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  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES [K/ [ANILA (‘OLLEGE or oEN1'rs'rRY 5: NATIONAL lZISTlTUTES or HEALTH Training-Workshop on Oral Health Research Ethics and Principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) In cultivati g the cultur of rfiearch in Dentistry, the Univer ity of the Ph pine Manila College of Dentistry is launching its first 3-day Training-Workshop on Oral Health Reearch Ethics and Principles of Good Clinical Practice. In collaboration with the University of the Ph ppines Manila National Institute of Health, the objective of the continuing research training is to harrnonize good oral health raearch deign with good clinical practice and ethical principles. Dates: Tinle: Nlarch 9, 16, 23, 8:00 arn—5:OO pin Venue: Auditorium, UP College of Dentistry, Pedro Gil cor. Taft ave, Manila The Training — Workshop brings together transdis<: i- Q”5"°”5 0’ C"”’”"“”’5" plinary expertise from various areas of health re- C bat D. .L‘I tGlD search in three days of lectures, case studies, and on C r 'e a an 30246360; 3022983 LOC 117; case presentations. These provide a unique opportu— Dr. Giselle vumul 0919- nity to learn from each other's expertise, challenges, 8384452 ; Dr. Rose Anne conflicts, and dilemmas. Rosana 09224359155 The Training — Worlshop is intended for academi- cians, researchers, ethics committee members, post- E"""a“3 _ graduate students in dentistry who conduct, coordi— 95Yum“'ddm@9ma"-C°m nate, manage, approve, and fund researches. "'et93'ba"@V3h°°-C°m rarosa n§@yahoo. com Location Details P'l'$rl'1 or ran The UP College of Dentistry is located -Life Bldg at the corner of Taft ave. and Pedro. L The entrance to the college building , . 5‘ ‘‘‘‘‘‘'s can be Found right to he entrance * Enenswn qmlc gates. You will be greeted by a guard at the lobby who can assist you the location of the auditorium. The UP College of Dentistry is acce- sible by all vehicular transport—bus, LRT, jeepneys and taxis. Those who will be bringing private vehicle rnust inform us for access to parking.
  2. 2. OR. -l_ H E. ‘— LTH RESI-IA RC1 I nu UPCD Rmmm1Co. Lunr. n/ DEPA Kmtm or Comumm DENIISTKY rumuas mu mssxox I0 | .(Pk()110RAL nuum mxouzn nzsumcn, nrsu ncu l’RAI. ’L'(L AND nu: mssc. nmu Of Mm: TN | NFOR. lA‘l|0N mr: l‘ERK)R. |lNG AND SIJPKIXTING IAASK‘ AND (. ‘l. lNlCAL RESEARCH: CONDL'("flNG RFSFA RPM YRAINLNC AND CA REER DE'E1K)P. |I‘. .’'Y PROCRA fifi I0 LVSUKE AN : D&UATE Nl}. !EI‘. R 0? TALLNTED, Wf. u.—PRF. PARf. D AND DIVEIEE lN'fSIl(LMOK5e C(llRDINITIN('- AND ASSLWINC ILI. .E'ANl RESIIAIKDI AND Rl‘. §tARCll—IflJT! .‘D . urn'mn= AMONG Il. l.§i17l'OR§0F1Hf. RESFA RCH CO. l$l: 'NITY: PKEKVTINC THE TTMT . Y TRANSFER Of K'(YWlJ’. DCL GAINLD YEN RI'5DRL‘lI AND ITS IMPLICATIONS K)! HIALHI TU fill. ‘ FUBUC. HfJI_fll l’K)FT. SiKWAL‘o. IE- S{'A| IClIl: l6 AND KIIJCY-MAKM6. Mr. UPCD RLstMncM Co. :m'm. / Dcumnam orcnnnuum Dlzx. nsmr. IN coxsuuuuos wrm THE UNI’EBl'IY or DIE Pmun-x. 'Ls MANILA NA. ‘lIONA1.l. STTTL'I'E5 or HEALTH sun us mr. M1$| o.~: or BEEOHING A MA XOR mounc: c2mmu'1)c mu It| ‘.ALfl| nrsuxcn / mu m PACITY-BUIIDING | .'5IN('. nu: ruxzmnx ‘PA KTNl‘. l$MIl' ml Bzrmn Hr1u. m'. llNlVERSl'l'Y OF THE PH| l|l‘P| N1.$ MANILA Cruise: 0; I)l. NT| STR & NATIONAL I. |s1'mms or HEALTH «mum-. m~ c. .u. ,.- .1 Dmfl(1_. l'¢drn('iilmr. ha nu-. . . m| . PlIom. ~l'l'e| d‘u: Dr. Lila Gnllnn 301-6360; 3022903 In: I17; Dr. Giselle Yumul (I919-8384452 : Dr. RM: Anne ltnnnea 09224369165 I-'. -nuil- g: _wmuIddmfiJg; |nniLcam: Ii| e(gal| nn@_v| lmo. caIn; ramnncs@ynlIon. coln UNl’ERSl'l'Y OI‘ THI-I I’l| Il. |l’PINES . I. -, 1Il. .- culqe A nmuq : - x. nsmd luau. »-ollmnh TRAI. ‘lN(‘. -’()Iu(sHOP ON ORAL HI-L~LTH RES! -fAR(‘H I-‘iruucs AND PRINCINES or Goon CLINICAL PRACTICE (GCP) Dan-: Man-$19, lfundll, 20lZ( Friday) Time; 8:00 am-—S:00pm Vrnne: .-udi| ::rium. UP (‘olln-gr ul'Denlis1r_v. Pt-xlmflil mr. Taflau-. . Manila Plarmuniumg Good Oral Health Rn: -anh Design mnh Good Clinkal Pnmw and lilhkal Prh1<1p| us PM Rnfiullalhwh DI. ‘ IJIET G/ I. lMN W3 ‘K01 W255} Ia- II7: DR‘ GISEUI Ylllllll. (HI? 315505.‘: 0“. IOSUIANNF “USED 5 012! 4|€9|65 E-mall: gnIyumIdddnnfLT_': nn| I.¢tun: Iilrtg. -Ihan@yahm. a n. rarnuuesrgig-. huu. su-n Rrlflnlllm ‘(Y Ifllfl MI! ‘ 2. Nil} 1 H‘: LMWX” «.55-nun. la Mn: -I I. 20:: «mm; rip um. oo
  3. 3. Tlw 'l'nIIIIII_¢ - w. rlohup bangs Iugrtluer Innqlunpluumy rVprrIiIr [rum run: -II: Arr. » I-l he. -lulu vrwulfi nu Ilum clay: nl Imam we snuullm and . ».. .- , m.-m. u.. ... . ‘n. -.. ,. m-. .Ir . .. ... ... ... .P, ..1.. ..aI_ lu lam rm. .. ml. .. IIm'. I-xpfilixr, .1I. II. -.5.. . . ... IIs. s., .. .I d. I.—. m.. ... . ll»: ‘I‘nln-ug « 'uclul. up La mwudnl luv . x-ulnnkum , nseunlm. nlalu ulmlllllrr IlI'I1|l)n'I unl p--; I;pIlIuIr -Imlr-nu III dfllllfll} ml». ulKlI. l1. mu -nlimlr. Ivumgr. -IM'w)i‘, and haul mcurluru Program °°°”C"”'“"“*‘<"'°'3 ""*v°"P'*‘*‘*"*'m'"‘ "‘**°*>'"'“'*'"“I*'"°"““" "°'*°"'""*‘*"’r= “'°' Hislor_vand ()cr1'nIo| 'lnu-nI. :~ . IIor1IlrIgI! mrl “owl Guiddmm in Rhmwh hm“ l’mlI. -rII'ng Privany and Cunlith-nil’; loud Reward: Gulclclim-s | ’n'IIn'ples of Reward) Itlhina an“, of ' INN‘ mffimmm Rah. “HRH/ "f Role of Sponsor and Monitor ””“°°°‘°°"‘ lilhiml Imws in ('linix'. Il Trials l‘1flI'|1‘l’Il. ' oflnlixrmecl (‘aIL<uIl "°"’ °l Dfim Risk RI-m-fil : «-samcnl in lilhiml V°'k"'°P ‘ (GCP Ca“ S'“d. V) ltlhiall lsmrs in Publication Rem. “ 0"’ "“'“' ""°"’°""'°" "‘**""*' I-0.. w. ..I. I.o, . -1-. .. . -uul Imam». Iugkil Nd Bvhlfiord “varkéwp I ‘P{ou, ‘(! I Rrmhw} Uonillg ('(~n~mInIims ('. '('IY "“‘“’“"'-“‘“"r“"”‘ ‘ork»hop I (Rhr. v('h | 'lIIins) Rq; I.quniarI_]I-r Imludec: am / pm Iumh. kiln mnlaining hardxopy of mll Irr- lurcs and Mali copy nhll forms. pen. nnlchank . nd (vniflmlr ol puliriintiun Sign-Up Form Tnle DI . M Rl(: l.‘IlRl'(I mu rm TR NIX ‘()Rl‘~'ll()l‘ n. . ()II. I l| l.l’l‘ll RI‘. .Iu'u I"l'lll(‘S : .n l'Rl(‘ll'll-. Ul l; ()(l[) (. [‘l1(. l‘l l’R; ("[l('l- II; rI>. Doy<xIMvooamcuhIloodIow&7 [W009 IP95 [| Ve9ewIan [loll-as IIFMWW nudlmmm, In*fnlr; dl>n. IMr; . Pnluoulun ll: .u. . xhah I‘lnIIIr To-loll‘. I)r. lL1l2J| n1I| l)‘6I6fl: WJNRII-I II7: I)! ‘ (Ht-‘at IIIII D9W U344‘! Dr It-r Am’ Ila-mn 119.‘! Hfiflllni I II‘! ,, ... ... I.u. .. u; ,_, ... .Im. .. . I. I.. ... I:. ..I. I,, .I». .. .. . ... ... ... ... ,.I. ... ... ..