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Paraimpu: a social tool for the Web of Things


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Paraimpu is a social tool for the Web of Things.
Paraimpu is a social tool for the Web of Things.

Connect, use, share and compose things, services and devices to create personalized brand new applications!

The Web of Things is more than Things in the Web

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Paraimpu: a social tool for the Web of Things

  1. 1. Paraimpu: a social tool for the Web of ThingsParaimpu TeamCRS4
  2. 2. The Web evolves...• From a “simple” system of hypertext/hypermedia ...• a social and collaborative environment (the so called Web 2.0)...• a platform for heterogeneous applications (Web Services and so on)...
  3. 3. Ph. Shaun Wood, the Web of Things WoT
  4. 4. Web of Things• things are “smart enough” to be connected to the Internet and...• communicate using HTTP protocol• Web protocols as a “lingua franca” for the WoT
  5. 5. Ph. Anthony Mattox,• It allows to: • connect objects to the Web • connect objects between them• connections can be established not only between “physical objects”...• ...but also involving “virtual objects” (Web services, social networks, Twitter, Foursquare, Pachube, ...)
  6. 6. Ph. Mike Paraimpu Web of Things Things + Services
  7. 7. Ph. Windell Oskay model: 3 basic Sensors, Actuators, Connections concepts
  8. 8. Sensors • any thing capable to produce data • transmit data toward Paraimpu using HTTP (REST) • anemometers, Arduino boards, but also Foursquare, Pachube, other services in the Web... Ph. Jessica Wilson,
  9. 9. Ph. Jayvee jayveemojar/Actuators • any thing able to receive/ consume data and perform an action • receive data from Paraimpu using HTTP (REST) • X10 lighting, alarm systems, but also Twitter, Facebook, Google Calendars, ...
  10. 10. Ph. supermaryan• Always involve: • a Sensor: the source • an Actuator: the destination• they are configurable: • data filtering • data mapping
  11. 11. Ph. Mick Dolphin Social NetworksSocial Aspects & Things sharing
  12. 12. Social /1• first aspect: integration with existing social networks• friends/contacts import• existing social networks become “things” in Paraimpu: Sensors and Actuators• e.g., Twitter becomes an Actuator: a thing capable to receive data and to “tweet” it
  13. 13. Social /2• Second aspect: share things! Ph. Carlos Maya carlos_maya• it should be possible to share my things with friends...• ... and allow them to use my things in their connections• policy & bookmark features Ph. Ryan Roberts
  14. 14. The Workspace everything is under control
  15. 15. The Palette• it allows to add new Sensors and new Actuators: • Generic Sensors and Actuators • Specialized Sensors/ Actuators: Pachube, Twitter, Arduino, Facebook, ... • ...and others coming soon!
  16. 16. Thing page Manage a particular object in the system
  17. 17. Connection Page filtering & mapping
  18. 18. Horizontal Scalability C10K problem Database Load balancing Web server REST New Sensors/ActuatorsPh. MrFaber, Scalable Architecture
  19. 19. Main Technologies
  20. 20. twitter: @paraimpuBecome an alpha user Antonio Pintus Davide Carboni today! Andrea Piras