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Benetton Case Study.ppt

  1. 1. Benetton Campaign Case Study Alanoud Ali Christine Castillo Fatima Tariq Remi Eid Sara Kazilbash
  2. 2. The Goal Of The Campaign • The mission of Benetton’s campaign is to give awareness of an entrepreneurial Africa. It promotes the Birima micro-credit programme in Senegal • A supportive credit society founded by the Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour .
  3. 3. • Birima is based on entrepreneurial talent, hard work, hopefulness and interest for future opportunities, this project endorses the ‘new face of Africa’.
  4. 4. Message Theme • Microcredit Africa Works
  5. 5. Developer of Slogan • FABRICA, which is the Benetton’s communication research centre.
  6. 6. Core Elements Of Media Strategy The core elements are: • Objectives - An objective is the desired end of an action, which is what one expects to accomplish • Strategy - A strategy is the general plan which involves the delivery of the message to the target audience • Tactics - Tactics are the specific decisions that are made to implement the media strategy
  7. 7. Appearance Of Campaign • It became public all over the world, from February 2008.
  8. 8. Communication and Media Platforms • The Benetton campaign uses outdoor advertising, press advertising, online advertising, and event sponsorship.
  9. 9. Components Of Message Strategy • The Benetton campaign underlines the importance of assisting organizations committed to solidarity. • At the same time, it highlights how the pledge of a single individual can put the wheels in motion to generate change in society as a whole.
  10. 10. Definition Of Symbols • Symbols have bigger meanings that are important and integrated with culture.
  11. 11. Everyday People As Symbols • The photographer James Mollison portrays them with their tools of their trade. • These everyday people become tangible representations of an Africa that uses the dignity of employment to fight poverty, promote fair development, maximize resources, and handle responsibility for creating its future.
  12. 12. Endorser Of Campaign • Youssou D’Nour is one of the hundred most influential people in world according to Time Magazine. • He is a world-famous musician, who brought Senegalese music to the world.
  13. 13. • He is extremely recognized internationally, since he has received numerous awards for his music, including the IMC-UNESCO Music Award in 2004 and a Grammy in 2005.
  14. 14. Industrial Culture Of Benetton • ‘Industrial culture’ refers to cultures in which mass consumption and production both fuel the economy, and shape perceptions and constructions of a company’s identity. Economic developments, demographic trends, and new technologies profoundly influence the scope and scale of industrial culture.
  15. 15. • For this particular campaign, Fabrica’s test is to use communications which no longer depend on the usual forms of advertising. It had to rather transmit the concept of ‘industrial culture’ and ‘company intelligence’ through other means, such as: music, cinema, photography, publishing, and Internet.
  16. 16. Thank You