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I Found A Fantastic Discount On The LG 47LS4600


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Do you want to get the LG LS4600 HD LED TV at a fantasic discount with free shipping. Read the review and you will find out where to get the fantastic value for this LG 47 inch TV.

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I Found A Fantastic Discount On The LG 47LS4600

  1. 1. I Found A Fantastic Discount On The LG 47LS4600By Daniel WenchiperIf you are looking for the best 47 inch LED TV, it is undoubtedly the LG 47LS4600 as some of thethe owners of the LG 47LS4600 will share with you their experience with this amazing LED TVfrom LG. This review is on the LG 47LS4600 LED TV. The 47 denotes that this is a 47 inch TV. Ifyou have done all your evaluation and is just looking to buy this LG 47LS4600 LED TV at afantastic discount of 29% plus free shipping, then click here.Nowadays purchasing a TV is no longer a simple affair let alone finding the best 47 inch LED TVamong the sea of TVs from so many manufacturers. There are so many types of TVs – Plasma,LCD, LED, OLED etc If you really want to, you could literally spend weeks doing research andreading technical reviews after reviews and ending up to be more confused than you startedoff.I believe many of us are in this situation and as such what I would like to do in this review is tomake it as simple as possible and with as little jargon as possible. This is because at the end ofthe day, even with all the advance calibrations tools etc etc what it really boils down to is whatour eyes can perceive and differentiate for us to enjoy what is on our TV be it movies or playinggames.As such what a better way to gauge how good a TV is then to hear it from owners who havebought and used the TVs. Here we have some owners telling us how they feel about their LG47LS600 LED TV. Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. What Is The Difference Between LCD and LED TV?Technically speaking the LED TV is also an LCD TV as the screen on both is a liquid crystaldisplay. The LCD display consists of two layers of glass that are polarized and joined togetherwith the liquid crystals passing or block the light to display the television picture. The crystalsdo not produce any light. However the light actually comes from a series of lamps at the back ofthe screen.The difference between an LCD and the LED TV is that on an LCD TV, the lamps at the back ofthe screen are fluorescent lamps while the lights at the back of the LED screen are LightEmitting Diodes (LED).Which one between these two types offers better picture quality and which one is the bestoverall? What offers value for your money and will last longer? There is no specific answer tothese questions and it just boils down to one’s preference.Product Specification of the LG 47LS4600 LED TV LGs LED technology provides a slim profile and delivers amazing brightness, clarity and color detail, as well as greater energy efficiency compared to conventional LCD TVs. Full HD 1080p gives it superior picture quality over standard HDTV. Youll see details and colors like never before. TruMotion 120Hz technology lets you see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur. Now your TV can keep up with your fast- moving entertainment. LGs Picture Wizard II allows you to find the perfect picture. Get easy self-calibration with on-screen reference points for key picture quality elements such as black level, color, tint, sharpness and backlight levels. With the Smart Energy Saving features you can be wise and not wasteful by conserving energy and money.Technical Details Brand Name: LG Model: 47LS4600 Display Technology: LED-lit Display Size: 47 inches Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09 Weight: 53.00 pounds Image Contrast Ratio: 4000000:1 Resolution: 1080p Refresh Rate: 120 Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. What Owners Of the LG 47LS4600 thought of their LED TV?Excellent LED TV May 15, 2012By Eugene Evans "Fasteddie" (Baltimore,MD USA)I am very impressed with this tv so far...The TV itself is very sleek and modern looking. It’s one of thinnest LEDs I have seen andwould be great for mounting on the wall. The thin black border is very nice and actuallymakes the screen look even bigger!!The stand is also very modern looking and all the trim is a nice glossy black finish.The picture quality is amazing as well. I went from a 47" Vizio to this LG and its a world ofdifference!!..The colors are very vibrant and the black is dense. The adjustments andsettings are very easy to use and can make a world of difference!!..Especially if you find thecodes for THX settings!!The sound is ok, for this one. I would say its the only thing that could use someimprovement.Overall this TV is the best bang for the buck!!.. I have owned about 15 LCD/LED tvs and sofar, this is one of the best by far!!5.0 out of 5 stars The Reason LG is Winning, June 3, 2012By Tim (Central Coast California)While Panasonic, Sony and Samsung all battle each other for whos TV is best, LG savingthe money and passing it on to the user, specifically me. This TV is loaded with everythingyou would expect in a 2012 TV minus the fads or undeveloped programs. This one caughtmy eye because it is so thin and the price is amazing. The bezel on it is very thin and the TVwithout the stand is under a inch and a half thick. I bought this to replace my old dinosaurof a Sharp TV (also an under-rated brand). It is still a great TV, but at almost 6inches wideit was a heavy best. This TV, although not recommended, I am able to hold in one arm it isso thin and light.The picture is great, but I am never a huge fan of edge lit LED as they always appearlighter/whiter at the edges. It isnt a huge deal expect a really dark scene in a movie, and ismost noticeable when loading a game or movie and the input is blank. The screen should beblack but is grey around the edges. That was a rather large rant, but it is not by any meansa turn off from this TV.I am a big fan of LG Simplink, although not flawless it easily allows the connection of asurround sound unit with only a few button pushes on the remote. I do appreciate thepicture calibrator, but I found some user adjustments were still needed as the TV couldntget it quite right.The sound is pretty weak on the TV itself, but that is almost expected these days. I simplygot a sound bar to go with it and it suffices for the sized room this TV is in. Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Pros:+Amazon Price+Thin Bezel and Thin Body+Great 1080p pictureCons:-Underwhelming sound-LED Edge lightingOverall you would be lucky to find a better built TV in this price range. Keep it up LG.5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing TV, May 29, 2012By Dan LaskowskiI recently purchased this TV from a local electronics store; my wife and I are very verypleased with it! I was looking at either this TV or the Panasonic TC-L47E50. Fortunately Iwas able to compare the two side-by-side in store, and the LG looked much better. Sound isdecent for a flat-panel TV. Colors look very good and vibrant especially after customizing;the quality is fantastic. Nice and sleek looking, thin bordered TV. Took me about 20-30 minsto unpack and set up.5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent TV, June 25, 2012By CyberCowboyFirst, I was confused but be aware this is NOT a smart TV (that means no Hulu, Netflix, builtin, youll need something like a roku box for that)That being said I specifically didnt want a smart TV because I wanted the money I waspaying to go into the TV and not into making deals for apps on my tv.This is my first HDTV so Im certainly not an expert but the picture quality is beautiful. Ispent a lot of time researching to make sure we got the right one and after about a monthof research we settled on this one. Purchase was made from SAMS CLUB because at thetime they were $30 cheaper, and to be honest I was nervous about shipping something asfragile as this.Sound quality is OK, but Im known for having a tin ear as well. I did have to enable thesmart volume because otherwise it fluctuated so badly.5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent value for the $, June 12, 2012By Aemal KhattakI purchased this tv after a lot of research - See if you can get the Amazon pricing (got it forunder $1,000 + free shipping via Prime; right now listed for $1,299), that is sweet.Pros: Nice picture, easy controls, sleek design, no 3-D (yes, I consider that a plus).Cons: Sound quality of the built-in speakers, only a TOSLINK (optical cable) port forconnecting to the receiver, and the stand is flimsy. It must be secured at the back end to Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. prevent TV from tipping over. LG provides a location in the stand base where the stand canbe screwed to the table top, provided you want to drill a hole in your table top. I mounted iton a wall so tipping over is not an issue for me.5.0 out of 5 stars Bang for the Buck Winner!, June 5, 2012By SpiderickThis set was not my first choice. The one I wanted was not available at the time. I had itsent to me on a one day delivery with my Amazon Prime membership. It arrived in perfectshape and was put together in about 20 min. This set just impresses me every single time Iturn it on. No dead pixels, and no backlight bleed. It does take some fine tuning to achievea great picture, but all the tools are there. All in all, I highly recommend this set and I alsothink it is a steal at this price.5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Picture, July 8, 2012By Luci Blace (Odenton, MD)I bought this to replace an old DLP that was dying. I have a Samsung LCD that I like a lot,so I was a little anxious about getting this LG, but this TV is impressive - especially whenyou consider the price. The picture is just fantastic. Heres a breakdown of some of theawesome features of this TV:Pros:- Picture Wizard: Great built-in picture calibration tool.- Awesome picture quality- Save money with this model by not paying for all the built in extras (Amazon, streamingcontent, etc)- Simple menu interface- Works with my Harmony remoteCons:- Screen is glossier than other TVs Ive had so glare is a little worse than my old TV- Had to dig into the options to disable the noise reduction processing that always seems tocause more issues than it solves- Weak built-in speakers. Will prob buy a soundbar to go with the TVThe TV has some minor issues, but its a great price and its got a beautiful picture. Youcant beat the value for the price. Well see how it holds up over time, but so far so good.5.0 out of 5 stars Great tv, July 4, 2012By LpsmithI love this tv. It arrived on time and in perfect shape. Very easy to set up. Has a greatpicture and sound. Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. What Is The Verdict?With so many owners heaping praise on the LG 47LS4600 LED TV and superlatives such as“amazing TV”, “excellent TV”, “fantastic picture”, “bang for the buck winner”, “excellentvalue for the $”, “the reason LG is winning” etc, it looks like this LG 47LS4600 is indeed awinner.To top it off, I found out that Amazon is giving a fantastic 29% discount at the time ofwriting this review. By the way, as this is quite a substantial discount, Amazon is notallowed to show it on their product page by LG. So you will need to drop the product intotheir shopping cart before you can see the final discount and price. As merchants changetheir prices and discount levels without notice, hurry and lock in this fantastic discount forthis LG 47LS4600 LED TV now. It is truly the best 47 inch LED TV. Click here or the image below to buy the LG 47LS4600 LED TV from Amazon now. Page 6 of 6