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The PADCHI ( Pediatric Dentistry group ) will hold a seminar entitled "Unraveling the Mystery behind MTA, MIH and MI" on Jan. 12, 2010 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with Dr. David Manton from the University of Melbourne to be their sole speaker for the day . The seminar will be held at the Lung Center of the Phils. Auditorium.

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  1. 1. REGISTRATION DETAILS PADCHI Officers Pre-registration (Deadline: December 6, 2009) President : Dr. Sandy M. Uy PhP 800.00 — Members Vice-President : Dr. Vivian Gabaldon PhP 1,000.00 — Non-Members Secretary : Dr. Maria Lourdes D. Ibe On-site PhP 1,500.00 — Members/Non-members Treasurer : Dr. Danilo J. Giron Auditor : Dr. Rodrigo D. Marquez, Jr. PAYMENTS may be made through: Board Members : Dr. Rowena M. Acala Account Name: PADCHI Banco de Oro, Victoria Towers, Timog, Q.C. Dr. Maria Yvette D. Cruz Current Account No.: 2568006118 Dr. Michelle T. Lajara Dr. Angel Ann L. Ong Please FAX or E-MAIL deposit slip with your name and contact numbers to: Dr. Melanie S. Posecion Board of Trustees : Dr. Aida H. Salcedo Fax No.: (02)7241349 Dr. Anna Maria C. Dimanlig E-mail Address: FOR INQUIRIES CONTACT: P 500 Voucher Discount National Capital Region Dr. Danilo J. Giron for every PhP 3,000.00 worth of GC products you buy. 7230101 loc. 2101 This voucher cannot be combined together nor exchanged for cash. Dr. Rowena M. Acala 4254092 / (0917)3712784 Mr. Steve Y. Gramonte 9246601 loc. 295 Lots of raffle prizes to be won! Golden Peak/Highgate Enterprises (02)2454057 Special Gift Prizes awaits the first GC Mobile (0920)9459822 / (0922)8453417 50 PRE-REGISTRANTS!!! Northern and Central Dr. Charles David Baguilat Luzon (0920)9217728 / (074)6198531 loc. 208 Dr. Marie Yvette D. Cruz (0919)6103380 / (044)4630193 In cooperation with Southern Luzon Dr. Raymund Redor (0920)9526654 Highgate Enterprises Visayas and Mindanao Dr. Melanie S. Posecion and (0917)3026129 / 3295226 GC Asia Dental Dr. Kimberly Anne S. Hilario (0919)8138766 / (033)3296961
  2. 2. PROGRAMME 08:00 Registration 01:30 Afternoon Session Dr. David Manton 09:00 Morning Session Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation— BDSc MDSc FRACDS FICD What is it, why is it and what are we Dental Caries—where to from here? doing about it? Topics 1 and 2— Dental caries in the present Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation (MIH) is S e n i o r L ec t u r e r, Pa e d i at r i c a prevalent condition in Australia with day one of the of the most ubiquitous pre- Dentistry, Growth and Development more than one fifth of children affected, ventable diseases affecting a great propor- and around 5% severely affected. We are Cooperative Center for Oral Health tion of the world’s population. The caries unsure of the aetiological factors, so pri- Science, Melbourne Dental School, process can be summarised as an ongoing mary prevention is difficult, and many of University of Melbourne these teeth provide great clinical chal- cycle of de– and re-mineralisation mani- lenges. Treatment planning for hypomin- Graduated BDSc (Melb) in 1984 and fested as interplay between environmental, eralised molars in the child is a compli- worked in general practice until 1991 behavioural and genetic factors. Using a cated and difficult and often thankless when he undertook an MDSc in Paediat- Minimally Interventive (MI) or “personalised task, as decisions made at the time can ric Dentistry. He was dental advisor to whole of oral environmental management” have long term consequences. Whether the Federal Government from 1994-1996 to restore; which material to restore with; approach, the prevention and healing of and won the KG Sutherland Prize of the whether to extract and at what time— dental caries relies on reliable early detec- should I ask an orthodontist; should I RACDS in 2007. David is currently the tion, modification of the risk factors, and remineralise; what to tell the parents? convener of the Paediatric Dentistry pro- compliance with preventive and remineralis- 03:00 Afternoon Tea gram at The University of Melbourne and ing protocols. These concepts will be dis- supervises several postgraduate research 03:30 Pulp Therapy for Young Perma- projects. David is involved in collabora- cussed with emphasis on recent research nent Teeth including Treatment tive research with the Royal Children’s regarding Fluoride and newer Calcium and Planning and the Loss of First Per- Hospital (Melb.), ACTA (the Netherlands) Phosphate based technologies such as CPP- manent Molars. and the University of Dundee. ACP. The ability to incorporate the MI phi- Many things have changed recently re- David has spoken widely throughout losophy into dental practice will be discussed garding the possibilities with pulp treat- Australia, Asia and Europe and has wide in various ways to make your practice more ment of the deciduous and permanent ranging experience in laboratory and profitable; more enjoyable and fulfilling. dentitions. These changes range from the clinical trials of CPP-ACP, Minimal inter- introduction of ferric sulphate and MTA, vention Dentistry and the detection of 10:30 Morning Tea to revascularisation and apexogenesis. caries. His interests are in the de- These treatment modalities will be ex- 11:00 MI Dentistry—is it for me or will plained and discussed, so you can take mineralisation and remineralisation of my patients pay? them to practice on the following day. enamel with CPP-ACP and Fluoride, Mo- lar-Incisor Hypomineralisation (MIH), the 12:30 LUNCH 05:00 PADCHI Meeting detection of caries and erosion.