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Playing nicely-with-other-plugins

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Playing nicely-with-other-plugins

  1. 1. playing nicely with other plugins being a good citizen in the plugin development world Pippin Williamson @pippinsplugins
  2. 2. some goals
  3. 3. we want to write plugins that work even in environments “polluted” by other plugins
  4. 4. we want to avoid support tickets “your plugin broke when I installed this other plugin”
  5. 5. we want to be nice to other developers *or we should want to be nice*
  6. 6. we want to be liked by other developers no one likes it when other developers break their plugins let’s try to avoid being the ones responsible
  7. 7. we want to create a cohesive environment plugins running nicely with other plugins is awesome
  8. 8. we want to be good citizens
  9. 9. don’t be that person “ain’t my problem!”
  10. 10. it is always our problem a problem for the users is a problem for the developer
  11. 11. we help others by helping ourselves eliminating a conflict with plugin Y prevents X support tickets for both parties
  12. 12. tips
  13. 13. never assume a clean environment test on sites with dozens or hundreds of plugins installed
  14. 14. use classes and IDs in your CSS form input { display: none; } that’s just not nice
  15. 15. be careful when filtering content the the_content filter is awesome and oh so dangerous
  16. 16. check if libraries are loaded loading Stripe’s API twice isn’t pretty
  17. 17. don’t take over all the queries! pre_get_posts is the key master it can break everything
  18. 18. don’t arbitrarily change actions or filters backwards compatibility matters don’t break your extensions and/or themes
  19. 19. be careful with form submissions always use input names or nonces to detect your own form submissions
  20. 20. notices can break ajax requests be a good citizen and use isset() and empty()
  21. 21. for the love of all that is holy never load your own jQuery or other scripts included in WP core
  22. 22. conditionally load JS
  23. 23. conditionally load CSS
  24. 24. be careful with post type names “book” may not be the best option, but “product” might
  25. 25. be careful with option names and meta_keys having settings conflict between two plugins is no fun
  26. 26. be careful with list table column names naming a column “user” can easily be overwritten in another plugin with one called “user”
  27. 27. - - ————
  28. 28. encourage others to be good citizens reward developers for finding conflicts be courteous when developers report conflicts
  29. 29. encourage others to be good citizens do not always assume YOU are right every developer screws up
  30. 30. encourage others to be good citizens take the high road and be willing to help resolve issues even if they aren’t in your code
  31. 31. be nice find a conflict, report it appropriately never black list a plugin immediately
  32. 32. be nice find a security flaw, report it confidentially don’t yell and scream how plugin X is insecure
  33. 33. treat others how you wish to be treated it was true before code and it is still true with code
  34. 34. ask me anything seriously, anything