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Blogging, Branding and Public Relations


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How to use blogging to sell more wine and build your brand

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Blogging, Branding and Public Relations

  1. 1. Blogging, Branding & Public Relations How to use blogging to help sell more wine and build your brand
  2. 2. Josh Hermsmeyer President, Capozzi Winery
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Haven’t sold a single bottle of wine (yet)
  5. 5. You lost me at “Hello”
  6. 6. What’s in it for me? 1. Help you sell more wine 2. Build your wine brand
  7. 7. Why blog? Reason #1 Help You Sell More Wine
  8. 8. Case Study
  9. 9. Stormhoek Hired Hugh in 2005 and started a blog
  10. 10. Stormhoek Sales went from 50,000 cases to over 250,000 cases after they started blogging
  11. 11. Stormhoek five fold increase That’s a in less than two years
  12. 12. How? One explanation: Hugh sent bloggers free samples of Stormhoek wine and they blogged about it.
  13. 13. What happened According to Hugh: “Bloggers and their friends didn't start suddenly descending on supermarkets, buying the wine in large numbers.” Source:
  14. 14. What happened According to Hugh: “What happened is that by interfacing with the blogosphere, it fundementally changed how Stormhoek looked at treating their primary customers (the supermarket chains) and the end- users (the supermarkets' customers).” Source:
  15. 15. What happened According to Hugh: “[The challenge is that] there are hundreds of thousands of vineyards in the world, all trying to sell to the twelve or so mass market wine buyers in the UK.” “You need a story that cuts through the clutter.” Source:
  16. 16. Case Study #2
  17. 17. Pinotblogger
  18. 18. No sales #’s, but here are a couple interesting stats
  19. 19. 800 # of mailing list sign-ups via
  20. 20. 10,000 # of monthly visitors to pinotblogger
  21. 21. Tee-shirt giveaway
  22. 22. Hundreds of links = a conversation with the market
  23. 23. Cool Bonus: Got a book deal • Mention in the Wall Street Journal led to being contacted by a literary agent. • A book on starting our winery has to be good for sales, right?
  24. 24. Remember...
  25. 25. Haven’t sold a single bottle of wine (yet)
  26. 26. So Just Imagine... what you can accomplish with some actual juice to sell!
  27. 27. Caveat #1 You need to make your blog a main focus of your marketing to really be successful
  28. 28. Caveat #2 Both Stormhoek and I are new to the industry and have nothing to lose
  29. 29. Takeaway: Blogging can help you sell more wine indirectly and The results can be phenomenal, especially given the extremely low cost
  30. 30. Why blog? Reason # 2 Build your winery brand
  31. 31. But first... What’s the difference between Marketing, Advertising, PR, and Branding??
  32. 32. Marketing
  33. 33. Advertising
  34. 34. Public Relations
  35. 35. Branding
  36. 36. Blogs help you outsource your PR to hundreds of people who can build your brand by word of mouth, for free. IF... ...your wine and customer service are remarkable
  37. 37. If your wine sucks and you act like a jerk, they’ll be happy to blog about that as well!
  38. 38. Google Juice
  39. 39. Google loves blogs
  40. 40. Around 40% of searches on Google are people looking to buy something
  41. 41. Blogging helps those people locate you because Google loves blogs (and the number of people shopping for or researching wine online will continue to grow)
  42. 42. Examples:
  43. 43. Search for: “robert parker pinot” Text
  44. 44. Search for: “russian river pinot”
  45. 45. Search for: “cool russian river wineries”
  46. 46. Takeaways: It is cheap and effective to use your blog to get people talking about your wines. You just have to be remarkable. and Blogging helps your Google ranking, which will help more people find you.
  47. 47. Thank You!