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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. GiraffPlus Combining Social Interaction and Long-term Monitoring for Promoting Independent Living AndreA Orlandini National Research Council of Italy Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology E-mail:
  2. 2. The GiraffPlus Project FP7-ICT-2011-7 Duration of the Project: 36 Months (2012 – 2014) Project Coordinator Amy Loutfi Örebro University Technical Manager Gabriella Cortellessa CNR-ISTC Web Site: University/R&D Örebro University (Sweden) CNR-ISTI (Italy) CNR-ISTC (Italy) Lund University (Sweden) Mälardalen University (Sweden) University of Malaga (Spain) Public Healthcare Systems ASL RM/A (Italy) Örebro County Council (Sweden) Servicio Andaluz De Salud (Spain) Companies Giraff AB (Sweden) ISA - Intellicare (Portugal) Tunstall (U.K.) Xlab (Slovenia)
  3. 3. Objectives of GiraffPlus To develop a complete system which combines physiological and environmental sensors, data interpretation and intelligent adaptable software services to support elderly people at home Particular attention is given to: • Support prevention and long term monitoring • Foster social interaction and communication • Adopt a user-centered design approach • Evaluate the system outside the laboratory • Assess the use-worthiness of the system in the long term
  4. 4. GiraffPlus End-to-End Services Sensor Gateway Database Telepresence Robot Storage Home Ok GiraffPlus Services GiraffPlus Services Context GiraffPlus Services
  5. 5. Achievements after Year 2 Completed second Prototype consisting of: •  Enhanced version of the GiraffPlus system, first version of plug and play middleware, first version of semi-autonomous Giraff •  Context recognition and configuration planning integrated with each other •  A first version of Data Visualization and Personalization Module •  Several services selected from user requirements and implemented •  Deployment in 6 test sites in Sweden, Italy and Spain 5 Activities
  6. 6. Remarks & Challenges Relevant Outcomes: •  Moving from the lab to real living environments •  UniversAAL compliant ICT solution Crucial Points: •  System Dependability •  Smooth Deployment •  TRL 4/5 Interesting Research Opportunities: •  Personalized Services •  Robot as a Hub for Services •  Enhanced HRI
  7. 7. AndreA Orlandini Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology National Research Council of Italy (ISTC-CNR) email: Thanks for your kind attention!!! Partially Funded by the EU (FP7 ICT GA 288173) GiraffPlus is also part of the following partnerships/thematic networks: