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Edge brochure


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Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Edge now available in iOS and Android through Google Play. Access corporate disclosure and financial reports and even share through your networks for free.

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Edge brochure

  1. 1. DOWNLOAD NOW on iOS and Android Share This Another unique offering of EDGE, this feature allows disclosures and notices to be shared via Facebook or Twitter. Disclosures can also be shared through conventional e-mail or SMS. Free mobile app from the PSE to give investors easy access to material information to make sound investment decisions. Share disclosures through Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and SMS. Exchange Notices Features listing-related and disclosure-related announcements from the PSE Issuer Regulation Division. Information on upcoming IPOs and their prospectuses, additional listings, exchange- initiated halts and suspensions, and other Exchange announcements may be found in this section. For comments and suggestions, click “Rate and Review PSE EDGE” in the information icon on the main screen. Electronic Disclosure Generation Technology Halts and Suspensions Displays a list of stocks that are currently or have been recently halted or suspended. This section provides information on the execution date and time, and lifting date and time of the halt or suspension. The new stock market disclosure system developed together with one of the world’s leading exchange technology provider, the Korea Exchange, is now in the market. The Philippine Stock Exchange Electronic Disclosure Generation Technology or PSE EDGE provides a new electronic platform that will give investors a faster and more convenient access to news and disclosures of listed companies. Now, information on listed companies can be easily accessed in a new PSE disclosure website With the EDGE mobile application that can be downloaded through iOS and Android, investors can readily get the latest disclosures using their phones and tablets. Other Reports All structured disclosures excluding financial reports.
  2. 2. Advanced Search A global search of all disclosures and notices displayed in the mobile application. The search fields consist of company name, period, disclosure type, and title. PSE EDGE Mobile Home / Main Screen Easy-to-use interface that provides quick links to the mobile application’s nine main segments: Company Information, Company Announce- ments, Financial Reports, PSEi Company Disclosures, Dividends and Rights, Halts and Suspensions, Exchange Notices, ETF, and Other Reports. This screen also provides access to Advanced Search, Latest Disclosures, and My Page. My Page One of the mobile application’s special features. Push notifications from companies that users subscribe to or tag as “favorite” will be sent whenever new disclosures become available. Company Information Displays trading data, profile, and latest disclosures of each listed company. Relevant information such as the last traded price, market capitalization, P/E ratio, and the Company’s contact information may be found in this section. Company Announcements Contains disclosures on corporate acts, develop- ments or events relating to the operations and business of listed companies. Dividends and Rights Features a list of all companies that declared cash, stock, or property dividends, and stock rights offerings. This section enables users to quickly view the type of dividend, dividend rate, and ex-date without having to open each disclosure. ETF Market Data and Disclosures Displays information on the last traded price and iNav of ETFs, and lists all disclosures made by ETF companies. Check real-time corporate disclosures and company information on the go. Receive disclosure notifications from listed companies tagged as favorite in “My Page”. Financial Reports Periodical reports containing the financial condition and results of operations of listed companies. Have the EDGE in your investments. Latest Disclosures Shows list of all disclosures and notices displayed according to date and time of release.