Peer Coaching at Blairmount Public School, NSW


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A Pechakucha Presentation by Monique Brown from Blairmount Public School about her Peer Coaching Journey. Monique is a Highly Accomplished Teacher.

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  • Talk about what a PK is: 20 slides for 20 secs each
  • Define: HAT~ Highly accomplished teacherSynopsis:All low SES hats were invited to be trained in the Microsoft Peer-Coaching program…I initially started with 4 kindergarten teachers. Now on my second cycle, I have targeted a further 3…
  • Peer coaching is the cycle of bringing about change ~ & in the context of a school, it is about working together to bring about the change in pedagogy which will ultimately impact on student achievement….set a goal decide what it is that your professional peer wants to change and skills that they want to developIt’s the preparation of the lesson- knowing your content, and what you want to achieve in the lessonPutting the ideas into placeIts about meeting to reflect on what has been achieved in the lessonAnd the continual assessment of the changes taking place…
  • There were many meetings and discussions that took place and plans formed and then re formed.It was choosing who to work with, to bring about successIt was choosing an area of the curriculum that would allow for change with minimal blocking from staff membersIt was ultimately about teacher practice and ensuring that quality instruction took place and that it impacted positively on student achievement
  • Once the teacher were chosen we met 1:1 to decide where the journey would lead.It was using the questioning techniques to empower my professional peers and to guide themdown the path of changeEach teacher chose an area of the curriculum they wanted to develop from assessment, to numeracy, to writing…The challenge for me as the coach as how to introduce ICT into the mix…
  • Describe wows and wonders…Here are the wows I’ve celebrated on my peer coaching journey…
  • My first wow was to help 1 NST teacher who wanted to develop a better way of knowing exactly where her students sat on the continuum.Through the PC process, we changed the way she taught numeracy, by introducing group work so that she could target a small group of students through a series of rotational activities and track them against the standards outlined on the best start numeracy continuum using her ipad and the Type On PDF app.This year all kindy and kindy support staff have purchased their own Ipads so that they can track their students…
  • Photo story & recount writing
  • Smartnotebook and numeracy kellySimple for some teachers and is happening a lot, but for this teacher, they had
  • Rani- emailing to tie in with al book and letters to santa that the character was writingCHECK AUTHOR AND ADD IT…and as we started out with inquisitive questions, we then got a little bolder with how we addressed the recipient
  • Success in the peer coaching trial showed that with perseverance, the roadblocks were knocked down and that technology could be integrated into various aspects of the curriculumledto a whole school peer coaching plan in ICT~
  • We saw success and the momentum was beginning to build as people were excited to see what kindy could achieve in such a short space of time. We were using technology to create not just to play or as entertainment… Kindergarten were using the internet to communicate, creating digital stories, interacting with the the IWB which engaged them and promoted discussion between them…
  • SO we came up with a plan… support as many teachers as possible by empowering them by giving them the skills to empower others…. And meet with me in their RFF where I use the peer coaching techniques to help plan the path of change
  • We started small and I coached them through a web tool of their choice….We met and discussed, planned, implemented and then assessed our progress on a weekly basis…it took time and effort…It was about being on top of my game to make sure that we met and that we stayed on track and that the teachers lessons were well planned and prepared
  • Wow- Developing the confidence in the teacher to help them deliver quality lessons using ICT2 classes using web 2:0 tools: glog, tagxedo, answergarden, podcasting etc to create glog- interactive posters…to develop Literacy, Visual Arts, HSIE and working mathematically skills
  • One class using Blog ed to develop their persuasive writing skills by posting their ideas and then responding to their peers opinions
  • Term 2~ I pick up 4 new teachers, and support the three I have helped to pass on their skills through the same process
  • Long term change will happen through up-skilling the teachers and allowing them to become an expert and pass on their skills to a professional peer through replicating the processWith planning meetings and in class support= sustainability in being embedded in to a culture of change
  • Benefits of peer coaching means you done have to be an expert in the area of pedagogy that is changing and evolvingIt is using the questioning techniques to hand ownership to teacher you are coaching to empower them
  • It s about overcoming the roadblocks and sharing the successes on the journey to providing quality educational experiences to our students
  • Peer Coaching at Blairmount Public School, NSW

    1. 1. My Peer Coaching Journey All photos are courtesy of
    2. 2. This is the story of ones H.A.Ts journey to changing the way ICT is viewed in just one SWSR school…
    3. 3. It was about bracing the hard hat and knuckling downfor the change that was going to take place….
    4. 4. It was about trying to see the big picture … & what would work within the context of my school.
    5. 5. The biggest challenge is deciding where to begin…
    6. 6. WOWs & Wonders…The the questioning techniques and the celebration of success is used to drive future change…
    7. 7. Student Quote: “My teachers knows I do well, because I read it through her brain”Using Ipads to track student achievement with Best Start
    8. 8. Student Quote: “I don’t need help- I know it already”Using “PHOTOSTORY” for digitalstorytelling, to improve our recountwriting…
    9. 9. Student Quote: “My teacher knows I do well because she gets a look on her face” Using SMART Notebook software as a reading rotation activity …
    10. 10. Supporting literacy through ~This reflected the behaviours of the characters in the book “Dear Santa”.
    11. 11. Roadblocks were knock down as both students and teachersviewed technology with new eyes….
    12. 12. As we celebrated success….. we then looked to the future!
    13. 13. SUSTAINABILITYMaking change it last????
    14. 14. …and sometimes I felt like a witch as we collaborated and created engaging andinnovative learning experiences.
    15. 15. Using a combination of Web 2:0 tools to inspire learning…
    16. 16. “The ability to contribute, through posting content and commentsto the web, it gives youth a vision of their ability to add to theaccumulated knowledge and understanding of the world.”
    17. 17. While I was creating “magic”, I was also training up mini HATs to ensure sustainability…
    18. 18. It is about asking the right questions to guideteachers down the path of success… …which was often exhausting!!!
    19. 19. Celebrate the successes with all the staff… All photos were courtesy of: