Sales and Marketing Are The Two Faces of the Same Coin


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Ever wondered why Sales and Marketing teams in your organization seem to be out of sync with each other?

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Sales and Marketing Are The Two Faces of the Same Coin

  1. 1. How to Get Sales andMarketing to Tango Together
  2. 2. Ever wondered why Sales and Marketing teamsin your organization seem to be out of sync witheach other?Well, blame it on mis communication. Two teamscan’t work together if they work towards differenttargets. Though both the teams want to achievethe ultimate business goal of increasing revenue,there are differences in the individual strategiesand style of execution. Most often, individualteams take decisions based on just their domain,which hampers the performance of both theteams and creates a communication gap. This canbe avoided, if managers of both teams takedecisions based on the end-to-end process.With the changing buying process cycle, there is aneed for marketers to change the way theymarket their products/services. Marketers need toknow more about their prospects and their needs.Based on these factors, organizations should aligntheir Sales and Marketing teams.
  3. 3. Traditionally, Marketing team’s role was set tomanage and develop the brand and induceinterest. While the Sales team played a major rolein educating prospects about products andcommunicating with them. However, these days,customers tend to do a lot of research and bankon information provided by marketing team onwebsites, marketing collaterals, brochures,testimonials, etc. Prospects are already educatedabout services and products, well before theyenter the sales funnel. This has completelychanged the traditional processes followed bySales and Marketing teams, as it demands for abetter communication and coordination betweenthem.
  4. 4. Here are few tips that can bridge thecommunication gap between the Sales andMarketing teams for better coordinationModification of Revenue Cycle: Bring in aprocess, which defines steps right from meetingthe prospect through closing the deal andcontinues on to building stronger relationshipswith customers. Both teams should have a clearunderstanding of the process in place, so thateveryone knows what the other team is doing.Develop a Common Vocabulary: A commonvocabulary makes communication between theteams easy. They should have common definitionsfor mandatory or commonly used terms.
  5. 5. Closed Loop Reporting System: This systemcan streamline lead-generation efforts, as well asfilter sales qualified leads from others, providedan automated CRM system is in place. Thissystem should be accessible to both the teams sothat communication becomes easy; Marketingteam can get information on quality of leads fromsales team and the Sales can give scores to leadsbased on the quality.Foster Respect and Trust: Inculcate the habitof celebrating small wins and working together toavoid losing deals. This can bring the teamscloser and build confidence in one another. Asense of harmony, shared vision, common goalscan bring two teams together
  6. 6. Reap Benefits from Alignment of Marketingand SalesWith alignment of Sales and Marketing teams, therevenue pipeline can be systematized. Salesfunnel can be bi-directional i.e. the leads can besent back for nurturing if they are not sales-ready.This process ensures qualified leads at reducedcosts and leads don’t slip away from the gapbetween the Sales and Marketing. With thealignment, businesses can measure resultseffectively throughout the revenue pipeline asthey get a greater visibility range of the completeprocess.
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