How to make mobile email marketing effective?


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An article on mobile marketing and advantages of opting for this channel to get more revenue for your business.

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How to make mobile email marketing effective?

  1. 1. How to make mobile email mar keting ef fective?To make mobile marketing effective youhave to follow certain steps.Have a catch subject line as that draws theattention of the readers first. Dont makethee subject line very long stuffed withkeywords. Make sure you have a subjectline just with 5 words. Let the subject linebe eye catching and creative.If you have images attached to yourmessage make sure you have a tag todescribe what the image is about. Orelsethe reader will get confuse as to what yourimage is trying to convey.Make sure your response action to yourmessage is clear. It has to visible to thereader so that he can revert back to yourmarketing message.
  2. 2. Your message will have links, make sureyou do not give to many links. As thereaders will get irritated seeing so manylinks that would ultimately open to yoursite. A small screen will not support toomany links and can very crowded. Justkeep it uncrowded and clickable easily.In your text message include a plain textversion. Those readers whose mobile doesnot support html can make use of the plaintext. So, make sure you are using a plaintext message also.Make sure you follow this simple steps foran effective mobile marketing campaign. Ifyou follow these steps you can getmaximum readership and leads. Make sureyou make your email campaign very userfriendly and not frustrtaing for readers tojust click the delete button.
  3. 3. What is email marketing?Email marketing a very effective method tomarket products.Email marketing is basically an advertisingcampaign sent by a company to a group ofpeople through electronic mail. The sendingof a commercial mail to people helps inbuilding brand image, trust and customerloyalty. Electronic mail is the best way tobe in touch with your customers andadvertise your product. Email marketinghelps in easy promotion as it is affordablein comparison to tv or radioadvertisements. Email marketing softwarehelp in maintaing email lists, with thecontact information of the target audience.This makes iit very easy for marketers totarget large group of people and increasehis leads. With companies providing emaillists at reasoanble prices, segregatedbased on the marketers requirement,
  4. 4. makes it very useful for them.With effective email marketing you can stayconnected with targeted audience. EfficientEmail marketing helps you retain clientsand target new ones. You can monitor thereturns and compare it with traditionalmarketing strategies. Email marketing winshands down as this marketing method isvery useful and economical in comparisonto other mediums of marketing.What are the different ways of emailmarketing?Direct email- This involves sending of youradverising message directly to the targetaudience in the form of an email. You cansend your message to the list of emailaddresses youo have or else even buy fromcompanies ofering email lists. You can evenrent it for some time from companies.
  5. 5. Retention email- Promotional mails sentonly to the recipient to buy something canbe replaced to retention mails. These takethe form of newsletters. Newslettersusually carries promotional messages oradvertisements. They must be valuable tothe customers as they must provideinformation and educate them than justbeing an addvertisement.Advertising in other peoples mails- Insteadof issuing your own newsletters marketerscan publish their message in othersnewsletters by paying them. There aremany newletters which provide advertsingspace to other marketers.An Article by Pioneermarketers