Linksys EA4500 Review – One Of the Best Wireless Router Today


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If you are looking for one of the best router in the market today, you should consider the Linksys EA4500. Find out why owners of the EA4500 are very happy with their Linksys EA4500 router in the Linksys EA4500 review.

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Linksys EA4500 Review – One Of the Best Wireless Router Today

  1. 1. Linksys EA4500 Review – One Of the Best Wireless Router TodayBy Leonard BelaseI was looking for a wireless router and I did a very thorough research and I kept comingacross the Linksys EA4500. Finally I decided that I will just settle on the Linksys EA4500and I have been very happy with my decision.I would like to share with you the Linksys EA4500 reviews that I found very helpful for me.Here are some of the Linksys EA4500 reviews:5.0 out of 5 stars Best wireless router Ive ever owned and it should get better..., May 1,2012By M. Salsbury (Hilliard, OH)The Linksys EA4500 and its predecessor, the E4200, look identical from the outside. Oddsare that theyre very similar inside as well, which is good because the E4200 is one of thefinest wireless routers on the market. It was on my wish list right up until the EA4500 cameout.As other reviewers have noted, setup is easy. Plug the router into the wall, plug it into a Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. computer, and walk through the painfully simple CD setup wizard and youre up and runningin minutes. If you want advanced configuration options, point a web browser at it. (Iveposted a few interesting screen shots from the web interface.)My home was built in 1994, and is 2600 square feet. The worst part is that our cable modemis located on the opposite end of the house from where I normally use my laptop. Getting asignal all the way to me has been problematic at best. In desperation, I modified an oldWRT54G router to act as a repeater, to give me enough signal to work with. Now that I havethe EA4500, Ive been able to unplug the repeater. I dont get a fantastic signal at the far endof the house, but I get enough to work with. Thats an impressive feat as far as I amconcerned.Ive found the reliability of the router to be extremely high. No problems of any kind since itcame online. Never had trouble getting a signal anywhere in the house. I cant say that forprevious routers.Depending on your sense of aesthetics, the EA4500 is either a sleek looking piece of high-tech gear or a dull black box. Personally, I like the look of it... not that I sit around staring atit.While Cisco touts that the "A" in the "EA4500" name stands for "Apps", they have yet toreally deliver on that. The Cisco Connect app for mobile devices allows you to connect to therouter and do some basic management, but nothing you cant do through the browser withoutthe app. Theyre promising a "Cloud" app later this summer that will give you access to yourhome network while youre away. When they deliver that, this router should really shine.Imagine being able to get to your music files, movies, eBooks, etc., from your smartphone,tablet, or laptop - even when youre miles away! That will be something. (Even if Cisco neverdelivers the software, the EA4500 is an excellent router without it.)But if you have no need of that functionality, you may want to look at the older (but lessexpensive) E4200.5.0 out of 5 stars Linksys Router, July 24, 2012By Handyman "Don" (Weldon Spring, MO)So far, this wireless router is the best one I have ever owned. It is much faster than theprevious one and doesnt drop out of service like the old one did. I would recommend this toanyone looking for a new wireless router.5.0 out of 5 stars Even a blonde can install it (yes, Im blonde!), May 3, 2012By TwainIm an idiot, and even I installed this router in 20 minutes. I have 3 PCs running WindowsXP, 1 laptop with Vista, 2 Droid phones, a network printer and a USB External 3 TB HardDrive. I connected all of them without a problem, and I then switched to the Web utility bypointing the browser to, and performed many of the changes that other reviewersrecommended in the reviews below. I can even see the Seagate GoFlex 3TB External HardDrive that other reviewers said they couldnt see. I even mapped that drive on the network, Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. and I can read & write to it from another computer.I have a 4300 s.f. house on one level, and the signal is excellent in most of the house, and itsfair to good in some of the far corners. I plan to put a range extender in the family room justbecause its quite far from the router. Right now the signal in that room is still good enough tostream video without a hiccup, but I want to make it stronger for the smart TV and gamingequipment. I have an acre back yard and I can get a usable signal everywhere that I need it tobe.Trust me - I dont speak Geek, and I have no Inner Nerd. However, Im a woman who tends toread and research a lot. After reading the reviews of this router, the older E4200 v2, theApple Extreme, Netgear and some others, I decided the Linksys EA4500 was what I needed,and I dove right in. Thanks for all of the reviews, because it helped a lot. In the coming days,Ill be learning more about other features and Ill be tweaking it more.5.0 out of 5 stars Huge improvement!, May 4, 2012By Bradley Olin (Long Beach, California)When I saw the chance to try this out, I nearly fell out of my seat.Note: Up until a few weeks ago we had been using an old Linksys standard wireless N router.No dual band, no gigabit speeds. The N speed was adequate, but in this day and age of videostreaming, skyping, mobile devices, and everything else, that old router was just not doing thetrick. In fact, there were pockets of our house, even with a signal booster, that were just wi-fidead zones.What I like:- Speed, speed, and more speed. Much faster down and up speeds, beyond what is advertisedin my FiOs cable internet package. This is a plus!- Range. My whole house gets a minimum 80% signal now. This is huge. No more droppedconnections.- Design. Its sleek, pretty, and unobtrusive. No more endless blinking lights.- Setup. It was a cinch. Took maybe...4 minutes?Some improvements:Gosh it would be nice if the unit were just a little bit smaller and maybe had a mountingfeature so it didnt have to take up shelf space.Features I havent yet played with:Gigabit Ports. Our house is entirely wireless, so I cant speak to the speed of these, butcertainly would be a good feature for wired homes.AppsUSB Plug n Play Media Server / Storage - The functionality of this looks good for a de-factoFTP or in home cloud storage to keep essential things backed up on a solid state flash drive Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. instead of a moving hard disk drive.Cisco Connect Cloud. This looks cool, and may have the potential to replace our apple TV?Stay tuned for a possible update on this (coming summer 2012, according to Cisco) Click here or the image below to get the Linksys EA4500 from Amazon. Page 4 of 4