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PowerPoint of business and information about Pink Fusion Entertainment.

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  • Pink Fusion Entertainment

    1. 1. Business & Marketing Plan Presented by Anika T. McClure
    2. 2. Vision Statement Pink Fusion will stand behind the services offered, stand behind the company, and to create a personal relationship with our customers and to create a working relationship with clientele of trust and integrity to keep our customers satisfied and happy.
    3. 3. Mission Statement Pink Fusion Entertainment is a unique production company specializing in film & video productions, and live productions & shows. We not only produce live shows, but we also make guest & special appearances and hosts live shows and events. We have “PF Models” in which we manage that receive excellent exposure at events, shows etc. Pink Fusion Entertainment has produced many shows, projects, and events since 2008.
    4. 4. Funding Funding for the company will come through profit gain by the supply of our services to our customers; and donations from outsource companies, corporations and other small business with the exchange of goods and/or services PF has to offer though our sponsorship packages.
    5. 5. Operating Expenses The operating expenses are 14% 15% roughly around $12,000.00. The percentage of each sub- 20% 35% area is broken down in the 7% 9% chart below to demonstrate what percentage of the sub- Legal Fees ($1,800) New Equipment ($2,400) Equipment Upkeep/Upgrade ($840) area, the money will go to. Advertisment & Prmotions ($1,080) Production Costs ($4,200) Products ($1,680)
    6. 6. Client Numbers Pink Fusion has accumulated a clientele list of roughly 900+ people that we have as a mailing list. Our mailing lists include means of electronic mail (text message, U.S. Mail, email), and the use of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
    7. 7. Positioning Pink Fusion Entertainment is thriving in the entertainment industry. Pink Fusion is currently in demand in the Chicagoland area. From starting out in 2008, Pink Fusion has gained recognition by local business, the market of clientele, demanding customers, fans, and other entities Pink Fusion is involved in.
    8. 8. Revenue Model Pink Fusion fits the revenue model of a For-Profit Organization/Corporation. Pink Fusion will generate revenue through the profit gain of our offered services to our customers.
    9. 9. Plans Pink Fusion Entertainment already has a fan and clientele base of 900+. The end of year 2 (2010), Pink Fusion will have a fan and clientele base of 1,400+ Pink Fusion will have a target number of 3 interns working for the company team and will have hired two freelance employees by the middle of Year 3. Pink Fusion made a profit gain of $600 at the end of Year 1. Our future goal at the end of Year 2, is to have made a profit gain of at least $2,500, and to keep increasing that number by 3-10% every year.