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How Not To Engage


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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How Not To Engage

  1. 1. Part 3: How NOT to Engage Wine Bloggers & Others On Social Media
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Wrote an article about Finger Lakes Reisling
  4. 4. Winemaker responded
  5. 5. But first, a little about this winery...
  6. 6. Has a blog
  7. 7. Has a blog Is on Twitter
  8. 8. Has a blog Is on Twitter Even has a video blog (vlog)
  9. 9. You would think he would get it...
  10. 10. “...ignorance at it's best..a punk wine want a be, NO ? are dust...”
  11. 11. “you are nothing but pollution on the web...a bad blogger...”
  12. 12. “Hey Strappo...U R putting it to Lenn to have him aid you in your name suggest do you have him over a barrel?”
  13. 13. One Problem: Google loves blogs (and Twitter and all social media)
  14. 14. Google Search for ill-fated winemaker
  15. 15. Do NOT do this!
  16. 16. Instead, Engage • Be nice (does this really have to be said? Apparently so!) • Honor the person’s point of view • Attempt win them over • Even if you can’t it is still a win (Google) • Never try to buy influence (don’t be shady)
  17. 17. Take Away #1: Social Media is Valuable, and you can leverage it to build your personal brand
  18. 18. Take Away #2: You Can Use Social Media to Become A Mini Sales Channel For Your Winery
  19. 19. Take Away #3: 3. Don’t Drink and Do Social Media (Be Nice)