Email marketing trends to check out for 2012


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Get Latest trends on 2012 Email Marketing. Slide has been shared for all email marketers.

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Email marketing trends to check out for 2012

  1. 1. Email Marketing Trends to Check OutSummary:What do you need to know about Email Marketingtrends to adapt with the current market? Here are 5pointers to give you a heads up. • Targeting customers based on Location • Importance of Personalization • Screensize Apalooza matters • Re-engaging customers • Socializing with your customers and prospectsIf you are one of those savvy marketers lookingforward to instant success with your emailmarketing, you need to stay ahead of all these trends.LocationIs there anything more relevant to you than knowingwhere your customers or your prospects are at thatspecific time? But it is also true that they don’t want
  2. 2. you to follow them unless and until they ask you tocome along. Our solution –integrate geo-targetedmarketing with the social media networking whichturns out to be a perfect permission-based marketing.PersonalizationMarketing is no longer just selling your product oryour service. Now it’s time to get real, morepersonal and add value. All you need to do is payattention to your customers’ behavior andconversations. Do not concentrate just on selling,send emails to inform, educate, entertain, surpriseand provide value. Include your customers’ voice inyour emails. It brings life to your messages.Humanizing your brands through your customers’words is the best promotional copy ever.Screensize ApaloozaDo you know that the sales of the smart phones havethrashed the sales of PCs? Screensize Apalooza iswhere people view your emails, websites, blogs,forums, etc.from different platforms. Theseplatforms have different sizes, shapes, software
  3. 3. andfunctionality. Hence, you need to take utmostcare while designing. Design in such away that it is afingertip in place of mouse. Take care whileproviding the hyperlinks and see to it that the imagesget auto-adjusted according to the screen size.Ensure that the content is readable for the fullestrange of devices.Re-EngagementDo you know that email recipients are likely toreceive 5,000+ advertising or marketing messagesper day? It’s no wonder that most of your emailmarketing messages are turned out due to irrelevant,confusing content and disturbing calls-to-action, etc.You need to engage your customers before theybecome inactive.Analyze your database from time-to-time and track their web behavior and eventattendance. When you spot your customers tendingto become inactive, drive them to a nurturingprogram exclusively designed for customerengagement.Socialize
  4. 4. With 800 million Facebook users, 200 millionTwitter users and more than 100 millionprofessionals in LinkedIn, it’s time to thinkstrategically and holistically and shift thecommunication patterns to match your customers’preferences. Monitor social sharing patterns andknow where and how to target. Grow your emaildatabase through social networking and mobile.Design campaigns that focus more on content that isworth sharing. Integrate both social media andmobile and drive traffic from your twitter teasers toyour websites, blogs, etc. You can use your emailsto grow your followers and fans.With these trends, you can have more access tocustomers and prospects’ behavior. Socialize andengage them. Through marketing automation, youcan send personalized emails to millions ofrecipients. and find your feet in today’s thrivingemail marketing scene.