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Resolution Credentials Presentation Media

  1. 1. Resolution Interiors
  2. 2. Starting life in Somerset back in 1999, we have supplied some of the largest retailers with fixtures, interiors, and merchandising solutions. Over 12 years we have expanded our services to include a comprehensive package that can adapt to your needs. We understand that projects of all sizes are often dictated by budget or time restrictions, and it seems more important than ever to deliver a service that is tailor made for you. Working with us you can expect an up front and straightforward group of people. We will give you a service that keeps you involved through every aspect of the project, and we like to maintain the relationship long after the project is finished.About Us
  3. 3. Based on our honest and open attitude with our clients, we havebuilt strong and long standing relationships.We are specialists in providing design solutions and fit outs forenvironments in the retail, commercial and leisure sectors.Our Clients
  4. 4. We produce full design packages in house, as well as workingwith designers on the delivery of an idea.From concept through to development, we are able to drawupon our extensive knowledge of the retail industry, whilst alsoconsidering cost and value aspects which can make a designworthwhile.We acknowledge the importance of branding, and therelationship between brand and consumer. Each design ismade with the knowledge and confidence that we can see itthrough to fit-out.●Customer experience●Brand communication●Artwork●2D/3D visualisation●Materials/sourcingConcept Design
  5. 5. Our design package can cover every aspect of the projectdemands. We have a team of product and technical designerswho have extensive knowledge of materials and constructionto help design the best in-store fixtures & fittings to suit anybudget or timescale.As well as designing, our team can provide practical solutionsto retail problems. Take Pret a Manger for example. Theycame to us looking for a solution to a queuing problem and thesubject of recycling. We were more than up for the challenge.• technical detailing• research and development• material specification• supply considerationProduct Design
  6. 6. Whether its planning and advertising consent or dealing withapprovals from centre management; our experience in thisprocess can make your life easier and reduce the pressureat the early stages. Why? We understand the language theyspeak, what they want and how they want it.●Landlord liaison●Dilapidations/building reports●Local authority planning●Centre management approvals●Building and interior construction designArchitectural Design
  7. 7. Our in house technical design team work and liaise with specialist servicecontractors to create a comprehensive set of construction drawings.●Site survey●DDA●Building control●Integrated drawing packages●Plan layout●M&E/ lighting layoutTechnical Drawing
  8. 8. Our dedicated project managers will take on all aspects of management from ensuring H&Srequirements are met to attending site meetings and managing multi skilled trade teamsthroughout the design and build process.●CDM regulations●Multi skilled fit-out teams●Rapid re-furb and build●Fixture installation●Programme management●Multiple site rollout●Health and safety/asbestos●Fixture installationMain Contracting & Installation
  9. 9. We understand merchandising systems and we also take the time to understand your product andhow best to display it in an attractive form to your customers. Our knowledge and expertise allowsus to generate ideas to meet your previously unfulfilled requirements. We can offer basic shelvingto bespoke solutions, integrating a large range of materials: plastics, metals, joinery and glass, wecan offer a solution to suit any project.We understand merchandising solutions from:●Shelving●Gondolas + mid floor displays●Racking●Cash desks and countersFixtures and Fittings
  10. 10. Whether its ecological or economical solutions, we like to stay up to date with new developments.We can help to significantly reduce energy costs, as well as using products that are more efficientover time and acknowledging our effect on the environment.●Lighting to reduce energy bills●Material selection●Packaging consideration●RecyclingEnvironment
  11. 11. Bespoke merchandising solutions CAD Visualisation Our relationship with Virgin began 10 years ago when Virgin Mobile was launched throughout Virgin Megastores and Ourprice outlets - We made our mark with them by accepting a crazy challenge to install a mobile phone point of purchase unit and install it into 200 stores across the UK in 2 weeks. Our can do attitude set the tone and theme as a preferred supplier for the next 10 years - we have partnered and supported them in their transition to one of the UK’s leading entertainment and communications companies. Our dedicated teams handle all of their stand alone builds as main contractor, which includes the management of building and planning issues, creation of design packages for each new store, full interior fit out and manufacture and installation of all interior furniture elements. Shop fronts Bespoke lounge areaVirgin Media
  12. 12. Shop fronts GondolasWe have worked with Molton Brown for the last 3 years andhave become one of their trusted suppliers and partners inthe delivery of their shop-fit programme. Working alongsidetheir project management team, our involvement begins atthe early stages of the job – scoping and detailing the unitsto be fitted out as well as manufacturing of all of the retaildisplay equipment and furniture in store. We have enabledMolton Brown to open in many of the UK’s largest and wellknown shopping centre’s including Bristol’s Cabot Circus,Manchester Trafford Centre and Sheffield’s Meadowhall. Merchandising Cash desks Bespoke solutionsMolton Brown
  13. 13. Trade Plus Screwfix Direct are a leading mail order compa- ny that we have worked with for the last 7 years, during which time we have built a strong relationship through-out our involved works with them. Their current Trade counter format, of which there are now 161 was designed by our in house teams and has been refined to the slick model it is Catalogue stands today, ensuring that Screwfix quickly became the UK’s largest and most successful direct suppliers of trade tools, accessories and hardware products. Our latest projects with them include Trade Plus, Electricfix; Plumbfix as well as having designed a standalone work wear format - Geared Up, of which Gondolas a concession is being installed into every outlet.Screwfix Merchandising
  14. 14. Concept design Completion Screwfix has always been a distributer of heavy duty workwear brands such as Dickies, Cat & Scruffs under the sub-brand Geared Up. Geared Up lacked the same sense of identity and fashion focus of the named brands who effectively bridge the gap between work & leisure wear. Our job was to inject Geared up with personality and create a destination concession alongside Screwfix trade counters to entice the now more style conscious builder to buy into their favourite work wear brands. We designed a retail interiors concept taking inspiration from the world of construction. Our vision was to strip back the interior space and create a rugged textural background to house merchandising units made of raw materials such as rough timber frames, palette crates & scaffolding. We injected a blokey tone of voice and light sense of humour through strong graphics and innovative merchandising solutions, such as a porta cabin come changing room.The first Geared Up concession was installed in a warehouse shell, and built within just 2 weeks. Product design Project Management CAD VisualisationGeared Up
  15. 15. Installation Store PanaramaOur latest retail success case study and newest addition toour portfolio. Our challenge was to take the Watersmith imageonly previously known in catalogue and exemplify the qualityof the product and service whilst ensuring we were satisfyingthe needs of both the tradesman and the retail customer. Thetransformation of the warehouse shell through a design andbuild process took 16 weeks. The showroom interior offersinspiration and engagement whilst demonstrating asimple and understandable communication of range, allowing apurchasing journey for both trade and retail customer. ‘Theshowroom looks great, well done to all the team and the best of CAD visualisationluck with the launch.’Dave Lowther, Screwfix Operations Director Elevation visualsWatersmith Layout plans
  16. 16. CAD visualisation Working with the retail team at Prêt, we have designed a number of in store merchandising units that will enable their stores to sell a wider range of products and increase sales on existing lines. We carefully picked materials that are suitable and durable for use within the food and drink environment and also commensurate with cost budgets for each project. Bespoke merchandising solutionsPret A Manger Bespoke queue management solution
  17. 17. Following a recent rebrand and relocation within theEuston Tower, Resolution Interiors were invited todesign and install the new offices for Faithful & Gould.The client was seeking to more effectively utilise theirspace through a flexi desk arrangement integratingbreak-out areas and meeting spaces. The company hasa young, professional and exciting image which wemirrored in the design, creating a fusion of recycled andnatural elements along side futuristic forms. CAD Visualisation Break out areaFaithful & Gould
  18. 18. DS Smith Paper is the largest manufacturer and recycler of paper in the UK.Their plant in Kemsley, Sittingbourne, Kent has now become the head-officefor the company with mills and offices in another 3 locations in the UK. Dueto the management teams move to Kemsley, it was recognized that themeeting rooms, board rooms, kitchen, toilets and staircase and walkwayswere in need of a re-vamp. With more and more customers attending the site,it was vital to give the right impression first time. We pitched for the work witha design that addressed the need to inject the corporate feel at the correctlevel and ensured the rooms were still practical yet modern. We won the workand the 7 week programme has now been completed on time and budget. CAD Visualisation Tailor-made joinery solutions D S Smith Paper (formerly St Regis)
  19. 19. Unique light fixtures Foot Asylum is a retailer with an individual personality and a passion for trainers, where the philosophy about footwear is its being a part of your lifestyle not a standard piece of clothing. The interior of this shop-fit reflected the very nature of those values – a bespoke design flocked wall paper, lime green wall corbels, woven rugs and a display system that features varying styles of timber shelves, padded cushions and gilt frames. Working closely with the designers, we developed the concept designs producing prototypes and samples before delivering the full shop fit package for 4 stores. Capturing the brand Bespoke changing rooms Innovative merchandisingFoot Asylum
  20. 20. This successful Irish retailer has more recently made its move on the UKmarket where we were asked to tender for the supply of all joinery andmetal items. In a competitive tender which included the presentation ofprototypes in Ireland, we were eleced as their preferred supplier of all oftheir in store merchandising systems and furniture. We have fitted out4 shops and are now discussing managing the shop fit of two of theirstores in Ireland this Summer. Unique displays Feature lightingA Wear
  21. 21. Cash desks CIH (Euronics), Europe’s largest electrical buying group wanted to offer their members a new corporate image that shouted multiple retailer in what is one of the largest group of independant retailers. We took on the challenge of designing a new retail environment and making it a reality. We have successfully refurbished over 20 stores to date Signage and continue to work hard at planning, manufacturing and installing new retail interiors for Euronics members. Bespoke store furnitureEuronics
  22. 22. Having been successful in the tendering of the equipment, we were chosen to partnerJohn Deere in their delivery of their John Deere place – a showroom concept thatenables dealers to expand their retail opportunity across the parts and servicingbusiness as well as gifts, toys and merchandise. We provide a full service to JohnDeere dealers by meeting and understanding their requirements, surveying the spaceand then presenting layouts and design with a price to supply and install. We havedelivered the concept to 25 dealers so far and continue our relationship with thedealers and management on the programme. Goldolas Exterior signageJohn Deere
  23. 23. Bents Garden & Home based in Warrington is a “complete gardening, home and leisureexperience” - This family run business has a reputation for quality, experience andinnovation which has earnt itself the GCA Garden centre of the year 2009 and2010. We have been working with Bents for 5 years during which time we haveacted as designer and shop fitter, delivering solutions for their Sundries and Gardenproducts department, Adults and Children’s clothing, Kitchen and Floristry areas. Bespoke merchandising solutions Fixtures & FittingsBents
  24. 24. Hand rendered visualisationsAbbey Pharmacy has, for decades, served the people ofSherborne with their unique personal service dispensingmedicines and retailing perfumes and cosmetics. Undernew ownership the business has reinvigorated itself, visuallyseparating the perfumery from the chemist. RI designed,drew, manufactured and installed the new Abbey Pharmacyto great effect, not only winning favour with the town but thelarge cosmetics brands. Bespoke merchandising solutions Brand liaisonAbbey Pharmacy
  25. 25. Budgens has been a community retailer for over 125 years and today has over180 stores in the UK, from convenience stores and petrol forecourts to largesupermarkets. The Budgens brand is owned by The Musgrave Group,Ireland’s largest food and grocery distributor, with whom we work for exten-sively in Ireland. Budgens stores are owned by independent retailers, whowork in partnership with Musgraves. Having become a nominated supplier toMusgraves, we become available to all of the independent owners wishing tocarry out re-fits or open new stores – keeping the format to one that has beenproved and working on behalf of a larger group, ensures the fit out meets thebudget of the owners and expectations of The Musgrave group. Refridgerated merchandising SignageBudgens
  26. 26. Black Friars Distillery is the workinghome of Plymouth Gin since 1793. Itis the oldest working gin distillery inEngland and is situated in the heartof the historic port city of Plymouth.Last year we were approached by thedesign agency working with PlymouthGin to work with them in developingtheir concept for the new tasting andmaking gin experience. Providing theunitary and furniture in these areasincluding the refectory cocktaillounge.Plymouth Gin
  27. 27. Resolution teamed up with Strip on their newest boutique in London’s One New Change. Strip is a chic waxing boutique who work on the philosophy of putting fun back into waxing with Waxing room indulgent treatment rooms complete with olive, chocolate and SoBerry waxes. With a celebrity following of Victoria Beckham, Emily Blunt and Emila Fox we were more than happy to assist on Strip’s newest fit out. Working alongside Strip’s designer we helped to realise their vision for the city centre boutique, developing their n-store displays and merchandising units including the cash desk and service areas, we acheived all this by fast tracking the project and fitting out the retail shop in just two days. Bespoke wallpaper Shop front Specialist merchandising solutionsStrip
  28. 28. Contact Us... Pippa SaundersNew Business Development Manager +44 (0)1935 422700 +44 (0) 7876 391502 George Smith Way Lufton 2000 Business Park Yeovil Somerset BA22 8QR Visit our website...