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Pin Point Alerts present at the United Nations


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Pin Point Alerts presented at a United Nations meeting on November 16trh 2011.

The main purpose of the meeting was to share ideas on how to use crowd mapping in crisis situations. We used as a positive case study.

A simulation exercise at Samoa was also outlined and proposals were put forward to assist with the exercise. We designed to highlight how our location-based alert services could assist during an emergency situation, such as a Cyclone or as Tsunami.

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Pin Point Alerts present at the United Nations

  1. 1. Innovative Location Based Alert & Sharing Service delivering to/from multiple platforms Brendan Cunningham Pin Point – Phone: +353(87)6153990
  2. 2. Scalable Framework that publishes localized alertsBased on the idea of “Single Capture : Multi Publish”Integrates with almost any website, GIS or Alert App Our algorithm is VERY quick and VERY adaptableAvailable as a community or private/team application Proof of Concept for Major Emergency (Samoa)
  3. 3. “Come out and play!” “Be engaged rather than be critical and on the outside” ICCM, 2011Sanjana Hattotuwa
  4. 4. Instant Delivery to multiple channels
  5. 5. MapAlerter can be used on a global scale“The same theory applies toCyclone Alerts as it does to County Council alerts!” Me, in a moment of wisdom, 2011
  6. 6. Advantages for Global Scenarios• Timely Distribution of Alerts• Multi-Platform Delivery• Self-Managing System• Multi-Lingual Alert Content• Robust Server Technology• Ready for Samoan Exercise
  7. 7. Our aim is to make it easy to share and distribute crisis/crowd information “Technology is nothing if there is no understanding” Anahi Ayala, ICCM 2011
  8. 8. Login Area to Publish Alerts
  9. 9. Simple Form... Fill out SMS, Email and Title Info.
  10. 10. Digitize the “Alert Zone”
  11. 11. Upload an MP3 as the Phone Call Content.This sound file will be played to all recipients!
  12. 12. All Alerts are instantly published on the website:
  13. 13. Drill in further to look at each Alert Zone
  14. 14. The same information is auto-published to:
  15. 15. and to ...
  16. 16. It only takes a couple of moments to publish a MapAlert.The same alert can be published to almost any web platformThis new way of sharing is ideal for crisis mapping and Major Emergency Management
  17. 17. Our offer for the Samoan Exercise This is our way to communciateeffectively using spatial data with SMS,Email, Phone Calls and other methods
  18. 18. This is an additional opportunity! Brendan Cunningham Pin Point Alerts Phone: +353 (1) 254 4363 Mobile: +353 (87) 6153990 Email: Twitter: @pinpointalerts