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File Naming Tips for Digital Asset Management Systems


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Tips for creating smart, intuitive file names for your digital asset management system.

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File Naming Tips for Digital Asset Management Systems

  1. 1. File Naming Tips for Digital Asset Management SystemsYour digital asset management (DAM) system may be home to thousands of differenttypes of assets: Video, photographs, logos, illustrations, audio, presentations, and more.All are unique, and they must be easily searchable, and convertible to alternativeformats. They should also be quickly transferrable to both internal and third-party users,regardless of computer environment. Key to this entire process are smart, intuitive filenames. They can be number-, date-, or subject-based, but they should all adhere to a fewsimple guidelines.At a minimum, file names should be:• Unique - Providing distinct identification for a file (this also prevents inadvertentoverwriting)• Clean - Short in length, and free from unusual characters and symbols• Platform-agnostic - They can be received from, sent to, or used by a variety ofother computer systems• Content-indicative – Including a 3-4 character extension denoting the type ofcontent in the fileBut all this raises a question. If you receive a file from another organization, user, orplatform, should you immediately rename it for use in your DAM system? In order tostandardize your filenames, yes—but consider retaining the original file name asmetadata attached to the file, so that the previous owner can still locate it using theoriginal name.With the little forethought and some crisp filenames, your DAM can continue to easilyand efficiently manage all of your digital assets as your organization grows, regardless ofthe origin or destination of the files. Add in some custom scripting for automaticmetadata application, and you can create anything from assets ready in real-time forspecific channels to automatic archival and rights-management workflows. Thepossibilities are endless with the right naming and metadata conventions.About IO IntegrationIO Integration is a global leader in marketing technology and provides brandmanagement software and digital asset management solutions that help companies easilyand efficiently share, manage, and control digital assets for the world’s top brands,agencies, and publishers.