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this power point explains about noun

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  1. 1. Created by Yulvita Trisna Hardini 5B English Education Study Program
  2. 2. A noun is a word that names a: •person •place •thing •idea
  3. 3. Proper Noun Happy Valley A noun that names Church Timmy a specific: •person Mr. Gatti’s Pizza •place •thing •idea Newton’s Theory of Gravity
  4. 4. Common Noun A noun that names any: •person •place •thing •idea
  5. 5. Proper and Common Nouns: Name a specific: •person •place •thing •idea Common Proper Table Brisbane Bayside College Desk Australia Girl Queensland Dog Brisbane
  6. 6. Singular Noun A noun that names This job could be dangerous! one: •person •place •thing •idea
  7. 7. Plural Noun A noun that names more than one: •person •place •thing •idea
  8. 8. Collective Noun A noun that names a group of: •people •Things •Eg, team, class, committee
  9. 9. Possessive Noun A noun that shows ownership or possession. Kyle’s report card.
  10. 10. Collective Nouns name a group of people or things: Possessive Nouns shows ownership or possession: Committee Class team Kyle’s book Tina’s room Jake’s ball