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2013 mvps catalog

  1. 1. INSPIRE Learn more: CalvertVirtualSchools.org (877) 485-82832013/14 Curriculum CatalogCalvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education 1
  2. 2. We Chose the Trusted Leader in Distance Education for Your Child Why We Chose the Calvert Curriculum We chose Calvert because of their world-renowned curriculum, their reputation for academic excellence,world-class virtual education and the exceptional support they provide to every family enrolled. Calvert partners with our faculty, staff and you to create a learning environment that empowers your student to achieve academic success. When we decided to add a distance The Benefits We See From Calvert learning option to our school system, we • The freedom to balance flexibility and structure for searched for the best distance learning partner your family we could find, and are pleased to have chosen • Tuition-free access to the time-tested, accredited Calvert. Calvert, began providing distance Calvert program and support network learning over 100 years ago, and today • Step-by-step daily lesson plans their curriculum is used all over the world in • Instruction supported by highly qualified teachers virtual schools, charter schools and homes. • Clear academic objectives for individualized learning We believe Calvert is dedicated to • An excellent balance of online and offline learning inspiring students to realize their full potential • The Verticy Learning option, a specialized curriculum in a 21st-century learning environment designed to help struggling readers using a proven curriculum and expert • Instructional technologies for 21st-century learning instructional support systems designed to • A curriculum that will prepare your child for future encourage academic excellence. Calvert schooling also tailors their program to your child, so she receives the best possible education. “As a teacher I love the ability to combine textbook learning with online enrichment and support, plus monitor my students’ progress.” Susan Henry Lead Advisory Teacher, Chehalem Online Learning Alliance 2 Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education
  3. 3. The Calvert Experience A successful, enriching educational experienceEducating your child outside of a traditional classroom gives you more choices and more flexibility, andthe opportunity to be directly involved in your child’s education. When you choose Calvert, you can beconfident that you are receiving the very best education for your child.The Curriculum Verticy Learning It All Works TogetherThe Calvert curriculum is a high- Verticy Learning is a curriculum option To emphasize and reinforce keyquality, research-based, standards- for students with language-based concepts, skills and information arealigned program of study designed learning differences (LLDs) such integrated within topics and acrossto prepare your child for success as dyslexia, or who are struggling subjects. For example, the readingsin school and in life. Developed by with reading, writing or math. This in the literature course follow thecurriculum and distance learning curriculum is based on the world- time period being studied in history.experts, the Calvert curriculum renowned, Orton-Gillingham method Composition skills learned in languageprovides your child a challenging of teaching and time-tested, multi- arts are applied when writing essaysand integrated educational sensory strategies to best match how and reports in literature and history.experience with emphasis on each child learns. Verticy Learning can Computation, data analysis, andgrammar, composition, and critical help your frustrated student become graphing skills that are learned inthinking. Instruction is sequenced a confident, focused, independent math are applied when studentsin manageable steps, reinforced by reader and writer. develop spreadsheets to displaymultimedia experiences to engage results from a science investigation.children with different learning Technology skill application is wovenstyles. Both the curriculum and its throughout all subjects to ensurepresentation is refined and updated students succeed in a 21st centuryevery year, to take advantage of new digital environment. In each subjectresearch, new technology and new area, students build on what theyways to help your child succeed. already know to successfully grasp new concepts and skills.Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education 3
  4. 4. The Calvert Lesson Manual Daily lesson plans let you spend more time teaching and less time planningLesson Manuals are the “gold” of 1 The Lesson Areathe Calvert curriculum. They provide area in the middle of the screen displays the The current lesson featuring the same instruction ascomplete, step-by-step daily plans for the printed manual. All resource links are live, andall subjects to facilitate an efficient navigation is easy in this online version.school day. Lesson Manuals aredelivered in both online and print 2 The Menu Barversions. Online manuals contain rich menu bar at the top of the screen allows users The to navigate to other pages, view printer-friendlyembedded instructional resources and versions of the manual, and subscribe to instantlinks. Each Lesson Manual contains curriculum updates.a course outline for each subject,instructions on how to use the manual, 3 The Navigation Areaa suggested daily schedule and tips A t the left of the screen, users can navigate to other lessons, general instructions, and, in appropriatefor the Learning Guide. The Lesson grade levels, a learning strategies section andManuals weave instruction from one sentence diagramming companion.subject to the next to help studentsretain information and build a solid 4 Resources Sectionacademic foundation. Additional resources that correspond to the current lesson are located on the right of the screen. Resources may include: n I nteractive math activities n Grammar review videos What’s Included in the Lesson Manual n Interactive instructional videos • Suggested daily schedule n Interactive computer skills lessons and activities• Tips for the Learning Guide n Online activities• List of daily materials n BrainPOP• Assignment summary n iscovery Education D• Clear objectives n irtual Nerd V• Step-by-step instructions n Checkpoints• Automatic curriculum updates n Practice tests • Learning strategies• Online and Multimedia Learning Resources Computer not included.• Online daily Checkpoints Materials and books subject to change. 4 Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education
  5. 5. Look for these icons in your Lesson Manual directing you toonline and multimedia resources that correspond to the lesson. Web Photo Visit a World Wide Web URL Look at a still image online. address. e-Textbook Activity Use your electronic textbook. Engage in an online interactive activity. Checkpoint Complete an online assessment. Video Watch an instructional Rate This Lesson video online. Rate the lesson using the Five-Star Rating System— we Audio Listen to a CD or online audio listen. Your comments and suggestions are valued! Take a look file (mp3). B rowse our online Lesson Manual demo at: www.calvertschool.org/lessonmanual 3 2 4 1Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education 5
  6. 6. Calvert Online ResourcesLearning made fun with interactive and multimedia resourcesInteractive multimedia learningtakes less time, is enjoyed more, LEARNING GUIDE PORTALand increases learning. Calvert All Grades The Learning Guide Portal is your online tool to oversee, supporthas integrated technology and enhance your child’s academic journey. In this passwordwith textbooks and traditional protected site, you will find:resources to provide your • Gradebookchild with a dynamic, fun and • Tracking for your student’s progress • Answer keys for daily workenriching learning experience. STUDENT PORTALThe best part is that all students All Gradesusing Calvert or Verticy have Each student receives access to an online portal containing links to instructional support and online resources. These resources areaccess to these engaging online customized to support your child’s course and are designed toresources. enhance and reinforce lessons. Calvert i-Library All Grades Calvert i-Library contains interactive resources, tools, and supplemental activities including website reviews, age-appropriate activities, and even an astronomy portal. Online versions of Encyclopedia Britannica®, World Atlas, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Collegiate Thesaurus, and Multimedia Library are also included. Calvert i-Library6 Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education
  7. 7. Instructional Composition VideoDiscovery Education STREAMING Videos Game-Based Math Practice Discovery Interactive Computer Skills e-Textbooks Education STREAMING Grades K–8 Publisher-provided electronic versions Grades K–8 Computer aptitude is a vital skill. Calvert of selected textbooks contain additional Calvert presents concept-specific videos Computer Skills are subject-integrated, resources, such as video clips, auto- from Discovery Education STREAMING. animated and child-friendly to help graded practice tests, quizzes, The videos will engage your child and children develop word-processing, and valuable support material. help bring lessons alive. You will be spreadsheet, presentation software, thrilled with the quality of the videos and HTML basic programming, desktop Virtual Nerd the learning benefits they provide. publishing, and web research skills. Grades 6–8 Online math help is available BrainPOP Game-Based Math Practice in the form of video tutorials. Grades K–8 Grades K–5 Sometimes a different perspective Interactive multimedia learning Learning math is fun with web-delivered can help get the point across. is more than just fun; it increases supplemental math activities. This game- learning. Calvert presents interactive based program uses rich, multisensory Calvert Instructional Videos tools featuring videos, games, and activities designed to improve learning Grades 5–8 quizzes from BrainPOP. Your child will while developing higher level problem- Calvert’s math, grammar, composition, love using the online activities that solving and reasoning skills. and history instructional videos are are an integrated part of the Calvert engaging and interactive. These tutorial experience. Calvert Mastery Series: videos are aligned to lesson objectives Spelling and help with retention. BrainPOP Online Activity Grades 3–7 Incorporating dynamic activities while Curriculum Checkpoints using “smart” technology to create Grades K–8 individualized learning, Calvert’s Online Online, concise, objective assessments Spelling program encourages the at the end of every lesson are mastery of spelling skills. automatically graded to give you instant feedback regarding your child’s mastery Calvert Online Spelling Program of the lesson’s concepts. Virtual Nerd Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education 7
  8. 8. Support for Your Success Our team of professional educators helps you and your child every step of the way We are dedicated to helping your child get the best education possible. When you enroll in our school, you are not alone. We’re in this together: you, your child’s Supervising Teacher, our school system and the Calvert Academic Services Team, all sharing a commitment to your child’s academic success.Customized Curriculum Collaborate With Your Individualizing YourAmong the reasons we chose Calvert Supervising Teacher Supportis their ability to help us tailor your Your Supervising Teacher develops Cultivating a nurturing learningchild’s course of study. Each child is a personal relationship with you and environment not only encouragesunique, and with Calvert’s placement your child to establish goals for the your child’s love of learning, butservices and specially developed academic year and plot achievement helps your child receive the bestplacement test, we will determine milestones. Throughout the year, education possible. This is achieveda custom placement to fit your the Supervising Teacher evaluates through the ongoing partnership ofchild’s skills in math and grammar/ progress against established goals your Supervising Teacher, Calvert’scomposition/spelling. This placement and offers suggestions and strategies. academic services team, and you.flexibility ensures that your child is This ongoing academic planning is Your Supervising Teacher guidespositioned for a successful year. a fundamental ingredient ensuring you through the school year and a positive academic outcome for collaborates with Calvert grade level your child. experts to provide you and your child with individualized support.8 Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education
  9. 9. Measuring Results Monitoring your childs progress helps ensure academic successOne of the most important keys toacademic success is regularly monitoringyour child’s performance and progress.A virtual education using the Calvertcurriculum includes tools to help Daily curriculum Checkpointsensure that your child is meeting After finishing a lesson, your child willor exceeding performance complete concise, objective onlineexpectations and mastering grade- questions that give you instant feedback on comprehension and retention oflevel content. Your Supervising the lesson’s main ideas. Responses areTeacher uses these assessment automatically graded and recorded in thetools throughout the year to online Learning Management System (LMS).address concerns and adjust Daily attendance trackingthe academic program as Daily attendance plays a vital role in aneeded. Additionally, student’s academic achievement andyour school district may success. Online features allow our school to track your child’s attendance to ensurerequire standardized state regulatory compliance is met.achievement tests. Weekly or biweekly check-ins Some Supervising Teachers may conduct one-on- one phone or webcam sessions with you and your child, helping to build a solid relationship and provide personal interaction, guidance, and feedback. Monthly performance evaluations A portfolio of your child’s tests will be evaluated, offering personalized feedback and guidance. District and state assessments As a public school student, your school district and state may require your child to participate in the quarterly benchmark assessments and the annual state assessment program. The results of these assessments not only provide you information about your child’s progress, but they also serve as indicators about the school’s overall effectiveness.Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education 9
  10. 10. Kindergarten INSIDE YOUR BOX • Lesson Manual • Teacher Aids • Letters Words Hands-on, active learning • 19 Early Phonics Storybooks • The Music Break CDs (2) • Calvert Math Lesson Manual • Calvert Math Textbook • Calvert Math WorkbookMath Social Studies • Activity PagesStudents explore Math by learning Students discuss community, • Poems Proseabout fractions, money, shapes, transportation, and significant • Little Big Books – Set of 20time, and simple addition and people and events. • Read Aloud Books – Set of 10 • Word and Picture Booksubtraction. Technology • Phonics LibraryLanguage Arts Word processing and graphics • Practice Book, Volume 1 2 • SuppliesThis phonics-based approach applications are introduced. uses colorful, read-aloud phonics Music ONLINE RESOURCESstorybooks and poetry to introduceand reinforce short vowel and Students learn traditional children’s • Online Lesson Manual songs and finger plays. • Game-based Math Practiceconsonant sounds, sequencing, • Interactive Computer Lessons • Curriculum Checkpointsauditory and visual discrimination, Artclassifying and rhyming. Students paint, draw with crayons • Calvert i-Library • Learning Guide PortalScience and chalk, and complete craft • BrainPOP Online Interactive Activities activities to foster creativity andStudents study topics such as the • Discovery Education STREAMING develop fine-motor skills.seasons, weather, the human body, • Calvert Parent Communityplants and space. Course content subject to change based on state standards and curriculum updates. Children enjoy a full-day program featuring a phonics-based learning approach that gives them a solid foundation for reading. Hands-on, interactive activities make learning fun as students are introduced to Technology, Science, handwriting and the fundamentals of music.10 Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education
  11. 11. First Grade The joy of reading and writing INSIDE YOUR BOX • Lesson Manual • Here We Go! • Let’s Be Friends • Surprises Calvert’s spelling and • Treasures reading are integrated with • Wonders each other so your child • Red Robin, Fly Up! learns and retains phonics • Reading Work Pages basics and the building • Reading Word Cards blocks of language. • Calvert Speller • Phonics Library • Explore Your World I • Maps, Globes, Graphs: Level A • Stories and Longer Verses • Writing Fun • Math Lesson Manual • Math In Focus Textbook • Math In Focus Workbook • Science: A Closer Look • Activity Pages • Tests • Science Kit • Supplies Math Science Students work with two- and An exploration of living things, ONLINE RESOURCES • Online Lesson Manual three-digit numbers, skip-counting, measurements, addition and Earth, weather, matter, motion, and energy excites the imagination. • Game-based Math Practice subtraction, telling time, and graphs. • Interactive Computer Lessons Social Studies • Curriculum Checkpoints Language Arts Students are inspired by biographies • Calvert i-Library Through activities that develop of famous explorers, political figures, • Learning Guide Portal • BrainPOP Online Interactive Activities phonemic awareness, phonics, inventors, and American leaders. • Discovery Education STREAMING comprehension, vocabulary, and • Calvert Parent Community fluency skills, students build on Geography • e-Textbooks printing skills and begin to use Students explore the five themes • Answer Keys for Daily Work the distinctive Calvert script. The of geography and learn basic formal spelling program overlaps map skills.C ourse content subject to change based onstate standards and curriculum updates. with phonics instruction in reading. Technology Students learn to compose Computer studies include word sentences on a given topic, lines of processing, computer navigation, poetry, and thank-you notes. graphics skills, and visual mapping basics. Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education 11
  12. 12. Second GradeMath applications for real life INSIDE YOUR BOX • Lesson Manual • Adventures • Delights • Phonics Library • Reading Workbook • Rhymes and VersesMath Social Studies • Explore Your World IIStudents perform complex addition Biographies of old-world figures, • Maps, Globes, Graphs: Level B • Calvert Writer with Spellingand subtraction, manipulate and inventors, and leaders in Americanmeasure geometric figures, develop life expand an understanding of • Math Lesson Manualskills with money and measurement, the world. • Math In Focus Textbookrepresent data, and work with • Math In Focus Workbooknumbers through the thousands. Geography • Science: A Closer LookLanguage Arts Students learn about exact and relative location, boundaries, and • Activity Pages • Art PicturesPhonics storybooks and regions while continuing to build • Testsreading anthologies reinforce basic map skills. • Science Kitword analysis techniques and • Suppliesdevelop comprehension skills. Art Simultaneously, students begin Students develop skills in drawing ONLINE RESOURCESwriting dictated words and and studying famous paintings. • Online Lesson Manual • Game-based Math Practicesentences, learn punctuation and Technology • Interactive Computer Lessonsspelling rules, and start to express Typing, spreadsheets, internet, • Curriculum Checkpointsideas in original compositions. and e-mail skills are used. • Calvert i-Library • Learning Guide PortalScience • Calvert Parent CommunityStudents study heat, light, forces, • BrainPOP Online Interactive Activities • Discovery Education STREAMINGthe properties of rocks, the heartand lungs, plants, animals, and • Answer Keys for Daily Workhabitats. Course content subject to change based on state standards and curriculum updates. Numbers are everywhere with Second Grade Math, which is based on the Singapore method. Math is made both easy and fun with engaging math manipulatives, and online, game-based programs designed to keep children interested and excited.12 Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education
  13. 13. Third Grade In-depth review of history INSIDE YOUR BOX • Lesson Manual • Smiling Hill Farm • Tales From Far and Near, Tales of Long Ago and classic literature • Rewards • Horizons • Reader’s Library • Critical Thinking: Level C • A Child’s Study of Famous Americans • Gods of Greece Spelling is much more than • Let’s Read a Poem repetition, memorization, and writing • Everyday Spelling lists. Calvert’s spelling software • Reading Work Pages incorporates fun online activities and • Reading Word Cards uses “smart” technology to create • Phonics: Level C a custom learning experience while • Maps, Globes, Graphs: Level C your student masters spelling skills. • Scott Foresman Communities • NEW! Math Lesson Manual • NEW! Math In Focus Textbook • Science: A Closer Look • Art Cards • Tests • Activity Pages • Science Kit Math Science • Supplies Students use problem-solving and Life cycles, ecosystems, matter, visual representations to interpret force, motion, and astronomy, ONLINE RESOURCES data, create tables and graph, add health, and mineralogy are studied. • Online Lesson Manual and subtract like and unlike fractions • Game-based Math Practice • Interactive Computer Lessons and mixed numbers, express Social Studies decimals as fractions and mixed • Curriculum Checkpoints Students begin a more formal numbers, measure angles, and find • Calvert i-Library study of social studies, focusing on • Learning Guide Portal area and perimeter. communities. • Calvert Parent Community • BrainPOP Online Interactive Activities Language Arts Geography • Discovery Education STREAMING Composition lessons help students Students learn to identify • Calvert Math e-Textbook further develop writing and hemispheres, continents, and • Calvert Mastery Series: reinforce spelling skills. Students are oceans. They gain an understanding Online Spelling Program introduced to ancient mythology of longitude, latitude and symbols • Answer Keys for Daily Work to foster literature appreciation. on maps and graphs. Smiling Hill Farm, a classic, but rare, OPTIONAL RESOURCES Technology • Verticy Learning program for children’s book reprinted exclusively for Calvert, is the first novel Spreadsheets, graphing, and struggling readers students read on their own. It is presentation skills are employedCourse content subject to change based on supplemented by story anthologies. throughout subjects.state standards and curriculum updates. Students begin a more formal interactive, web-based spelling Art Students learn techniques in program. drawing, perspective, and color. Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education 13
  14. 14. Fourth Grade Idea expression and INSIDE YOUR BOX • Lesson Manual scientific discovery • Robinson Crusoe • Island of the Blue Dolphins • Famous Legends • Mighty MenMath Science • Poetry SelectionsStudents use problem-solving and Students study life science, • Critical Thinking: Level D • Phonics: Level Dvisual representations to interpret physical science, and earth science. • Everyday Spellingdata, create tables and graph, add • Vocabulary Connections: Level Dand subtract like and unlike fractions Social Studies • Grammar Usage • NEW! Math Lesson Manualand mixed numbers, express Students study regions of the Uniteddecimals as fractions and mixed States and basic geography using • NEW! Math In Focus Textbooknumbers, measure angles, and find maps, globes and graphs. • Science: A Closer Lookarea and perimeter. • Maps, Globes, Graphs: Level D Technology • RegionsLanguage Arts Spreadsheets, tables, charts, and • Social Studies WorkbookThe reading curriculum relies on graphs are integrated throughout • State History Coursesclassic children’s literature and the curriculum. • Art Cards and Art Picturespoetry with lessons designed • Tests • Activity Pagesto increase comprehension, Art • Science Kitappreciation, and analysis. Students Students improve skills using lines, • Suppliesuse the writing process to develop light sources, and motion. original compositions. ONLINE RESOURCES • Online Lesson Manual • Game-based Math Practice • Interactive Computer Lessons • Curriculum Checkpoints • Calvert i-Library • Learning Guide Portal E ncourage your young scientist • Calvert Parent Community through hands-on experiments. • BrainPOP Online Interactive Activities Calvert includes science materials • Discovery Education STREAMING • Calvert Mastery Series: with each grade provide hard-to-find Online Spelling Program materials needed to conduct science • Answer Keys for Daily Work activities while online resources show real-world application. OPTIONAL RESOURCES • Verticy Learning program for struggling readers Course content subject to change based on state standards and curriculum updates.14 Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education
  15. 15. Fifth Grade In-depth review of history INSIDE YOUR BOX • Core Lesson Manual • Grammar/Composition/Spelling Manual – Includes Activities and Tests • The Secret Garden and classic literature • Sing Down the Moon • Number the Stars • Shiloh • The Sign of the Beaver • Call It Courage Imagine your child learning a new topic and • Reading Comprehension: Level E then wowing friends by using presentation • Critical Thinking: Level E software to share knowledge and advanced • Everyday Spelling computer skills. Calvert students develop • Grammar Usage age‑appropriate computer skills and apply • NEW! Math Lesson Manual • NEW! Math In Focus Textbook those skills in various subjects. • Science: A Closer Look • American Tall Tales • Build Our Nation • Student Atlas • A Child’s History of Art: Painting • Painting Art Cards • Core Tests • Core Activity Pages • Science Kit • Supplies Math Social Studies Students use problem-solving and Students continue to learn about ONLINE RESOURCES visual representations to multiply American history, from colonial times • Online Lesson Manual and divide fractions, simplify through the twenty-first century. • Game-based Math Practice algebraic expressions, represent • Interactive Computer Lessons ratios in fraction form, multiply Geography • Curriculum Checkpoints and divide decimals, and classify Students study the regions of the • Calvert i-Library polygons. United States, the countries of Latin • Learning Guide Portal America, and Canada. • Calvert Parent Community • BrainPOP Online Interactive Activities Language Arts • Discovery Education STREAMING Students explore connections Technology • Calvert Instructional Videos among American history, literature, Research and basic HTML skills are • Calvert Mastery Series: and geography by reading classic introduced. Online Spelling Program historical novels such as Sing Down • Answer Keys for Daily Work the Moon and Sign of the Beaver. Art Students also continue their studies Students learn different art OPTIONAL RESOURCES • Verticy Learning program for in grammar and learn how to write different kinds of compositions. techniques including contour, naturalism, and linear perspectives. struggling readersCourse content subject to change based on Science Art Historystate standards and curriculum updates. Animal and plant kingdoms, Using A Child’s History of Art: weather, ecosystems, physics of Painting by Virgil Hillyer, students matter, forces, and energy are study paintings from ancient explored. Egypt through the modern art movement. Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education 15
  16. 16. Sixth Grade INSIDE YOUR BOX • Core Lesson Manual • Grammar/Composition/Spelling Manual – Includes Activities and Tests • Theras and His TownAn emphasis on independent learning • The Phantom Tollbooth • Explorations: An Anthology • City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction Math History • The Master Puppeteer • One Hundred Years of Poetry Students draw on problem-solving From the birth of Western civilization skills and prior knowledge to through the fall of Rome, students for Children develop an understanding of ratios are awed by the past. • Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story and proportions, summarize data • Esperanza Rising distributions, compare numbers Geography • Everyday Spelling with percents and ratios, write and Students study the Eastern • Elements of Language • NEW! Math Lesson Manual evaluate algebraic expressions, and Hemisphere. • NEW! Math In Focus Textbook express and compute rates. • Inside Earth Technology • Chemical Building Blocks Language Arts URLs, web searches, and • Chemical Interactions Students develop skills of literary presentations are critical skills used • Earth’s Waters analysis while enjoying poetry, for study across subjects. • Weather and Climate drama, novels, and nonfiction. • A Message of Ancient Days Grammar study is intensified as Art • Geography - The World students learn how to diagram Students study Egyptian line and Its People, Eastern Hemisphere • A Child’s History of Art: Sculpture sentences. Composition skills are drawing, soft-dough sculpture, relief • Sculpture Art Cards honed through various assignments, sculpture, and symmetry design. • Core Tests including a research report. Lessons are coordinated with Art • Core Activity Pages • Science Kit History study. Science • Supplies Earth science, the environment, Art History weather and climate, and chemical A Child’s History of Art: Sculpture ONLINE RESOURCES properties and interactions are offers the study of great sculpture • Online Lesson Manual studied. from ancient times to the present. • Interactive Computer Lessons • Curriculum Checkpoints • Calvert i-Library • Learning Guide Portal • Calvert Parent Community • BrainPOP Online Interactive Activities • Discovery Education STREAMING • Calvert Instructional Videos Language Arts—skill, complexity, • Calvert Mastery Series: Online Spelling Program and beauty are inherent in the • Virtual Nerd development and structure of • Answer Keys for Daily Work language. Sixth Grade students tap • e-Textbooks into the art of language by reading • Learning Strategies novels, analyzing poetry, and • How to Diagram a Sentence (gulp!) diagramming sentences. OPTIONAL RESOURCES • Learning program for Verticy struggling readers Course content subject to change based on state standards and curriculum updates. 16 Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education
  17. 17. Seventh Grade INSIDE YOUR BOX • Core Lesson Manual • Grammar/Composition/Spelling Manual – Includes Activities and Tests • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry • The Door in the Wall • Out of the Dust Inspired and integrated • Across America on an Emigrant Train • A Single Shard art and history • Classic Poems to Read Aloud • Everyday Spelling • Elements of Language Math Geography • NEW! Math Lesson Manual Students develop an understanding A study of thematic maps and the • NEW! Math In Focus Textbook of proportional relationships, add Western Hemisphere expands world • From Bacteria to Plants and subtract integers, perform knowledge. • Animals operations with rational and • Human Biology and Health irrational numbers, simplify algebraic Technology • Motion, Forces, and Energy expression, approximate probability More sophisticated topics such • Sound and Light and relative frequency, and construct as networks, web research and • Across the Centuries • Geography - The World different geometric figures. validation, desktop publishing, and and Its People, Western Hemisphere databases are introduced. • A Child’s History of Art: Architecture Language Arts • Architecture Art Cards Students continue to build strong Art • Core Tests grammar and composition skills Students apply concepts from Art • Core Activity Pages through descriptive narrative, History, including creating trilithons • Science Kit expository writing, and poetry. and step pyramids and designing • Supplies Students enjoy novels, poems, and various buildings. works of nonfiction. ONLINE RESOURCES • Online Lesson Manual Art History • Interactive Computer Lessons Science A Child’s History of Art: Architecture • Curriculum Checkpoints Life and physical sciences, is explored with applied lessons • Calvert i-Library characteristics of living things, and designing structures. • Learning Guide Portal sound, light, motion, forces, and • Calvert Parent Community energy provide understanding of • BrainPOP Online Interactive Activities how things work. • Discovery Education STREAMING • Calvert Instructional Videos History • Calvert Mastery Series: Students are captivated by the Online Spelling Program past as they study the fall of Rome • Virtual Nerd • Answer Keys for Daily Work through the Enlightenment. • e-Textbooks • Learning Strategies • How to Diagram a Sentence OPTIONAL RESOURCES Calvert’s curriculum is rooted in • Learning program for Verticy the classics. Students are immersed struggling readers in a world of art and architectureCourse content subject to change based on as history and art converge. Astate standards and curriculum updates. rich palette of resources including picture cards, online resources, and hands-on art activities combine for a whirlwind virtual tour of the world’s most impressive structures. Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education 17
  18. 18. Eighth Grade INSIDE YOUR BOX • Core Lesson Manual • Grammar/Composition/Spelling Manual – Includes Activities and TestsHigh school preparation • The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle • The Pearl and confidence building • The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman • Reflections: An Anthology • Stories in VerseMath Science • Elements of LanguageStudents develop a deep Physical, life, and earth sciences such • The Growing Vocabularyunderstanding of algebra as electricity, magnetism, the • NEW! Math Lesson Manualthrough statistical applications structure of plant and animal cells, • NEW! Math In Focus Textbookand representing and comparing genetics, space, topography, and • Cells and Heredityfunctions. Students will also add and erosion are studied. • Earth’s Changing Surfacesubtract using scientific notation, • Astronomy History • Electricity and Magnetismuse exponential notation, graphlinear equations, analyzing data, and Students study American • Environmental Science History from the discovery • America: History of Our Nationapplying geometric transformations. of America to modern America. • History and Geography WorkbookLanguage Arts • Atlas of United States History Geography • Core Activity PagesNarrative poetry and prosecorrespond to American History. Students review geographic • Core TestsStudents are immersed in the themes, such as spatial growth, • Learning Strategies demographic patterns, and climatic • Science Kitcountry’s intellectual, physical, and issues, in the historical context of the • Suppliespolitical identities. Vocabulary, United States.grammar skills, and reading ONLINE RESOURCEScomprehension are built through Technology • Online Lesson Manual • Interactive Computer Lessonspoetry reading, speeches, sonnets, Students master presentation skills,plays, and award-winning novels. desktop publishing, spreadsheets, • Curriculum Checkpoints and HTML. • Calvert i-Library • Learning Guide Portal Learning Strategies • Calvert Parent Community • BrainPOP Online Interactive Activities Students also master study skills, organizing, test taking, note‑taking, • Discovery Education STREAMING and research needed for high school. • Calvert Instructional Videos • Virtual Nerd • Answer Keys for Daily Work • e-Textbooks History is brought to life through the • Learning Strategies study of famous Americans as your child • How to Diagram a Sentence experiences voices of the past which have made the United States what it OPTIONAL RESOURCES is today. Literature selections and a review of primary-source documents • Learning program for Verticy struggling readers through Calvert i-Library give your child Course content subject to change based on a deeper understanding through stories state standards and curriculum updates. of individual contribution. 18 Calvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education
  19. 19. Help and hope for students who struggle with reading , writing , spelling , and mathChildren learn in different ways. Reading improved by 2–3 grade levelsFor children with dyslexia or other Research shows that Verticy works to significantlylanguage-based learning difficulties, improve reading levels, and a student’s ability to readconventional teaching strategies often independently, by as much as 2–3 grade levels.do not work, causing children to lagbehind. This results in frustration Customized courses designed for theand unhappiness for both parents child who:and children. Verticy Learning is Struggles with reading, writing or spellingCalvert’s solution for meeting the •• Experiences issues with memory and retentionneeds of not only dyslexic students, •• Performs below grade level in reading and writingbut those who learn differently. •• Has difficulty decoding words (sounding out) •• Benefits from a variety of instructional techniques: visual, auditory, tactile (touch), kinesthetic (movement)Is this your child? •• Exhibits frustration and may resist learning•• Does your child struggle with reading due to difficulty sounding out words? A curriculum personalized for your child•• Does your child struggle with spelling due to difficulty matching sounds to letters? Verticy meets your child where he is and moves toward academic goals. The level of each course matches•• Do reading and spelling difficulties where your child is now, builds on existing skills and impact your child’s writing? challenges your child to progress and excel. The time•• Does reading or writing make your it takes to reach these goals will vary for each student, child angry or frustrated? however students will gain skills that were previouslyIf you answered yes to any of these out of reach and progress on their journey towardquestions, Verticy can end the frustration academic success and becoming independent learners.and help your child develop a love of Courses can be customized in four areas:reading, writing and learning which •• Grammar/Compositionwill help them succeed in school. •• Phonics/Spelling •• Math (Grades 3–8) •• Core Subjects (Grades 3–8) (Social Studies/History, Science, Literature, Learn more about Verticy. Geography, Technology and Art) Go to verticylearning.orgCalvert Partners • World-class Virtual Education 19
  20. 20. Big News! High school is on the wayCalvert is now embarking on a new undertaking – implementing a high school curriculum. We will be offering NinthGrade beginning in the 2014/15 school year. Tenth Grade will follow in the 15/16 year, and so on until Twelfth Grade ismade available in 2017. This new program will meet the high standard of excellence that parents, educators and students from every stateand over 100 countries have come to expect from the Calvert curriculum. As we explore and author the high schoolcontent, we will be looking toward creating Advanced Placement courses that will be accepted for college credit.Moving forwardwith Math Accreditation and Alignment to Educational StandardsYou will see this educational approach in our choice of the SingaporeMath method. Using the textbook Math in Focus, this course The Calvert educational program isincorporates multiple learning strategies to engage all children accredited by the Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools, aand their learning styles. Hands-on learning with visual models division of the Middle States Associationprepares students for higher-level problem solving. of Colleges and Schools. The Calvert The Singapore Math method focuses on teaching mathematical curriculum is internationally recognized among distance learning organizations,concepts in depth, rather than providing a broad survey of topics, public, and independent schools.as offered by many current math programs. Students Calvert’s instructional program isstudy assigned concepts to the point of mastery, based on iNACOL Standards for Onlinewhich eliminates the need for yearly review. Programs. The Calvert curriculum isThese concepts are then applied to solve aligned to Common Core Standards.real-life problems. We offer the only Singapore Calvert regularly reviews all coursesMath program that provides instructional and introduces new materials aftersupport with a detailed lesson manual, considering state standards and the standards established by the Nationalmanipulatives, and online resources. Council for Teachers of Mathematics, National Council for Teachers of English, National Council for Teachers of Social Studies, and National Science Teachers Association, as well as the International Society for Technology in Education.Watch your school’s websitefor upcoming events andlearning opportunities. CalvertVirtualSchools.org (877) 485-8283 ZMSCHOOLFAM0213