Solving 21st Century Problems


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A PDF of the slides from my presentation, "Solving 21st Century Problems: How Associations Can Innovate to Thrive," held on March 4, 2010 at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town.

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Solving 21st Century Problems

  1. 1. Solving 21st Century Problems: How Associations Can Innovate to Thrive Jeff De Cagna, Chief Strategist and Founder Principled Innovation LLC
  2. 2. @pinnovation #21Cassns
  3. 3. what are the most difficult problems your stakeholders face today and going forward, and what will your association do to help solve them?
  4. 4. welcome to the social future!
  5. 5. social future the emerging ecology of people and platforms that enable interdependent collaboration and distributed value creation
  6. 6. Number of Web users worldwide in 2000/2010: 360 million/1.7 billion U.S. cell phone penetration in 2000/2010: 34%/89% Source: Fast Company (March 2010)
  7. 7. “Meaning is the new currency. What we need now are people who are willing to break the typical rules of business and re-imagine the pressing issues of our time.” --Doreen Lorenzo, frog design
  8. 8. what does it mean to be a 21st century association?
  9. 9. the thrivable 21st century association will be intentional about solving its stakeholders’ most difficult problems
  10. 10. "Intention is the active partner of attention; it is the way we convert our automatic processes into conscious ones." --Deepak Chopra
  11. 11. associations need to be intentional about innovation
  12. 12. thrivability the capacity to flourish by capitalizing on the momentum created by the social future
  13. 13. what are the most difficult problems your stakeholders face today and going forward, and what will your association do to help solve them?
  14. 14. three problems managing flows receiving support unlearning the past
  15. 15. managing flows
  16. 16. how is your association helping its members manage increasingly strong and rapid flows of information and knowledge?
  17. 17. According to one estimate, mankind created 150 exabytes (billion gigabytes) of data in 2005. This year, it will create 1,200 exabytes. --The Economist (2/25/10)
  18. 18. three opportunities focus on the abundance build digital literacy turn rivers into streams
  19. 19. receiving support
  20. 20. how is your association supporting its stakeholders’ efforts to make sense out vast quantities of important information and knowledge?
  21. 21. “…knowledge has become so specialised that it is impossible for any individual to grasp the whole picture.” --The Economist (2/25/10)
  22. 22. 10000 diseases 3000 drugs 1000 lab tests
  23. 23. three opportunities content curation content mobility deep support
  24. 24. unlearning the past
  25. 25. how is your association building its stakeholders’ capacity to develop new ways of thinking about the world as it is changing?
  26. 26. habits of mind mental models
  27. 27. social is a way of learning, and a way of unlearning
  28. 28. three opportunities inquiry and discovery sociality is (un)learning heuristics not algorithms
  29. 29. let’s take some questions!
  30. 30. some final questions
  31. 31. how will your association manage the tension between its need for stakeholder intimacy and its stakeholders’ demands for greater privacy?
  32. 32. how will your association connect uniquely with stakeholders whose relationships are increasingly digital, public and highly networked?
  33. 33. how will your association manage its stakeholder relationships as a negotiated exchange of value instead of a preset package of offers?
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