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Aqua Life Presentation - Jakarta, Indonesia


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Presentation by AQUA Life at the Polish Business Club gathering in November 2017. AQUA Life is providing revolutionary technology to ensure the ease of modularized water desalination.

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Aqua Life Presentation - Jakarta, Indonesia

  2. 2. Water Distribution on the Earth Low Water Stress Moderate Water Stress Moderate Water Stress Economic Water Stress No Water Stress
  3. 3. Water desalination system
  4. 4. Axial-piston pump with an integrated energy recovery exchanger (recuperator)
  5. 5. Axial-piston pump with an integrated energy recovery exchanger (recuperator)
  6. 6. OUR PORTOFOLIO Unique design Modular flexible system Every RO modules can work independently or together “LEGO BOX CONCEPT” Extreme compactness in relation to high productivity
  7. 7. NEW STANDARDS IN REVERSE OSMOSIS DESALINATION TECHNOLOGY Key Advantages (Point Of Difference) No external high pressure tubes No internal pipes or high pressure connections Extreme compactness & save construction Low investment & maintenance cost Simplicity in assembling and servicing
  8. 8. Energy consumption up to 65% lower in comparison to traditional RO system Efficiently of energy recovery exceeding 95% ENERGY CONSUPTION Aqua-Life Electric energy consumption: 2.6 – 3.2 kWh/m³ Competitors Electric energy consumption: 8.7 – 13.3 kWh/m³
  9. 9. Commissioning November 2016 DESALINATION PLANT FOR MALAYSIA Our References
  10. 10. DESALINATION PLANT FOR UNITED KINGDOM s Brackish water plant 25m³/hour Works in the horticulture company in England Commissioning May 2016 Our References
  11. 11. New Developments Desalination plant with power solar energy Solar Energy
  12. 12. NEW DEVELOPMENTS Water makers for ships Compact Suitable for water from 5 Celsjus Capacity 10-20m3 Sold so far in Russia only Plant equipped with additional high pressure pump and membran for rapid service market Focus - ships
  13. 13. NEW DEVELOPMENTS Seawater desalination with integrated pre-filtration system Pre filtration 20 and 5 mq Containerized in small containers Automatic valves – own design Suitable to add ultrafiltration Capacity – modular 25 & 50m3/day First offcial presentation on Aquatech exhibition in Amsterdam 31.10-3.11.2107
  14. 14. NEW DEVELOPMENTS Brakish water desalination with brine recycling system High recovery % - up to 95% Containerized With water pre - filtration Capacity – modular from 30m3/day and up Suitable to transport on trailer Suitable for places where every drop counts
  15. 15. NEW DEVELOPMENTS High pressure pumps 3,10,24 m3 Status: • 3m3 – in production • 10m3 – design completed • 24m3 – prototype made, improvements needed Aim to offer to engineering companies whco use HP pumps and ERD seperatelly
  16. 16. We are present in… 26 Distributors in 57 countries worldwide