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  1. 1. Cowork - but „why?” Why we cowork Based on Global Coworking Survey, own PhD data, Global Creativity Index
  2. 2. Deskmag’s Coworking Survey This is the 5th (since 2007) global survey. Number of Coworking spaces and coworkers at least doubles every Two years
  3. 3. Basic Coworker’s Needs 70% of Coworkers are feeling Strongly or VERY Strongly, as a part of their Coworking community. TOP 3 expectation regarding other coworkers are of social nature – NOT business.
  4. 4. Coworker’s Model of Work Number of coworkers working alone, dropped SIGNIFICANT RISE in number of people coming to coworking space at least 3 times a week 51%  73% (44% work EVERY DAY) Almost 1/3 works at individual workplace (no hot- desks)
  5. 5. Coworking Space Operators
  6. 6. Coworking space age / type 2/3 of the coworking spaces are located in the building which is over 21 years old Over 50% are commercial venues 82% coworking spaces LEASE the location Avg. lease term is 54 months
  7. 7. Global Creativity Index Compared to GDP per capita Correlation by 3Ts
  8. 8. Global Creativity Index Correlations by 3Ts Compared with Entrepreneur Index
  9. 9. Piotr’s Survey 59,2% Coworkers are over 30 yrs old 89,5% Coworkes have at least Bachelors degree in education (including Post Grad, MBA and PhD = 27,9%) How does coworker look like
  10. 10. Piotr’s Survey Most of the coworkers see their peers as IT/ Technology / Programming field professionals Where as most of the coworkers consider themselves as working for “other” and marketing industry Where do coworkers work
  11. 11. Piotr’s Survey Strangely (?) Coworkers see themselves as Entrepreneurs, Freelancers or Employees They see their peers similar, but more as Startups then Employees How do coworker work
  12. 12. Piotr’s Survey Besides productivitycoworkers take advantage of the coworking spaces for their social and/or psychological wellbeing, such as; better, higher, more: What is the value of coworking for coworkers Happiness Friends Creativity Work-Life Balance
  13. 13. Piotr’s SurveyCode Co-Occurrence What DO YOU LIKE/ Change in the style of Work
  14. 14. Piotr’s Survey Lookin at Code Co-Occurance Model: LIKED THE MOST about coworking space BIGGEST change in style of working since started coworking Related with Coworkers Social Network Buisness Advisory Code Matrix for Productivity VS Creativity
  15. 15. Piotr’s Survey Lookin at Code Co- Occurance Model for Productivity: LIKED THE MOST about coworking space BIGGEST change in style of working since started coworking Related with Coworkers Associated with Creativity Code Matrix for Productivity
  16. 16. Piotr’s Survey Lookin at Code Co-Occurance Model for Creativity: NOT LIKED about coworking space And LIKED about coworking space BIGGEST change in style of working since started coworking Associated with productivity Related with Coworkers, Work Satisfaction, Social Network, Buisness Advisory Nice PATCH of practical stuff: Work-Life Balance, Coffee, Close to Home, Company Address Code Matrix for Creativity
  17. 17. About me In 2012 opened 10th coworking space in Warsaw ClockWork (today there is 90). Gained experience in coworking space brand building, client relations, social/business network based on freelancers society, startups and VCs Runs Warsaw Chapter of Founder Institute, pre-accelerator creating global startups. Co-organizer of Warsaw Startup Safary. Co-organizer of NewFinance Warsaw - FinTech. Worked for corporations, ass well as startups. Sociologist at Universuty of Warsaw, Pos-graduate: Quality Process Management and Executive MBA at INE PAN, potential PhD at Coworking in PAN / SGH.
  18. 18. Contact +48 602 650 123 @PiotrBoulangeé-02a9112b