You Aint Seen Nothin Until You See The Roku 3


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If you are looking for a good streaming player to compliment your entertainment system, then look no further than the Roku 3 streaming player. This little gadget is truly amazing and its adds bells and whistles to your entertainment enjoyment. Its something that you should not be without! Find out here...

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You Aint Seen Nothin Until You See The Roku 3

  1. 1. The Roku 3 Is Truly An Awesome Streaming PlayerIf you are looking for an awesome streaming player, then look no further than the Roku 3.This latest streaming player from Roku is truly amazing and it will give you plenty ofentertainment pleasure. If you really like your entertainment, then you must absolutely checkout the Roku 3.Here are the feedbacks from some owners of the Roku 3:5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Awesome Roku 3 Player!, March 9, 2013By Linda L. Payne "Linda P." (Racine, Wi. USA)I just received my Roku 3 streaming player today. Since I had a couple older Rokus it wassimple for me to hook up...but simple anyway. Superb instructions included! The one thing IREALLY love the most is the little headphone input on the remote control (which by the wayyou do not have to even point at the Roku box...can be used from anywhere in the room)because now all I have to do is put the included headphones on ~ yes they even include a nicepurple pair with 3 different size ear pieces ~ and not disturb anyone else in the area. Plus theremote is so easy to use and full of features. The size of the Roku box is so small, leaving memore room on my cluttered desktop, but its dynamite and looks so classy!I do not have any regrets about purchasing another one of these Roku players ... this one byfar surpasses all the rest in my opinion. Offering the 1080p instead of just 720p makes a hugedifference in the picture quality if your TV is broadcasting in 1080p as well. Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. Because it only has a 3 month factory warranty I did buy an extended one from Square Tradeand now I have 3 full years of coverage for really cheap!You will most certainly be pleased with your purchase! I am!!!! A++++++++++ all theway!!!!5.0 out of 5 stars Are you searching for a way to bring your TV into the 21st century?Here it is.., March 8, 2013By Robert B. (Cleveland, OH)Let me first say that I have been a Roku user for a number of years now, and own a Roku 1XD, XDS, and a Roku 2 XS. I have also owned and used in the past the Logitech Reviewusing GoogleTV, the last two non-Google TV Sony boxes, and two generations of the WDTV Live streamers. After owning and using all those, the Roku is the only one that has aplace in my living room, and heres why...Without boring everyone on the specs of the Rs, let me start by telling about my experiencesetting it up.Once unpacked one simply plugs the power adapter into the wall and an HDMI cable into theTV and the Roku, thats it. The unit begins booting up then asks you to select whether youwant to use a wireless or wired network connection. I selected wireless and it then shows alist of the networks it detected. Once you choose your network you input the password foryour network and in a few seconds it connects right away.Finally it displays an activation code which you are to use to activate and attach the Roku toyour online Roku account. For some seeking out a computer that may or may not be near theTV might be a pain, but I simply opened Safari on my iPhone and added the code to myaccount while sitting in front of the TV.Once the code is entered, as part of the attaching process you are prompted to add paymentinfo just in case you want to buy a channel or game in the future. You can not bypass this butITS OK. Enter it in and finish the account set up. Once you do you can simply choose todelete the payment info and its erased from the Roku servers.Once the account is made and successfully linked, the Roku automatically downloads thechannels from your account (if you are attaching it to an existing account) or just quicklydownloads the few selected during the account creation process, including "Angry BirdsSpace".Thats it, its that easy to get it set and ready to stream. Of course with some premiumchannels you will either need to log in to your account from the Roku (Netflix) or similarlylink the box to your online account using a computer, smartphone, or tablet browser (Amazon Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. Instant Video).I have found that the set up is incredibly easy over the numerous boxes Ive used over the lastfew years and always recommend a Roku to especially those less adept at setting upelectronics/computers/networking items.The interface--The interface of the Roku units has always been a sore point.. When it started out with justNetflix and then just a few channels, the horizontal row of channel icons was fine, but nowwith HUNDREDS of channels it was sorely needing a refresh. The interface alone was one ofthe biggest reasons I was always trying different streaming boxes..Im so pleased to see the new grid-style interface on the R3. Not only is it beautifullyrendered, but it is very, very fast to navigate and to find whatever it is you want in yourchannel list. Very modern-looking and functional.One huge thing I notice over the older units in the interface is that besides it being "pretty",even the channels load much faster than previous units thanks to a new processor.The universal search function is great too, allowing you to search for movies, shows, andeven actors across the major providers.The USB port--USB functionality is a great add-on for the top tier Roku. The Roku units are first andforemost internet streamers, but the convenience of plugging in a thumb drive and being ableto play some of my personal movie collection is great. Video format is rather limited, butagain this is an add-on feature not a main selling point. Because Im an iTunes user, I rip allmy movies/shows as H.264 MP4 files because thy are iPhone/iPad compatible, and just sohappen they are compatible with Roku as well. Very nice.Programming----This is where Roku is just second to none, and why I choose to use it over all the others.Besides the big players like Netflix, Vudu, etc. Roku has such a wealth of programming that Iactually hate it. I hate the fact Im not independently wealthy and have to work for a living,and consequently dont have enough time in the day to watch everything on there I want to.You may very well feel the same way, but not to worry.. Unlike broadcast TV, everything onRoku is on-demand, meaning its there when you want it, not when its being broadcast.Now sure, theres no YouTube. That might or might not be coming so if you get one, justassume you wont have it. Cute little kitty videos are fun to watch on the TV, but theres tonsmore you can watch on other channels. I love the fact I can get live streaming news from the Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. BBC or CNN International, or watch cheesy, badly dubbed Kung fu movies, or B-moviehorror and sci-fi all night long for free from my Roku if I want lol. The Rokus availableprogramming really is like a buffet, its all you can eat and theres something for everybody.The remote ---The remote is very comfortable in the hands and acts as a motion-controlled controller forgaming. It it also isnt infared like a traditional remote so that means it doesnt have to bepointed right at the TV in order to work. The private listening mode worked really nicelywhen I tried it and I can imagine many uses for it.Overall the Roku 3 is a great upgrade from the previous Roku 2, mostly because of the newUI (which will be coming to the roku 2 units in a month or two), the faster processor, and thewireless private listening mode. If you already have an R2 XS, I dont honestly think itsworth upgrading since its biggest noticeable feature (the UI) will come in time.For some just now dipping their toes in the world of internet streaming, I personally wouldget this Roku 3 hands-down over any other competing player on the market. Its so easy to useand thats why not only is it what I use but what my elderly parents use too. The best thingabout them is they keep getting better.5.0 out of 5 stars Great for streaming and cord cutting, March 8, 2013By Harrison FiskI was a bit leery at first at how well streaming could work. I had used netflix on several otherdevices, including my PS3 and found it less than desirable. However, after using the Roku 3for a few hours, I was amazed at how well it works! It is like a completely different world.When unboxing it, the first amazing part was how small it was! This thing is tiny if you areused to game consoles or cable boxes. It was a breeze to setup, hooks up with HDMI and oursecure WIFI. After registering on the website, it immediately started syncing up with thechannels we selected. I tried out some movies from amazon and it worked flawlessly. Totalsetup time was < 10 minutes.The remote works very well, I love that it uses radio instead of IR so it isnt directional. Thatwas one of my favorite features of my PS3. It is amazing that not everyone has adapted thistechnology already. The built-in headphone adapter is neat as well, allowing for privateviewing of movies.After my first few hours, there were only a few small flaws I found:1. After setup, it was running in 720P by default and not 1080P, but it was easy to switch.2. The plug is wide sideways box (almost as large as the Roku itself) and takes up extra spaceon my power strip. Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. Very smooth and highly recommended if you want to go with any sort of streaming solution!5.0 out of 5 stars Roku 3 is Great, March 8, 2013By Phillip Wheeler "Phil Wheeler" (Los Angeles area)Having two Roku 2 units, I really like Rokus. The Roku 3 remote earphone option was mymain reason for buying this one -- for use with my noisy exercise equipment. It replaces myon-the-ear wireless headphones, and lets me use more comfortable in-the-ear options.ONE THING: Roku 3, unlike earlier models, works only with an HDTV. I travel with a Roku2 and can use it on *any* TV.If you use only HDTVs, the Roku 3 cant be beat! Click on the button above to buy the Roku 3 from AmazonIf you still need more information, check out this excellent article in Squidoo: The Roku 3 Is EvenMore Amazing Page 5 of 5