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The google penguin update


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Its all about Google's new Algorithm, that is web spam update named as Penguin Update.
The google penguin update

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The google penguin update

  1. 1. The Google Penguin Update
  2. 2. The Google Penguin UpdateEvery one must be aware of the GooglePanda update that was created last year,and was a major shift in the sites that rankedwell on the google search page results andsome did not. And now google comes upwith a new update called as the GooglePenguin Update that at times makes uswonder and think what is it with this cute littleanimal name. April 24th a day to beremembered that led to the creation of thePenguin update, considering it as an attackby the google search team. damage than thePanda update. With the present updatemade, Google makes it clear that it will nottolerate any form of SEO that is not 100%white hat.
  3. 3. The Google Penguin UpdateAlthough google claims that only 3.1% of thesearch queries were affected, many stillbelieved that the present update made bygoogle has caused moreCall it black, grey, blue or pink it all comesdown to say the same thing when it comes togoogle manipulation. Many business ownerswho were hit by this update are asking I lostmy business??? What now??? And theanswer given to this was : NOT necessary. Ifyou fix the underlying issues that are causingproblems, there is a good chance that yourwebsite will pop back into the rankings whenthe next update is rolled out.
  4. 4. The Google Penguin UpdateIf you here are relying entirely on Google toprovide you traffic then you have flawed yourbusiness model. Putting all the eggs in thesame basket can cause a damage to it.Depending on the content that you arewriting, there are several sources that wouldhelp you get in traffic and bring back therankings to your website. Email Marketingand Social Media are the best examples forthese where you will not only increase yourover all web traffic but will also ensure thatthe future google updates are a rewardingone and not a penalizing one. All whatmatters is the content. If you write well youwill rank well.