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The Magic Superpowers of a well-established "Us"


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Keynote of Hamburgsides 2016

Published in: Career
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The Magic Superpowers of a well-established "Us"

  1. 1. The Magic Superpowers of a well-established „us“
  2. 2. Who is „us“?? And what the hell are superpowers??
  3. 3. BlackHoodie 2016 A story about an „us“ I wasn‘t aware was there
  4. 4. BlackHoodie 2016 - 2-day RE workshop - hosted at G Data Campus - women-only, for free - second edition - 27 attendees - 14 nationalities, 5 continents - Static RE, packers, anti-analysis
  5. 5. I had told the attendees its a tech event, and I wasn‘t joking.
  6. 6. We come to fight patriarchy, except that we‘re not.
  7. 7. Waiting for the otherness of the other to disappear. - John Fowles
  8. 8. XYZ-Only Its a save space Its an inviting space Its an inclusive space Its a supportive space Backlash possible Concerns, that we might look „weak“ look „prefered“
  9. 9. equal opportunities or equal opportunities
  10. 10. Where I come from Malware Analyst in 2011 Won Halvar‘s RE challenge in 2013 Went to SyScan Then went to many many other conferences Analyzed Babar Now internationally recognized malware specialist and… Wait… what??
  11. 11. Anger & Fear Anger, that folks wouldn‘t believe I could do what I intended to do Fear, of failing and disappointing those who trusted I could
  12. 12. The many Master Yodas I believe motivated people motivates people… so everyone needs everyone, there is no such a thing as rockstars - Rodrigo Branco
  13. 13. Being Padawan Pick the challenging tasks Do things that are difficult Stick to it, make it yours Practise, practise, practise Stay hungry Stay humble Trust Yoda
  14. 14. Role Models, or: The that-could-be-me effect
  15. 15. In The Workplace You hire specialists to have them tell you what to do, not the other way round - Chris Baker Give them difficult tasks, then let them make mistakes Hire the learners, not the know-it-alls Make sure they‘re comfortable in the office at all times
  16. 16. Building Bridges
  17. 17. How to get more smart imposters to do amazing security things - give them a smile, be welcoming - ask questions about their work, and listen - engage in conversations - before you explain things, make sure the explanation is needed - help folks understand their own achievements - push, gently, then support - connect other like minded minds - be excellent to each other
  18. 18. DONT: - ask how did you get here, what are you doing here, why did you decide to do $technology - ask for a phone number, a date, a place to sleep - assume someone is present bc. of their significant other - assume third party is responsible for someones achievements - brag or intentionally play down other’s achievements - act offensive - take over someone else’s tasks
  19. 19. Landslides don‘t change things for the better, little actions do.
  20. 20. - Justine Bone As a “women in technology”, I am often called out for that fact—asked to help out on women-in-tech projects, asked how to “fix” the problem, etc […] … we as minorities are not a problem, but an opportunity, and we’d probably find the whole scene more appealing if it were addressed as such.
  21. 21. Hacker Spheres and Career Opps Rapidly growing field Lack of engineers creates hilarious freedom for the pety few Its challenging Mastering challenging things makes you happy It keeps you busy Generally pays well
  22. 22. Marion Marschalek @pinkflawd