The Dos And Don'ts Of Car Shopping


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The Dos And Don'ts Of Car Shopping

  1. 1. Making Every Dollar CountMaking Every Dollar Count DuringYour NextVisit toDuringYour NextVisit to the Car Dealershipthe Car Dealership
  2. 2. IntroductionIntroduction When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, there are a number of factors that must be considered in order to make the most out of every single dollar that is spent. While customers wish it was as easy as simply picking their favorite style or brand, a little preparation beforehand and keeping a few tips in mind could save both time and money.
  3. 3. IntroductionIntroduction For those that have recently begun this process and are unsure of where to look, here is a look at some of the do’s and don’ts, starting with the research and ending with the car dealership.
  4. 4. Understanding the BasicsUnderstanding the Basics While many drivers have an idea of the car that they would like to purchase or the amount of money that they would like to spend, it is important to understand exactly how this process works.
  5. 5. Understanding the BasicsUnderstanding the Basics Great deals can be found at any car dealership, but there are a number of other costs to consider as well. From maintenance and car insurance to warranties, the initial payment or ongoing payments for the vehicle itself may only be the beginning.
  6. 6. Understanding the BasicsUnderstanding the Basics It is also important for drivers to realize that this process takes a little bit of time, and more energy spent in the planning stages means less hassle down the road.
  7. 7. Realistic ExpectationsRealistic Expectations One of the big don’ts during this process is to have unrealistic expectations about the price or style of car that one would like.
  8. 8. Realistic ExpectationsRealistic Expectations Drivers should take a close look at exactly what their car will be used for as well as their budget instead of picking the style of car first.
  9. 9. Realistic ExpectationsRealistic Expectations Whether an individual needs multiple seats for their family, storage room in a work truck, a comfortable cruiser, or a car that is great on gas mileage, the utility of the vehicle should always come first.
  10. 10. Research BeforehandResearch Beforehand Once the basic style of vehicle has been decided upon as well as one’s budget, it is time to begin the research. There are a number of third-party apps, programs, and websites that can be used before heading over to the car dealership.
  11. 11. Research BeforehandResearch Beforehand This often begins with setting a minimum and maximum amount that the customer would like to spend, then narrowing their car down by style and mileage. What many potential customers do overlook is the history of the vehicle, and all used vehicles should be inspected and have their history pulled up.
  12. 12. The Day of the PurchaseThe Day of the Purchase When it comes down to the day of the purchase, all of the “do’s” should have already been taken care of. Whether it is online or at the car dealership, the customer should have their budget and their research in-hand to prevent an impulse buy or overspending on the wrong vehicle.
  13. 13. The Day of the PurchaseThe Day of the Purchase The customer should also keep in mind some of the extras that will be involved in the purchasing process such as a warranty, insurance, taxes, and dealer fees. With these do’s and don’ts in mind, every driver will be able to save money while still driving away with the car of their dreams.