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Creative user interaction: More user communication > more user activity > more income (


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This presentation was held at the Online Dating Summit, 2012, Barcelona by Péter Faragó, User Activity Manager,

Péter Faragó dedicated his professional life to strengthen the user communication in all possible ways.

In 2008 he founded, a 3D gaming and communication platform for social-network portals that integrates Skype, YouTube, Power Point and Second Life functionalities and community games into a fancy, 3D environment. It has been used for several purposes from bank's focus group research to online press conference. In 2010 he founded for real-time user communication. PinkCaller is one-click phone-call button for community sites that offers incognito free phone-calls directly from the website. Compared to Skype, PinkCaller is flash based solution, doesn't require external application and works even without microphone. In 2011 he founded for cross-language user communication. Easyling is one-click website translation tool for commercial websites and social-networks with hundreds of professional translators. It translates community sites in a couple of days without any IT effort. With he won first prize on StartUp Challenge competition on How-To-Web conference.

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Creative user interaction: More user communication > more user activity > more income (

  1. 1. Péter Faragó, CEO | SKAWA Innovation| Barcelona 2012
  2. 2. Dating-sites are basically the same Let’s face with Most of the dating-sites are eating the same cake Having a dating-site is not rocket science
  3. 3. How could You do better ?
  4. 4. Easy search in a good database What members want ? and Interaction with the selected members
  5. 5. Easy search in a good database and Interaction with the selected members Standard techniques What members want ?
  6. 6. Easy search in a good database and Interaction with the selected members This is exciting ! What members want ?
  7. 7. Interaction with members is important … BUT …
  8. 8. Interaction between members is the most important
  9. 10. 3 ways that definitely increase user interaction
  10. 11. Integrate direct phonecall to profiles Go global Use virtual dating
  11. 12. One-click phone call Directly from the Profiles
  12. 14. Phonecalls directly from the profile without sharing the mobile number
  13. 15. technology revenue models About
  14. 16. Live demo
  15. 17. FOR MEMBER one-click phone call from the profile full privacy, no mobile number sharing very cheap international calls Unique selling points FOR PROVIDER more user activity always connected members easy plug-and-play integration revenue after every phonecalls no operational cost at all
  16. 18. 3D virtual dating
  17. 19. registered account to virtual worlds * $3 billion spent on virtual goods in 2011 * * Some facts ** *
  18. 20. + + + Visuland
  19. 21. Demo
  20. 22. Unique selling points FOR MEMBER tons of new, entertaining interaction with lot of games and fun integrated voice and video chat FOR PROVIDER plug-and-play integration it works inside the browser fully customized for Your dating-site revenue after in-app purchases much more user activity
  21. 23. revenue = user number x average revenue on a user
  22. 24. Easy website localization
  23. 25. using visitor’s own language results 6 times higher conversation rate Facts website localization is timeconsuming, expensive and difficult major part of the world doesn’t speak Your language
  24. 26. Not anymore
  25. 27. Live demo
  26. 28. What happens after the translation Easyling works as man-in-the-middle Standard process visitor's browser www . mycompany . com O riginal English website website translated to Chinese company webserver original English website visitor's browser
  27. 29. Unique selling points easy integration automated text extraction translation in context, in the original layout automated new-text detection on the original site translation methods: by professionals or by Your own community
  28. 30. Péter Faragó |