What to Wear on an Interview


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Your interview attire should be simple, neutral, and professional to add to your skills and qualifications and not distract from what the interview is really about, getting the job.

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What to Wear on an Interview

  1. 1. What to Wear on an Interview You want a pristine, professional position with a paycheck to match? Well it all starts with the interview and dressing for the job you want. When it comes to the interview, always over dress rather than under dress. Most offices are business casual or wear jeans, but keep interview attire business professional. Dressing professionally will show initiative and boost your confidence. Remember you only get ONE first impression so give it your all! Men 1. Suit Up! If you do not have a suit, wear slacks and a nice sports coat. Preferably in a dark color: black, navy, or dark gray. Make sure your pants are hemmed to the proper length. If buying a suit some stores will take care of this for you. If buying a used suit, most dry cleaners will shorten pants and sleeves at a low cost and in a few days. 2. WEAR A TIE. I repeat, WEAR A TIE. Adding a tie is not hard but men often brush it off as old fashion or unimportant. News Flash! Wearing a tie is immensely important! Color and style are up to you as long as it is not totally ridiculous (piano, light up Christmas tree, etc.) 3. Shoes- Put your best foot forward. Wear nice, shined dress shoes or loafers. No Sperry’s, athletic shoes, or sandals. 4. Socks- Minimize distractions. Make sure you have on long dress socks in a neutral color close to the color of your suit, you can never go wrong with black. When you sit down your socks may show. You do not want flashy socks to draw away from the purpose of the interview. Once, I found myself in a sales meeting with a man wearing purple polka-dot socks. Not only did the socks completely distract me from the sales pitch, I did not take the sock-wearer seriously due to his bizarre socks. 5. Facial Hair- The hobo look is out. Clean-shaven is your best bet. If you insist on keeping some facial hair make sure it is neatly trimmed and groomed with no stubble and clean lines. 6. Hair- No mohawks please. Make sure hair is combed and looks neat and tidy using just enough product. Do not walk into a professional office with spiked up, gelled, beware of balloons hair. Keep it simple and stick to classic styles. Obviously, don’t wear a hat, even if you are channeling J.R. Ewing for a Dallas area interview. Ladies 1. Wear a Jacket- A blazer, or suit jacket with a collar.
  2. 2. Pair this with the matching suit, dress, or blouse with skirt or slacks. The jacket is the essential piece to take your look from business casual to business professional. 2. Length- Who wears short-shorts? Not you. If wearing a dress or skirt make sure it falls at least mid-thigh, past fingertips, and allows you to comfortably sit and stand. If wearing pants make sure they are tailored to the proper length. Most dry cleaners will hem pants for less than $10 and it only takes a couple of days. 3. Jewelry- Keep it simple. This is not the time nor place for “bling-bling” Keep earrings to studs and necklaces small and short. Same with rings, keep it simple and elegant. Wear a watch if you have one, it gives the appearance of time consciousness and punctuality. 4. Make-up- Subtlety is key. Put your best face forward, but make sure it reflects an everyday look. Keep your eye shadow neutral and no bright lip stick. Wear your usual eye liner, mascara, and face make up. 5. Shoes- Strive for comfort and confidence. Simple flats or heels, solid colors and nothing flashy. A peep toe is acceptable but stay away from a sandal. Whatever shoe you choose, just remember comfort and confidence. In working with IT headhunters over the years, these are a few tips that many IT Staffing Agencies will agree on: Wear dark colors-black, navy, or dark gray for your main pieces (suit, jacket, dress, pant and skirt). Wear your hair up and out of your face- a simple ponytail or bun works great. Your clothing will impact the all-important first impression, but remember interview attire should be simple, neutral, and professional to add to your skills and qualifications and not distract from what the interview is really about, getting the job! Remember to always accessorize with a smile and good luck! About The InSource Group The InSource Group is a premier Dallas IT staffing agency offering contract, contract-to- hire, project staffing & direct hire options. Our proven IT recruitment process ensures you are well matched with potential employers. For information on Information Technology Jobs in Dallas, please visit: http://www.insourcegroup.com/dallas-it-jobs