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Florence overview


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Published in: Technology
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Florence overview

  1. 1. Florence 1 JL-1 FP7-2009-248730 Florence Overview Melvin Isken OFFIS Institute of Information Technology, Oldenburg, Germany University of Oldenburg 13/03/2014 Rovereto
  2. 2. Florence 2 JL-2 Ø  FP7-Project Ø  Feb 1st, 2010 – Jan 31st 2013 Ø  Partners §  Philips Electronics B.V. (NL) §  NEC Europe LTD. (GB) §  OFFIS E.V. (DE) §  Stichting Novay (NL) §  Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo SA (ES) §  Tecnalia (ES) §  Agencia de Servicios Sociales y Dependencia de Andalucia (ES) §  Wany Robotics SA (FR) Florence Project
  3. 3. Florence 3 JL-3 Ø  Improve well-being of elderly (and relatives), efficiency in care Ø  general-purpose low cost mobile robot platform (off- the-shelf) Ø  robot as connecting element between stand alone AAL services and elderly Ø  User acceptance as key element Florence Goals
  4. 4. Florence 4 JL-4 Ø  Home interface scenario §  Intelligent doorbell §  Control of windows (temperature control, warnings) Ø  Fall reaction scenario §  Integration of panic button Ø  Hardware §  FS20 temperature sensor, window opener, panic button Ø  Software §  Content Management Framework provided by NEC §  Bridge CMF - ROS Florence – Home automation
  5. 5. Florence 5 JL-5 Ø  Don‘t rely on specific hardware Ø  Proprietary CMF §  Legal issues (IP agreement) §  No sources available §  Buggy integration of sensors Ø  Use of open source software / hardware to decrease system costs §  E.g. OpenHAB §  Legal issues of reusage Ø  Service acceptance good when benefit clear §  especially health related: fall reaction, telepresence Florence – Results, Open questions
  6. 6. Florence 6 JL-6 Ø  Deployment of service robotic system in real world environment not yet usable §  Obstacles •  Doors •  Carpets •  Stairs §  Autonomous runtime (battery) Ø  (These slides are intended to show some issues that can arise - not everything went wrong within Florence J ) Florence – Results, Open questions