Dental wizardpatientinteractions


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Dental wizardpatientinteractions

  1. 1. GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR PATIENT INTERACTIONSIt has now been well established in the dental profession that the use of patient education has many benefits – amongthem, increased case acceptance, saved time, consistently explained procedures in nontechnical language, developmentof patient trust and confidence, and help with informed consent.In many practices, multimedia presentations have become the preferred method of patient education delivery because theinformation is presented in a visually interesting way, which makes the information even more useful since we all learnand remember information better when we see as well as hear it.And multimedia patient education’s effectiveness is heightened when used with an intraoral camera or digital radiographyso your patient can see the current situation as well as a solution, and thereby becomes a partner in the decision-makingprocess instead of feeling that he or she is being “sold” on a procedure.All and all, multimedia patient education is an effective tool in the case presentation room, operatory, and reception area.And…Patient education can also be used as an effective marketing tool – to reinforce a treatment plan in the home, to promoteaesthetic and other procedures, and to introduce the possibilities to potential patients.“Hi, honey, I’m home. We need to spend a couple grand on my mouth.”Your patient’s spouse may be resistant to the cost of a procedure, even if the patient has a clear understanding of theprocedure and is able to reiterate the necessity for it.However, if you send your patient home with a written treatment plan and a link to your dental web site that hasmultimedia patient education on it, the patient will be able to share this information with family members.The multimedia patient education becomes an accepted third-party authority and the family is included in the process oftreatment plan follow-through.“Can you do this for me, too?”Multimedia patient education can also show your patients additional possibilities of what you can do for them when theyview the other tutorials. There’s a good chance that they will ask you about Veneers or Implants for themselves or theirspouses or Sealants for their children.This “soft marketing” is even more effective if you have put together your own “Before and After” Smile Gallery so patientscan see the results of your work on others.“Hello, my name is Doctor…”Point-and-click multimedia patient education on your web site? Sure, why not? How better to introduce your practice toprospective patients than by having this featured on your web site. You and your practice will be seen as state-of-the-art,caring, and open. If you have Internet connectivity in your treatment rooms, the Web-link subscription is a cost-effectivepatient education solution. No web site? No problem! DigiDentist will provide a FREE portal for your Web-linksubscription.