminole’s data centers •Install and set up security implementations on computers and infrastructure •Run test scan to check for bugs and viruses and clean up any present.PHASE II •Install CRM Cloud Technology •Install and set up web technology and applications •Hire and train web designers and developers. Get test website up and running. •Install Salesforce intelligence (Business, Mobile, Cloud) programs •Executive regular training sessions with all staff across the board (in all officePHASE III locations) on new software •Gather any reports of problems and address with vendors to fix problems right away •Officially launch Seminole website •Provide IT department with websites and phone numbers of all vendors
  12. 12. End Result Significantly Improved Operations Faster and more efficient data reporting Greater likelihood of Competitive Advantage Stronger flexibility for decision making More capabilities of attracting new customers and retaining existing customers Greater control over costs Management more able to think of ways to increase revenue
  13. 13. References1)’the-manufacturing-suite’-on-’s-platform/#more-431/7) conferencing&tablD=1&itemID=5/10)