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Presentation to AGI Conference on MapAlerter


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This is the slide deck used at the 2012 AGI event in Nottingham to introduce the MapAlerter service the United Kingdom. The technology is part of the,.uk launch which is taking place during Autumn 2012.

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Presentation to AGI Conference on MapAlerter

  1. 1. Multi-Channel Alert System for UKCouncils and Government Agencies Brendan Cunningham Pin Point Alerts (IE) Ltd Address (IE) : Leighlinbridge | Carlow | Ireland Phone : +353 (1) 254 4363 Address (UK) : Kemp House 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX Phone : +44 20 3286 2510 Web : Email :
  2. 2. Introduction : Pin Point Alerts• Pin Point Alerts Ltd, founded 2010.• First product launched was (2011)• Presented MapAlerter concept to United Nations (2011)• Pilot Site for Cyclone Alert System developed for Western Samoa (2011)• 2nd “Alert” product for Communities (2012)• Winner of many Irish technology & innovation awards• Runner Up, Clickatell’s World innovation awards for SMS technologies, 2011.
  3. 3. Introducing I
  4. 4. IntroducingHow it Works:• 1. Citizens register their Home & Work locations• 2. Council staff member logs in as an “Alerter” and issues an alert for a specified location• 3. MapAlerter processes the “Alert Zone” and determines who should receive alerts• 4. Alerts are delivered to all recipients in a timely manner (0-3 minutes)• 5. Multiple delivery formats: SMS, Email, RSS, Twitter, Phone, Blogs, Facebook, GIS Formats, etc.
  5. 5. How it WorksStep 1 : Staff member outlines an alert zone on a web map
  6. 6. How it WorksStep 2 : Recipients are added to the database with location details
  7. 7. How it WorksStep 3 : Only those within the “Alert Zone” will receive alerts
  8. 8. How it WorksStep 4 : Other members will be excluded from this alert process
  9. 9. How it WorksStep 5 : Alerts are delivered to recipients within a short time
  10. 10. Suitable for all Council AlertsWater Service Flood Road Disruptions Alerts Closures Boil Severe Water WeatherRoad Incidents Tunnel Alerts / Closures Major Emergency Plan
  11. 11. Sample Water Service Text Message
  12. 12. Suitable for many Councils joined together (eg, Commute Alerts)
  13. 13. Benefits of MapAlerter Cost-effective solution thatsends alerts to focused groups Fully web-based solution, so there are no hardware/software licensing costs for clientsEasy-to-learn interface meansno training costs or resources New, innovative way to share and publish spatial informationPositive environmental impact:Paperless notification system Single capture means a consistent message during emergencies
  14. 14. Unique Features Participating Councils provide R&D and drive feature changes Quick and Efficient: Delivery of alerts within a short time frameMultiple Delivery Channels: SMS, Email, Landline, Social Media Multiple Deployment options: 1. Cloud/Hosted Application 2. On-Site installationPublish alerts via Website, MobileApp and SMS Text Messages MapAlerter API opens up alert data for others to use
  15. 15. Text Messages Free & Open GIS Formats (eg KML) RSS Feeds Blogs Website Content FacebookTwitter ( & Emails Commercial GIS Formats (SHP, GDB)
  16. 16. Multi-Channel Service1. Enter data once, post to multiple channels. - Single data entry + multiple outputs = Massive time saver - End user staff do not need to worry about multiple systems - Automatically publishes to all platforms within a short time - Option for Councils to use some or all of the channels2. Scalable Architecture & Technology for Councils - Does your Council need a custom format? We can add it! - Does your Council need a new Alert Category? We can add it! - Does your Council need a new feature? We can add it!
  17. 17. Open API available:
  18. 18. Case Study: Wexford Local Authorities• Usage based on period from March 2011 - March 2012• 170 Alerts issued for Water, Roads, Fires, Floods and Severe Weather• Under 3 minutes to issue each alert = 6.5 hours in one year• Delivered to 24,000 people around the county WINNER! National eGovernment Awards 2012 Best Local Government Service Award
  19. 19. Mobilized Versions availablei. Login ii. Main Menu
  20. 20. Mobilized Versions availableiii. Predefined Alert iv. Geolocation Alert
  21. 21. Introducing Launching SoonWe are looking for pilot sites and Councils in the UK to expandMapAlerter. If you are interested, please get in touch.
  22. 22. Introducing Launching SoonFull range of benefits available:1. Send alerts from Website, Mobile Apps, SMS Text Messages2. Suitable for Severe Weather alerts for the UK this Winter3. Data Sharing API to assist your Open Data strategy4. Drive the R&D for the UK MapAlerter website5. Have a contact database? You can bulk import to MapAlerter6. Provide an excellent Alert service to people in your area7. Become known as the first UK Council to adopt MapAlerter!
  23. 23. Introducing Launching Soon Perfect application forgovernment organizations to engage with citizens Get in touch and we will set you up with an Alerter account: +44 20 3286 2510
  24. 24. Thank you for your attention... Time for a Demo? Brendan Cunningham Pin Point Alerts (IE) Ltd Address (IE) : Leighlinbridge | Carlow | Ireland Phone : +353 (1) 254 4363 Address (UK) : Kemp House 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX Phone : +44 20 3286 2510 Web : Email :