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Turkish hypocrisy


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Recently, the Turkish PM, Recep Tayip Erdogan lashed out at Israel and made vicious statements accusing it of “massacre” in the wake of the Gaza bound “flotilla of hate” originating from Turkey (9 terror supporting activists, most of them Turkish citizens, where killed when the IDF opened fire on violent, murderous activists).
The Turkish hypocrisy is overwhelming, in view of its horrendous past genocidal acts and more recent acts of murder and destruction. This is a reminder of Turkey’s recent history.

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  • I am not Armenian and therefore I have no soil to 'get back' from Turkey. We already got the Land of Israel back from the incompetent Ottoman Empire.
    The slideshow underlined the sheer hypocrisy and stupidity of the current Islamist rulers of Turkey when they hide and try to ignore the crimes and genocide perpetrated by Turkey against the Armenians but accuse Israel (the only true democracy in the Midddle East) of 'crimes' when it defends itself against those that seek to destroy it.
    The Armenian genocide perpetrated by Turkey is a well known and documented historical FACT, no matter how much Turks would try to deny it or hide their hideous past.
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  • Is there any Turkish sign on any of the claimed photos? If it really touched your heart those photos, come and get your 'soil' back!
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Turkish hypocrisy

  1. 1. Thou shalt not kill Erdogan: Operation against Gaza is a massacre
  2. 2. Turkish civilians and soldiers watching their Armenians victims 1915 - the massacre of over a million & half Armenians
  3. 3. Armenian heads, shown in Turkey
  4. 4. Armenian intellectuals hanging in the main square
  5. 5. Armenian intellectuals hanging in the main square
  6. 6. Erdogan: Operation against Gaza is a massacre???
  7. 7. Corpses of Armenian children who died of starvation Mother and son starving
  8. 8. Mother and son watching another son, died Naked and starving Armenian orphan standing at the ruins of his house
  9. 9. Turks covering up their crimes
  10. 10. Thou shalt not kill
  11. 11. Armenian refugees, deported from their country
  12. 12. Refugees of the Armenian massacre
  13. 13. Refugees of the Armenian massacre
  14. 14. Armenian child dead during the Armenian massacres in 1915
  15. 15. Jewish deportees from Tel Aviv, 1917. Photo: Beno Rotanberge The expulsion of thousands of Jewish citizens from Tel Aviv-1917 Passover Eve, 1917 The commander of the Turkish Front orders the deportation of all Jewish residents of Jaffa and Tel Aviv
  16. 16. The persecution of the Kurds in Turkey continues to this day Kurds are a minority, which constitutes about 20% of Turkey's population, who aspire to self-determination and independence. They rebelled in 1925. The Turkish government brutally suppressed the rebellion. The next revolt broke in – 1938-1939, also brutally suppressed. Thousand of Kurds are killed.
  17. 17. During World War II, 770 Jews immigrants were on the rickety ship "Struma", fleeing from fascist, Nazi ally Romania, hoping to get passports in Istanbul, and enter British Mandate Palestine. The passengers were left at Istanbul quarantined and forbidden to get off the ship (but for eight of them). The immigrants were left on board, with the only supplies received from the Jewish community in Istanbul. When the supplies ran out, on the night of February 23, 1942, the Turks dragged the “Struma” out of Turkish territorial waters and abandoned it with a broken engine and a damaged anchor. The passengers were left out to sea without food or water. Later the ship was torpedoes and sunk and all Jewish refugees from Nazi occupied Europe (except for one survivor) drowned. The abandonment of the "Struma"
  18. 18. The Turkish invasion of Cyprus caused 6,000 killed Bombing and invasion of Cyprus 1974 Thou shalt not kill
  19. 19. Turkey’s new friends: Iran and the Fundamentalist Islam
  20. 20. Betraying the legacy of Ataturk Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder and first President of the Turkish Republic, one of the best known figures of the 20th century As president for 15 years (until his death in 1938), Atatürk encouraged a wide range of changes and reforms in the political, social, economic and cultural sphere similar to that of any modern country in the world
  21. 21. Incitement of hatred of Israel and Jewish population Legitimizes terrorism